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Hello, I'm a British person.

Mike Jeavons, or MikeJ, is a British person and a reviewer on That Guy with the Glasses. His shows include Shameful Sequels, which looks at inferior movie sequels and Hang on a Second, which is essentially a show about Fridge Logic, Fridge Brilliance, and Fridge Horror. More recently he has begun a show looking at the output of The Asylum in an uncharacteristically positive So Bad, It's Good fashion, called Asylum Seeker and a sort of riff show regarding infomercials testing and usually mocking the product in question called "Infom€rcia£i$m". He has his own site here and he can be found here and here.

Also known for his English to American video

Check out his recap page and list page for material he covered.


Alternative Title(s): Mike Jeavons, Hang On A Second, Shameful Sequels