Web Video / Man Vs Minecraft

Minecraft Roleplay series in which Youtuber Paulsoarersjr (AKA Minecraft Dad) assumes the persona of explorer and survival expert Pablo Punchwood, who has to survive in the hostile landscape of "Minecraftia" for 14 days. Aside from the dog Wilson, who Pablo discovered and named in season 2, no other characters appear in the series.

The series, which is currently up to its 5th season, is a parody of the survival show Man vs. Wild. It frequently utilizes the different mods that have been made for the game, though never actively advertizes them. The series is defined from normal Minecraft let's plays by the roleplaying aspect and a special set of rules, described by the creator as "Iron man mode". The focus of the series lies on survival rather than building, and the normal rules of Minecraft are at times sacrificed for the sake of roleplay. Aside from small "special events" to increase viewing pleasure, the series is mostly unscripted.

This show provides examples of:

  • Alliterative Name: Pablo Punchwood
  • Meaningful Name: Pablo Punchwood. And what is the first thing anyone does in Minecraft?
    • You punch wood.
    • Wilson was named after the volleyball from the movie Cast Away. Quite fitting as he is the only source of comfort and company that Pablo has outside of the hostile mobs of Minecraftia