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Web Video: LG 15 The Last
LG15: The Last is the winner of LG15: The Show is Yours contest. Produced while LG15: the resistance is stuck in Development Hell, LG15: The Last is an Australian-based series where the last four Trait Positive girls in the country try to survive from an Internet-savvy Elder and an enemy that might be among them. The story centers around:

  • Chasina Wilson: A recovering alcoholic and drug addict with a fierce temper.
  • Mitchell Evans: Chasina's perceptive boyfriend who tries to bring sanity to the situation.
  • Antonia Moore: A history buff who grew up as a Hymm of One member, but is suspicious of her religion.
  • Jayde Cooper: A straitforward individual who has trust issues.
  • Leigh Taylor: A pampered girl with a fascination with make-up and boys whose about to go through the Ceremony.
  • Bray Johnson: A rash and quick tempered bartender who doubts Chasina and Mitch's claims.

The series can be viewed here

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