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aka: Jandrewedits

A series of YouTube videos by Jan Van Den Hemel and Andrew Hussie (creator of MS Paint Adventures), comprising spliced video and audio from various episodes of select popular TV shows and movies from the 1980s to early 1990s. Originally the site started by cutting around shots from episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation, but over time it grew to include Back to the Future, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, and Knight Rider (along with Sesame Street and the 1995 film Jeffrey for reused footage gags with Patrick Stewart), sometimes going across works in increasing levels of editing complexity.

The list/homepage has been taken down, but most of the videos can be found on Youtube here.


  • Agony Beam: Picard seems to be broadcasting his music directly into Troi's head in "music atTROIcities". Somehow.
  • Cloning Blues: Averted completely in the case of the unexplained two Rikers.
  • Empty Chair Memorial: Irreverently violated in "apologies, mister Worf". After Wesley dies, Worf has to take the helm because, well, you can't leave the helm seat empty. (The apology is for calling him Wesley based on the seat's former occupant.)
  • Everyone Is Gay: The TNG videos seem to be going in this direction:
    • First Picard catches Riker in a tryst with himself in episode 2, "beard on beard".
    • The two exchange meaningful glances in the beginning of Episode 4, "uneventful day".
    • Reactions vary when Q shows up naked on the bridge in episode 5, "the naQed now".
    • After dismissing a naked Riker in a robe suggested by the holodeck computer, Picard gets an unwelcome screenful of the Rikers again in episode 7, "a fistful of rikers".
    • Data makes Worf dizzy when he gives him a painting of a farmhand being overcome by a gigantic horse penis in episode 8, "fine art".
    • After being told to work on his imagination in episode 11 "La Pittura del Commandante", he quickly creates a lovingly detailed rendering of Commander Riker.
    • In episode 15 after footage of Picard accidentally pops up in which he expounds on his homosexuality (from Jeffrey), Riker expresses that he would have liked to know "that Jean-Luc Picard".
    • Episode 17 has Data uncover a man's pocket beefcake image of Levar Burton.
    • Picard weeps after spying (a) Riker giving Geordi Laforge a foot massage on his viewscreen in episode 21, "such tenderness".
  • The Fourth Wall Will Not Protect You from Q's mariachi trumpet ("music atTROIcities").
  • I Ate WHAT?!!?!
    Data: "Feline Supplement 74."
  • Love Dodecahedron: Picard, Laforge, Riker and Riker in some sort of Gay Love Helix.
  • Manipulative Editing
  • Negative Continuity: Probably.
    • Some videos clearly follow from others, with a "Previously On Star Trek: The Next Generation" to establish which episodes it calls back to.
    • However, episode 9 starts with one of these filled with previously unseen awesome clips, then ends after a minute of tedium with the entire ship exploding.
    • Episode 10 then starts out with a Previously On following from episode 8 and ending with Picard ordering Data ejected from the ship and destroyed for his paintings.
      • Episode 16 ends with Data terminating the ship's life support and ejecting Picard's similar painting from the ship and destroying it, in an Ironic Echo of what happened to him in episode 10.
  • Professor X Likes Watching Teenagers Sweat: He also likes watching:
    • Data strangling a Borg while scolding him to "Stop... stop it..." on a viewscreen in Episode 3.
  • Running Gag: Certain clips get used several times (like Picard singing "Heart of Oak"). Also, consistent characterization bows out to Rule of Funny, but...
    • Picard tends to be spying on any of the inane things happening on the ship.
    • Data is kind of a Jerk Ass.
    • Data has a bizarre love-hate-creation thing going with horrible art—or fine art, as it is deemed in the 24th century.
    • Data gets stuck in infinite loops.
    • Wesley is the Only Sane Man. Wesley is also going to die, for maximum fan satisfaction.
    • Geordi saying he's not going to stand for this, then sitting down.
  • Screw Yourself: "beard on beard"
  • Serious Business: When Picard's drawing of a horse playing a saxophone receives the praise that his own hypermuscular art has failed to garner, Data questions everything about his life, hijacks the ship, and ejects Picard's drawing before destroying it with a photon torpedo.
  • Surreal Humor: Lots. Is Data trying to teach Spot German, or is he just...?