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"Shot on location in the Patriarchal Concentration Camp (kitchen)."

"Now, we still expect men to put women first, and we still expect society to put women first, and we still expect men to not complain about coming in dead last every damn time. But men don't even get our admiration anymore. All they get in return is to hear about what assholes they are. Is it any wonder they’re starting to get pissed off?"
—Girl Writes What, in her video Feminism and the Disposable Male.

Karen Straughan (better known by her screen name, girlwriteswhat) is a Canadian men's rights activist, and divorced mother of three, who is most famous for her videos on YouTube. She also hosts a blog called Owning Your Shit. The primary focus of her work is how she thinks feminism has failed to address the discrimination faced by men in society (and, occasionally, has created new problems, or exacerbated existing problems) and therefore cannot be about equality. In short, she believes the current world we live in treats women like children and men like assholes. Her channel can be found here. Transcriptions of her videos and other articles by her can also be found here. Naturally, opinions about her are controversial so be wise when adding contributions to this page.

She is also one of the founding members of the Honey Badger Brigade.

Tropes that apply to her or her videos:

  • Ad Hominem: Men's rights activists are regularly dismissed as crazy, delusional, and misogynist simply by virtue of being men's rights activists. She started making videos instead of writing, because she was being called a guy who's mad at women because he can't get laid; and/or a fat, ugly woman desperate to hold onto the only man that would be in a relationship with her by pandering to him.
  • Animated Credits Opening: A butterfly flies over a pink and white title, and shortly bursts into flames and dies.
  • Blatant Lies: In replying to the man from her video for Rantzerker 11 saying that men's rights activists are nothing more than petulant man-children who have essentially created a no-girls clubhouse, she replies by jokingly introducing herself with "I'm Kevin Straughan, I'm a straight white male...".
  • Drinking Game: Drink a shot every-time she says right.
  • I Need a Freaking Drink: Frequently here, though it's not like you can blame her.
  • Non-Indicative Name: She's a middle-aged woman, not a girl, she is most known for her videos with plenty of talking and not a lot of writingnote  and she titles her videos with exactly what she'll be talking about, so relatively few people will be asking "What?".
  • Oh Crap!: In an update video she promised to upload erotic fiction involving Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders in order to get people to donate money. The video ended with the following exchange: "Mom what if they don't donate so you won't upload the fiction?" "Oh shit"
  • Power Trio: Formerly with John the Other and Typhonblue on A Voice for Men Radio. Now with Hannah Wallen and Typhonblue on Honey Badger Radio.
  • Precision F-Strike: Often used for emphasis on subjects she considers particularly jarring, such as in a video she made dealing with Youtube users who unjustly flagged her videos, which she titled "You F***ing Cowards".
    • Frequently seen during her Rantzerker sessions nowadays, such as when Feminist women enact their habit of attempting to lord their gender over men by claiming that they are Not So Different from the more-precious females in those men's lives or when Feminists in general try to vilify aspects of masculinity (often via what she deems as the intellectually-dishonest conflation of "mastery of emotions", which she concludes to be what masculinity is meant for, with "suppression of emotions") that she considers as vital to men's ability to deal with crisis.
    • Her interpretation of an anonymous person's recent attack on her Honey Badger Brigade comrade Alison Tieman over the "Badger Cave Initiative" and accusation against the Honey Badger Brigade of squandering contributors' money on themselves and essentially of doing this for their own fame- while Alison herself is open to the possibility of her own presentation of the issue being poorly-executed, Karen's conclusion, based on what she saw of how governments and the public treated the likes of Earl Silverman and Erin Pizzey, is that the accuser should have known better.
  • Pretty Butterflies: Used and subverted. The butterfly burns to death in the title credits.
  • Shout-Out
    • A National Coalition For Men sticker is prominently displayed on her fridge in most of her videos.
    • More generally, she mentions and make videos in reply/connection to other men's rights vloggers.
    • Honey Badger Radio, the weekly show that she co-hosts, got its name from the famous honey badger video. Retaliation and vitriol from others who don't like what they're doing? Honey badger don't give a shit—neither do the hosts.
  • Sitcom Arch-Nemesis: Was this with Femtheist Divine for a while, having often gotten into verbal smackdowns with her in the comments sections of her videos. This seems to have ended.
    • In later installments of "Honey Badger Radio", she's developed a rivalry with a rubber duck named "Censor Duck". It Makes Sense in Context.
  • Sophisticated as Hell
  • Stay in the Kitchen: Several commentators apparently have the need to point out that most of her videos take place in her kitchen. She is aware of this, naturally. She cites the reason as being that it's the only place in her house where the lighting is actually good.
  • Take That: She does this, too. A lot.
  • Title-Only Opening
  • Verbal Tic: Says right a lot. Lampshaded many many many times.

Tropes that she deals with:

  • Entitled to Have You: Played with in "Look out! It's a Nice Guy! DESTROY HIM!!11!", in which she points out that even if there are men who act like this, many times this is a very unfair accusation against men whose only mistake was having unrequited feelings, and that there are also women who aren't any better and should NOT be treated that way.
  • False Rape Accusation: Played straight in her video about Judith Grossman, and this other video as well as many other examples; she stresses that besides damaging or even destroying the reputation of the accused person, false rape claims also worsen the plight of real rape victims.
  • Fate Worse Than Death: Deconstructed and averted, specifically as it relates to rape.
  • Female Misogynist: Believes many feminists to be this, noting that they often seem to like emphasizing (read: exaggerating) female inferiority and victimhood to further their agendas. Whether or not GWW herself qualifies SHOULD NOT be talked about here.
  • Fetus Terrible: In "Those privileged blue bundles of joy", she lambastes a pregnant woman who worries that her fetus will be a boy who grows up to be a violent rapist.
    • And doubled for her video about Anders Breivik, whose mother made Norman Bates' look sane in comparison - Breivik's mother, based on a report in the British Telegraph, had apparently decided her son was violent while he was still in the womb solely because he kicked a lot.
  • Financial Abuse: She presents this as repercussion of current divorce and child support laws.
  • Gendercide: She points out that some radical feminists believe this is a positive thing. She also points out in her video criticizing people who try to disavow a certain feminist who goes by the name of "FemtheistDivine" as not being a part of their movement that while genocides have been seen as solutions to problems throughout history, the concept of committing genocide on the human male did not exist until around the time the feminist movement began picking up speed and has never been proposed by someone who isn't either a feminist or involved with feminism. She does not consider this to be a coincidence.
  • Inspirationally Disadvantaged: Played with, as she sees feminism as treating women in this way.
  • Just Fine Without You: Averted. It is an important premise of hers that men are vital to the functioning of society, and that if they are not commensurately rewarded for their service to that society they will abandon it. A society of only women will not last long.
  • Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics: She believes feminists and feminist organizations have cherry-picked and otherwise twisted statistics to their own benefit.
  • Logic Bomb: Lampshaded by her in this video in which a group of feminists tear down men's rights posters (an act of censorship) and then proceed to claim that preventing them from tearing down posters constitutes an act of censorship against them.
    These people believe that preventing them from doing censorship is doing censorship against them... (dumbfound silence) Up is Down. Black is White. Inside is Outside. Left is Right. And Censorship equals Free Speech.
  • Men Are Strong, Women Are Pretty: See the previous two bullets.
  • Men Are the Expendable Gender: Discussed in many of her videos, but probably the most well known is "Feminism and the Disposable Male".
  • Men Don't Cry: Deconstructed. Mentions how men are always expected to suppress their feelings and receive no sympathy, unlike women in many situations.
    • She also frequently points out that feminists have a habit of conflating mastery of feelings with suppression of feelings. She considers this course of action to be both utterly dishonest and dangerous since, even without feminist-inspired social attitudes imposing the roles of protectors and crisis-solvers upon men and boys, men and boys are frequently called upon to carry out such roles anyway by either virtue of their physical attributes or lack of any viable alternative, and the ability for men and boys to temporarily set aide their feelings and keep their rationale intact until the crisis is over is therefore very important.

  • Moral Myopia: She seems to believe that a version of this that strongly favors women is one of the problems that needs to be dealt with (she has used many examples of unjust laws and news stories to support this.)
  • No True Scotsman: a.k.a. NAFALT (Not All Feminists Are Like That). Directly addressed here.
  • Playing the Victim Card: One of the main criticisms she has for the current legal system is that she believes it allows many female criminals to invoke this trope to avoid harsh punishment or even receive no punishment at all. (Seeing as there are certain US states where a female Domestic Abuser can beat her husband, call the police, and then have the beaten man forcibly removed from the house its a safe bet that this particular criticism certainly has its merits.)
    • One of her often-made analogies is that if men's battle cry is "I am going to hurt you!", women's battle cry would be "you are hurting me!"
  • Political Correctness Gone Mad: Her take at the March 2013 "Donglegate" affair, as well as several other examples.
  • Quote Mine: Happens to her more than she'd like. In "Why Do MR As Bring Up the Draft", for example, she states that people often accuse her of blaming feminism for male disposability, even though she explicitly said that the concept has existed since "the dawn of time".
  • Straw Feminist: She has been accused of constructing straw feminists to argue against. Judging from her Rantzerker videos, however, it would appear that she already has a steady supply of them to go around with......
  • Unfortunate Implications: Discussed and invoked in regards to the "Don't Be That Guy" campaign; GWW points out that this campaign sends a harmful message to not only men, but women and actual rape victims.
    • As she sees it, men are being told that they're rapists by nature, that they can't be raped—at least, not by women which in turn leads to an entirely different set of UI—and that they're obsessed with sex and want it twenty-four/seven.
    • Women, meanwhile, are taught to think that every man they meet is a literal rapist and that they shouldn't try to defend themselves and that instead men should just be harassed with this message until women are safe.
    • And perhaps most harmfully, an actual female rape victim is told that men rape because it's just something men do rather than something sociopaths who don't care who they hurt do. And with that, coupled with the manipulations of her rapist to talk her out of turning him in, she's rendered reluctant to try and turn him in or get help. Additionally, she notes that claiming that women "never lie about rape" implies that a rape victim must always be believed when she says she was raped. Doesn't sound that bad at first, but she goes on to state that this can lead a rape victim to think that when the police ask her questions they're supposed to ask, they're doing so not because some people lie, but instead because they intentionally want to make the process harder for her for no real reason and don't actually want to help her. Given the fact that rape survivors very commonly suffer from issues with trust, this is not a good thing to be implying to them.
  • Woman Child: One of her main concerns is that she perceives society in general to treat women like children. This trope is the topic of "Neoteny!".