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"Shot on location in the Patriarchal Concentration Camp (kitchen)."

"Now, we still expect men to put women first, and we still expect society to put women first, and we still expect men to not complain about coming in dead last every damn time. But men don't even get our admiration anymore. All they get in return is to hear about what assholes they are. Is it any wonder they’re starting to get pissed off?"
—Girl Writes What, in her video Feminism and the Disposable Male.

Karen Straughan (better known by her screen name, girlwriteswhat) is a Canadian men's rights activist, and divorced mother of three, who is most famous for her videos on YouTube. She also hosts a blog called Owning Your Shit. The primary focus of her work is how she thinks feminism has failed to address the discrimination faced by men in society (and, occasionally, has created new problems, or exacerbated existing problems) and therefore cannot be about equality. In short, she believes the current world we live in treats women like children and men like assholes. Her channel can be found here. Transcriptions of her videos and other articles by her can also be found here. Naturally, opinions about her are controversial so be wise when adding contributions to this page.

She is also one of the founding members of the Honey Badger Brigade.

Tropes that apply to her or her videos:

  • Ad Hominem: Men's rights activists are regularly dismissed as crazy, delusional, and misogynist simply by virtue of being men's rights activists. She started making videos instead of writing, because she was being called a guy who's mad at women because he can't get laid; and/or a fat, ugly woman desperate to hold onto the only man that would be in a relationship with her by pandering to him.
  • Animated Credits Opening: A butterfly flies over a pink and white title, and shortly bursts into flames and dies.
  • Blatant Lies: In replying to the man from her video for Rantzerker 11 saying that men's rights activists are nothing more than petulant man-children who have essentially created a no-girls clubhouse, she replies by jokingly introducing herself with "I'm Kevin Straughan, I'm a straight white male...".
  • I Need a Freaking Drink: Frequently here, though it's not like you can blame her.
  • Non-Indicative Name: She's a middle-aged woman, not a girl, she is most known for her videos with plenty of talking and not a lot of writingnote  and she titles her videos with exactly what she'll be talking about, so relatively few people will be asking "What?".
  • Power Trio: Formerly with John the Other and Typhonblue on A Voice for Men Radio. Now with Hannah Wallen and Typhonblue on Honey Badger Radio.
  • Precision F-Strike: Often used for emphasis on subjects she considers particularly jarring. Most notable in a video she made dealing with Youtube users who unjustly flagged her videos, which she titled "You F***ing Cowards".
  • Pretty Butterflies: Used and subverted. The butterfly burns to death in the title credits.
  • Shout-Out
    • A National Coalition For Men sticker is prominently displayed on her fridge in most of her videos.
    • More generally, she mentions and make videos in reply/connection to other men's rights vloggers.
    • Honey Badger Radio, the weekly show that she co-hosts, got its name from the famous honey badger video. Retaliation and vitriol from others who don't like what they're doing? Honey badger don't give a shit—neither do the hosts.
  • Sitcom Arch-Nemesis: Was this with Femtheist Divine for a while, having often gotten into verbal smackdowns with her in the comments sections of her videos. This seems to have ended.
    • In later installments of "Honey Badger Radio", she's developed a rivalry with a rubber duck named "Censor Duck". It Makes Sense in Context.
  • Sophisticated as Hell
  • Stay in the Kitchen: Several commentators apparently have the need to point out that most of her videos take place in her kitchen. She is aware of this, naturally. She cites the reason as being that it's the only place in her house where the lighting is actually good.
  • Take That: She does this, too. A lot.
  • Title-Only Opening

Tropes that she deals with: