Web Video / FATE The Web Series

FATE: The Web Series by IBV and Dannimation potrays the story of Commander Dekker Dane, a hardened secret agent, and his compatriots of the secret organization FATE the militarized wing of... the UK Anime Con community. Spun off from the opening ceremony video of Kitacon III (2012), launched in 2013 during that convention's year off as part of the run up to it's return in 2014. A series of three short movies each released in short segments throughout the year.

The main issue FATE faces is the fact that they are hated by all of the UK Anime Cons that they obstinately protect for royally screwing up their first mission; and they have been decommissioned and sent into exile by being banned from every UK convention. Leaving Dekker Dane and the oddball Conan the "Magic Card" user (actually just Pokémon cards but he's convinced that they are really magic) living together somewhere in Middlesbrough.

The first of the series, "HARD SUBBED" picks up when they are reactivated for duty when a UK Otaku is found slaughtered - said Otaku is a member of the group the 'TITLES' who are purist subtitle only anime fans and the main suspects are members of the "Dub-yas" a group that is in favor of dubbed anime. In order to investigate and hopefully prevent a Sub Fan/Dub fan war he is sent two new associates - Constance the "VOCO" a vocal expert who isn't an expert, and Recoil some sort of masked psychopath who only growls single words at a time.

The main page for the series is here and the first part of "Hard Subbed" can also be found via their official Youtube channel here.

This show provides examples of: