Web Video: Emma Blackery

Emma Blackery, also known as emmablackery, is a twentysomething YouTuber from Essex, England.

She originally posted a series of videos of herself reading the well-known erotic novel Fifty Shades of Grey. However, due to copyright reasons she had to remove those videos and decided to switch to vlogging instead. Her YouTube channel currently has over 900,000 subscribers (many of which had stuck around since her early fifty-shades videos). She's well-known for self empowerment anthems like "The Promise" and "Perfect", shaving off her hair for charity, and balancing self-deprecating comedy along with actual advice.

She's in a relationship with another fellow youtuber, Luke Cutforth, and they appear regularly in each other's videos.

In addition to her main channel, she also holds two side channels called birdyboots (gaming related) and boxes of foxes (lifestyle and advice).

Tropes that apply to Emma Blackery: