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Web Video: Cutie Pie Marzia
The tip of her iceberg.

Marzia Bisognin, better known as Cutie Pie Marzia, is an Italian YouTuber that happens to be the girlfriend of PewDiePie, appearing in most of his videos, or the other way around. She began as an average bro that Pewds talked to via Facebook, and as their love escalated they eventually became boyfriend and girlfriend. You might think that she is basically a female version of Pewdie. You'd be dead wrong.note 

Her channel is not video game-centric like her boyfriend's; it is fashion-centric. In her videos, she does makeup tutorials, hauls, monthly favorites, and so on. She also does work with her pugs, as seen here and here. Her great sense in fashion and love for art has currently given her 3.5 million subscribers which she calls her "marzipans". If you want to compare one thing with her and Pewdie, she does do some vlogging as well.

Her Facebook is here, her Twitter is here, her Tumblr is here, and her Instagram is here.

Marzia and her channel provide examples of:

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