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Web Video: Awesome Games Done Quick
Yeah, Zallard1 is playing Super Punch Out blindfolded. Gotta teach Cancer who's boss!note 

Awesome Games Done Quick/Summer Games Done Quick is a twice-yearly charity marathon, hosted by Speed Demos Archive and Speedruns Live. Inspired by The Speed Gamers, AGDQ and SGDQ aim to raise as much money as possible for their charity of choice by bringing in speedrunners from around the world and playing games non-stop in shifts over the course of several days. Viewers are offered donation incentives, ranging from deciding a runner's choices in a game, to entry into raffles for video game memorabilia. Throughout the experience, there is usually always a donation reader (again, working in shifts) filling the lulls in the commentary with messages from donators and supporters, as well as news regarding goals and incentives.

The games scheduled are a very mixed bag; it's common for an NES platformer with an estimate of 10 minutes to be aired several hours prior to an epic RPG with an estimate of 5 hours, for example. However, there are several consistent blocks of games that have appeared in multiple marathons, such as WTFJapan (back-to-back Widget Series) and Awful Games Done Quick (a stream of games considered by many to be terrible). Additionally, it's not uncommon to see variants on typical speedruns: races, blindfolded runs, one-handed and two-player-one-controller sessions up the excitement immensely.

Here is a list of marathons and their dates, charities of choice, and final donation totals:

    List of Marathons 
  • 1-3 January 2010: Classic Games Done Quick - $10,531.64 raised for CARE.
  • 6-11 January 2011: Awesome Games Done Quick 2011 - $53,379.83 raised for the Prevent Cancer Foundation.
  • 7-10 April 2011: Japan Relief Done Quick - $25,800.33 raised for Doctors Without Borders.
  • 4-6 August 2011: Summer Games Done Quick 2011 - $21,396.76 raised for the Organization for Autism Research.
  • 4-9 January 2012: Awesome Games Done Quick 2012 - $149,044.99 raised for the Prevent Cancer Foundation.
  • 24-28 May 2012: Summer Games Done Quick 2012 - $46,278.99 raised for the Organization for Autism Research.
  • 6-12 January 2013: Awesome Games Done Quick 2013 - $448,423.27 raised for the Prevent Cancer Foundation.
  • 25-30 July 2013: Summer Games Done Quick 2013 - $255,160.62 raised for Doctors Without Borders.
  • 5-11 January 2014: Awesome Games Done Quick 2014 - $1,031,159.00 raised for the Prevent Cancer Foundation.
  • 22-28 June 2014: Summer Games Done Quick 2014 - $718,155.07 raised for Doctors Without Borders.

When a Games Done Quick marathon is active, you can find the stream, schedule, donation info and other such information at the Games Done Quick website. You can also find the stream directly at the SDA Twitch page. Videos on demand are uploaded after the marathon to the SDA YouTube channel, while speedrunner (and marathon coordinator) UraniumAnchor uploads highlight reels and behind-the-scenes footage to his own channel.

In addition, check out the European Speedster Assembly, the European equivalent.

Provides examples of the following tropes:

And... Time!

Auto-Tune the NewsWeb VideoAwkward.

alternative title(s): Awesome Games Done Quick
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