Web Original: Ustal Naror

Moon donkeys used to give stones.
Ustal Naror in Marian means 'Our Islands'. Other name is Islands of Absurd. They lie to the east of Japan. Two main countries are Aeloahalindoa and Mary (Mar. Mare).

Most developed part is Aelan mythology: on forum and on wiki.

Note: Materials are in Polish and may by hard to autotranslate due to words loaned from constructed languages, neologisms and even modified grammar (miećmą instead of będą mieć: '[they] will have').

Materials about Ustal Naror contain the following tropes:

  • Con Lang: Aeloahalindoan and Marian
  • Iron Curtain: Eygi connected with Taiwan (Chinese anticommunists) and Moiaby controlled by Japanese communists
  • Pink Elephants: live in forests and are pink to see each other. Young ones are green to hide from tiger prides.
  • Religion of Evil: worshippers of evil Earth

Aelan mythology contains the following tropes:

  • Always Chaotic Evil: beings of eeriness (mermaids, vampires, white apes, worβs, dragons...), concretes, reflections (gremlins, orks, squirrels of doom...), intereraera hordes...
  • Badass: legendary butchers like Jack the Ripper and the oldest stone since the end of era of earth, and epic butchers that will destroy eras of eras not knowing about them
  • Civilized Animal or somewhere on the Sliding Scale of Anthropomorphism: fish, apes/monkeys, horses and dears, squirrels — called real to distinguish from not speaking ones
  • Cool Horse
    • Pegasi will appear in era of unicorns
    • Unicorns: first of defenders (greatfish and great bekas are the others)
    • not Winged Unicorns, horned pegasi — it would be insult to unicorns — horned pegasi will be too stupid
  • Con Lang: language of ancients and stones, with dialects like Aeloahalindoan and dialect of clouds; language of squirrels; language of kyrgs
  • Conveniently an Orphan: the oldest stone wouldn't stand death of his parents if he weren't an orphan from the beginning
  • Dark Is Evil: bad times are often dark
  • The End of the World as We Know It: many: first will come at the end of the times of humans of earth (beginning of era of apes on earth), second at the end of whole era of earth (see Eucatastrophe), third at the end of chimpanzee Indian summer and this all in the first chapter
  • Eucatastrophe: end of era of earth, when concretes and earth will start to grow in power, but the oldest stone will finally manage to destroy it
  • Flies Equals Evil: insects are beings of eeriness
  • The Future: most events will happen in it: we live in the middle of the first of 58 chapters of era of eras of rafters (eras of eras are divided into chapters, and chapters are divided into ages lasting hundreds of years and eras lasting thousands of years)
  • Hobbits: halflings will be first elf-like beings after the end of chimpanzee Indian summer and will be hard to distinguish from vampires by non-elf like races
  • Humans Are Special: averted: humans are known as pseudo-elves (because appeared later and are less intelligent than they), but are less stupid than clouds and exactly as stupid as rafters were
  • Immortal
    • Long Lived: Elves are called immortal through they live about 700 years. Agebeards are also called immortal redbeards though they live only 800 years instead of 110. Normal "truly immortal" stones will die after a few chapters, the moon a bit longer and the oldest stone could live longer than the era of eras of rafters will last.
    • The Ageless: ancients, kyrgancients, and many more. But no one of them will live as long as the oldest stone.
  • Insistent Terminology: not winged unicorns, horned pegasi; not beings of eeriness pretending ancients, gada beings of eeriness
  • Interspecies Romance: averted through existence of many more or less similar races
  • Light Is Good and good beings learn to shine
  • Lineage Comes from the Father: Used by stones with extra twist: When Shovel has a son, becomes father of Shovel and the son is Shovel.
  • Mayfly-December Romance: averted: the oldest stone knows that if he married another stone, he would become widower relatively soon and couldn't stand this
  • Most Writers Are Human: point of view of elf-like beings is often emphasized
  • Our Monsters Are Different
  • Palette Swap: downplayed: colour is not the only difference, but is most visible in case of, for example, ancients and moderns
  • Psycho Electro: inverted: electricity will be known as purified fire and used by good beings as safer
  • Reincarnation of races: for example rafters reincarnated as flying fish and will have many more reincarnations, and squirrels of refinement will reincarnate as pushmi-pullyus
  • Signsofthe End Times: everything will be getting worse from eighth chapter on
  • Weird Sun: each sun lives only one day and they are clouds
  • Weird Moon: he's the second oldest stone and best friend of the oldest stone