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Web Original: The Cursed OCT

"Curses come in all forms and all levels of severity. Sometimes, if you are lucky, they are simple to cast off. A kiss, an apology, or an epiphany can be all it takes to reclaim your freedom.

Of course, most people are not so lucky.

Most never manage to lift them. They take their curses to their graves.

Some set out on perilous journeys, risking their lives as they search for a cure in vain. Very few find success.

We are offering a different option. One that is absolutely guaranteed to remove any curse of any kind.

All you need to do is prove your worth, and your curse will be lifted for free."

The Cursed OCT is an Original Character Tournament taking place on DeviantART. Round 1 began on November 12, 2012. It is set in a strange world where cursed competitors fight to reach a castle at the heart of the land, where powerful curse-lifters are said to be. Each round features an entirely different arena, the first involving perpetual torrential rains.

This OCT contains examples of the following tropes:

  • Abusive Parents- Derek can't see his father, on account that he's an alcoholic.
  • Action Girl- It's very common, seeing as the characters are in a tournament.
    • Yugure is a Kung Fu master.
    • Laria is the Master of Thieves.
    • Clemmy's quick, stubborn, and fights with a mallet.
    • Alice fights in a dress.
    • Brea is... well, she's Brea.
    • It'll be interesting to see Ice in action...
  • Action Mom- Erin is the local superhero and badass soccer mom.
  • Aliens Speaking English- Valerik comes from a different planet.
  • Amnesiac Hero- Azeal has no idea who he is. Also, Lucibelle, Jacob, and Motley.
  • Amulet of Concentrated Awesome- Evangeline has a talking pendant containing a professor named Aiden, who gives her power boosts.
  • Animated Tattoo- Azeal's tattoo has a conscience of its own, and controls him at times.
  • Attention Deficit... Ooh, Shiny!- Deryn starts swearing at a can of 13-year-old Pepsi, while faced with an opponent.
  • Ax-Crazy- Literal. Shinro is a bloodthirsty psychopath with an axe.
    • Laria has a tendency to become "bloody violent".
  • Backpack Cannon- Subverted. Satchel is not a cannon in any way, but he has a bite powerful enough to break bone.
  • Badass Bookworm- Valerik likes to read and fight bad guys with Brea.
  • Beware the Quiet Ones- Azeal, though usually quiet, has a crazy side.
    • Red is asocial and quiet, but when he's possessed...
  • Big Eater- Ruby. And Satchel, too.
  • British Accents- Because Sapphire lived in England for a while, she has a bit of an accent.
    • Esthershire also has an incoherent mix of accents from travelling around so much.
  • Cat Boy- Derek, who is embarrassed of his cat ears and tail. He also has a tendency to behave much like a cat, at times.
  • Cloud Cuckoolander- ...Just... Deryn.
  • Code Name- Phantom.
  • Cool Mask- Erin Monroe, who wears a black half-mask.
  • Curse
  • Cursed with Awesome- Although she lost most of her eyesight due to it, Yugure has the powers of a powerful guardian dragon.
    • Danielus is a flaming chicken who can transform into a dragon, though being a chicken may be just a bit of a downer.
    • Tuck can transform into a demon at will.
  • Dark and Troubled Past- Just too many to list.
  • Deadpan Snarker- Deryn is a cynical hipster.
  • Deal with the Devil- Subverted. Ruby made a deal with an evil backpack.
  • Demonic Possession- The Serpent possesses others (but most notably Ice Storm) for his own needs.
    • Red is possessed by a demon named Aye, who demands that he eat lots of candy.
    • Lance made a deal with a demon. He would be its vessel, and the demon would protect him.
  • Dramatic Unmask- Subverted. Rather than Mortimer's identity, his unmasking would reveal his opponents' greatest fears.
  • Driven to Suicide- Pink convinces Phantom to kill himself, and so destroys the evil inside him.
  • Elemental Powers- Lin is a "wind-bringer ghost", so she can control air.
    • Jacob can control fire.
    • Elarí's main element is fire.
    • Valerik is a talented alchemist. He even knows fire, ice, and electricity spells.
  • Empathic Environment- Not only are the contestants cursed, but the land where the tournament takes place is also cursed.
  • Evil Brit- Sapphire was sent to England as a slave.
    • Although his cruelty is toned down when he is transformed into a child, Esthershire. He is simultaneously an Evil Albino.
  • Evil Is Petty- Esthershire pickpockets, is rude to the elderly and kicks cats.
  • Fish Out of Temporal Water- K.C. is a human from the modern age, but ends up in the year 2017, by mistake.
  • God Is Evil- Although it is not stated that the Serpent is a true God, he had the power to usurp several worlds.
  • Good Scars, Evil Scars- The tattoo on Azeal's face tends to be revealed when he's gone crazy.
  • Gypsy Curse- It is unknown as to how Shimakee got his curse, but a strange doctor is referenced.
    • Esthershire was cursed by a stereotypical witch, disguised as an old hag.
    • Although it was not intended to be a curse, Lin was preserved as a ghost by a witch doctor.
  • Hereditary Curse- K.C.'s curse runs down her father's side of family.
    • Whether Zip is a "curse" or not is debatable, though it certainly has been passed down Alec's family for generations.
  • Hobos- Deryn is homeless, and lives by YOLO.
  • I Just Want to Be Normal- Most notably, Mortimer.
  • Impossible Task- Virtually impossible, anyway.
  • Improbable Weapon User- Red's phone can be used like a brick- to brain people with.
  • Insane Equals Violent- Shinro.
    • Whenever Azeal loses his mind, he becomes evil and sadistic.
  • Involuntary Shapeshifter- Borders Voluntary Shapeshifting as Danielus turns into a dragon in open air.
  • Kryptonite Factor- Glaze's one and greatest weakness is water. Because of this, he isn't a normal human as he is not made of water.
  • Laughing Mad- Azeal grins disturbingly when insane.
  • Little Miss Badass- Yugure is a Kung Fu master- at 25!
    • Although she is actually 50, Brea appears to be 25 as well and fights with an axe.
  • Living Shadow- Leny, Cali's 'curse'.
  • Living Toys- Motley is a pair of spirits who are trapped in a pincushion cat, Level 4 on the Sliding Scale of Living Toys.
    • While he is not a toy, Satchel is a sentient backpack who eats his enemies.
    • Similarly, Zip is a talking hoodie.
  • Living Weapon- Lucibelle uses her bunnies to fight.
  • Logical Weakness- Sapphire is half-rabbit in appearance, and is afraid of cats and snakes.
  • Marked Change- Inverted. When Azeal's markings fully envelope him, he gains super strength and power.
    • Robert gets stripes all over his body when using his Dracolupus powers.
    • When possessed by the Serpent, Ice has stripes as well.
  • Metamorphosis- Derek's curse is slowly turning him into a cat.
  • Morph Weapon- Alice can turn her gun into other weapons, including a rapier or hand knife. Also, Azeal's black markings transform his arms into weapons, such as scythes or tentacles.
  • More Than Mind Control- Lucibelle can control others by manipulating their sins.
    • Zip manipulates Alec's "negative" emotions, such as anger and lust, to convince him to commit not-so-moral tasks.
  • Nature Spirit- SKP, the Little Money Beast, is a Phou Bia fauna spirit.
  • Nice Hat- Alec can't go anywhere without Zip- though this is involuntary.
    • Alice and side character Seth have some pretty snazzy hats, as well.
    • Shimakee has a cool, floppy hat.
    • Esthershire has only his magic hat as his weapon.
  • No Name Given- The Serpent.
    • Pink and Green qualify, respectively.
  • Odd Couple- Pink and Green are total opposites, but they are trapped together in Motley.
    • Ruby and Satchel qualify, as well.
    • Alec is a nice guy. When he's not being influenced by Zip.
    • Brea and Valerik are dating, but Brea is an Action Hero while Valerik is her Foil.
  • One Bad Mother- Red's mother tried to kill him with a paperweight when he was 11.
  • Only Known by Their Nickname- Motley, the combination of Pink and Green.
  • Our Ghosts Are Different- Lin was transformed into a ghost so that she could stay in the world of the living. However, she didn't even want to stay...
  • Our Vampires Are Different- Alice is a vampire who doesn't burn in sunlight, sleep in coffins, or flinch at garlic.
  • Professional Slacker- If it isn't worthwhile to him, Shimakee will remain in his "lazy mode", in which, ironically, the effort he would have needed to complete the task is less than what he took to avoid it. May be Brilliant, but Lazy.
  • Punched Across the Room- Laria bumped into Sapphire and sent her flying.
  • Puppeteer Parasite- The Serpent has to resort to possessing the bodies of others, though fully controlling them is extremely difficult.
  • Red Eyes, Take Warning- Fittingly, Red's eyes turn red when he is possessed.
  • Robot Buddy- K.C.'s friend/bodyguard is a robot named Brother.
  • Rummage Fail- Clemmy has many, many items stashed in her skull. She can't see what she takes out, however.
  • Running Gag- Zavates and the goatladies.
    • Mort with suspenders is sexy.
  • Sharing a Body- Part of Motley's curse. Yugure also shares her body with a guardian dragon.
  • Stringy-Haired Ghost Girl- Lin.
  • The Chosen Many- Red and a few others belong to a race of superhumans, destined to change the course of their history.
  • The Medic- Sapphire has medical knowledge, and likes to heal others.
  • The Smart Guy- Although Shimakee was raised as a hunter, he prefers to laze around, since logically it brings him equal profit for less effort.
  • The Stoic- Red's demons prevented him from showing/feeling emotion.
  • The Worsening Curse Mark- Brea and Valerik have tattoos that restrict their movements. The more they struggle, the worse they become.
    • Laria's curse marks restrain her, and cause her intense pain as she is pushed harder.
    • Evangeline's curse mark is slowly killing her.
  • Ugly Guy, Hot Wife- Even after Morty is afflicted with his curse, which causes viewers to see his face as what they fear most, his girlfriend stays with him. She's completely normal in appearance, and is not cursed.
  • Weakbut Skilled- Pink and Green, being the smallest of the competition, rely only on their needles and their ability to persuade.
  • Weaksauce Weakness- The Serpent, who was once a monstrously powerful being, is terrified of cats.
    • The entire setting of Round 1 was perpetually rainy- and Glaze's weakness is water. He is literally defeated in the first round when he faints while walking through the rain, leaving the watching Shimakee as victor.
  • White Mask of Doom- Mortimer's paper bag could still qualify, although it is not very sinister itself.
  • Who Is This Guy Again?- Deryn's curse makes it impossible for anyone to remember his na- ...What was it again?
  • Woobie- Jacob is scared of solitude, accident-prone, and has "puppy-like idiosyncransies".
  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair- Ice, in her werewolf form, has bright blue fur.


  • Alec and Zip, a boy with an evil hood that is becoming increasingly harder and harder to remove...
  • Alice V. Rosaline, a hypnotic human vampire with no heartbeat.
  • Azeal, an amnesiac with tattoos that can change into weapons.
  • Brea and Valerik, an alien warrior and mage couple.
  • Cali and Leny, a girl and her shadow "puppet-master".
  • Clemmy and Bo, a girl with a flaming skull for a head and her companion.
  • Danielus, an aitvaras- basically a flaming chicken that can turn into a dragon.
  • Derek and SKP, a cat-boy and a nature-loving Fauna spirit.
  • Deryn, a hipster hobo who everyone forge... Who's this guy?
  • Elarí T'ouk, a fire elf who weakens every time he uses magic.
  • Erin Monroe, a superheroine with a sword that stalks her.
  • Esthershire, a monochrome magician with a British accent.
  • Evangeline, a girl with a marking on her back that slowly grows.
  • Glaze, a male whose metaphorical Kryptonite is water.
  • Ice Storm and the Serpent, a lycanthrope girl and a snake-like monster.
  • Jacob Sandler, a fox-human searching for his parents.
  • K.C. and Brother, a girl sent to the future with her robot friend.
  • Lance Hoshi, a boy who made a pact with a demon called Curse.
  • Laria, a thief-master who was raised by a dragon.
  • Lin, a ghost who just wants to move on with her life- well, death.
  • Lucibelle, the forcibly-adopted daughter of Lucifer.
  • Mortimer Patier, a pizza guy whose face becomes what the viewer fears most.
  • Motley is a pair of souls, trapped in a pink-and-green pincushion cat.
  • Phantom is a Special Agent, and a ghost with a human form.
  • Red, a possessed human trained by demons.
  • Rob Dracolupus, a Draconian with a coin inhabited by a dragon spirit.
  • Ruby, a girl with a malicious, voracious backpack called Satchel.
  • Sapphire Del Shouta, a slave girl born with rabbit ears and tail.
  • Shimakee Makenza, a lazy hunter who sufferings excruciating pain.
  • Shinro, a psychopath whose curse is only making him even more insane.
  • Tuck and Mili, a man and his curser, a trollish she-demon.
  • Yugure Ame, a Kung Fu master, bound to a guardian dragon.
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