Web Original / The City OCT

''You can't go over the Wall, or under it, but that's okay- the Wall can create gates, doors, whatever is needed to pass through it. It's steady as the earth below your feet and as long lasting as the sun in the sky.

Or it was supposed to be.

If you fix it, you will receive a reward. You will get a world that is entirely your own- one you create, that fills your heart's desire. If you want a lost loved one back, they will be waiting for you there. If you want riches, you will have a world of gold and gems. If you want to rule a world, then you will have a place where you reign supreme.

Without your help, not only our world but all the worlds connected to The City will die. Help us. Please."

An in-progress Original Character Tournament on deviantArt, currently in its first round. Hosted by DarkKitsunegirl and based on her original story.

The City is a world that has three parts- Mythside, home to creatures of legend and lore; Techside, a metropolis dominated by humans; and Steampunk Alley, a gray area that houses those who fall somewhere in between. Surrounding this complex is the Wall, which protects the City and connects it to a network of pocket worlds and dimensions. But a crack has appeared in the Wall for the first time in history, and no one inside the City can stop it from growing.

With that, a call for help is sent to the many, many worlds that rely upon the City for their stability. The quest to save the City takes the form of a fighting tournament: the competitor who has the strongest will to win can repair the Wall - and in doing so win a world of their own creation, filled with their heartís desire.

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