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Web Original: Life In A Game
Life In A Game is an internet web series that primarily parodies video games of all types.

The story centers on Guy, who wakes up one day to find out that he's in a Video Game. Worse yet, he's the main character, which means he's being harassed by boss characters like The Jackal. At first, he tries running away, but soon he decides to go ahead with it. He's joined by Subplott, a prince who was deposed by Lollerskates, and by Frog, who mentors and berates him, usually at the same time, and he runs into parodies and pastiches of various other characters along the way.

Also on the site is a Webcomic chronicling the adventures of Team 1337 before Guy joins up with them, and The Video Game Reporter, a series of news articles lampshading, parodying, and attempting to justify all the Acceptable Breaks from Reality common in video games.

The series is currently at the end of its first season. A Flash based Gaiden Game is currently in development.

This series provides examples of:

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