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Web Original: Jeff The Killer
"I really like this one. it's like an 80s horror film."
MrCreepypasta on Jeff's sequel

Jeff the Killer is a particularly famous Creepypasta formed sort of spontaneously by a user named "killerjeff" on the old Encyclopaedia Dramatica back in 2008, based on speculation about the origin about a particularly unsettling picture on the Creepypasta article called "joy.jpg." which may (or then again may not) have been a heavily Photoshopped picture of an overweight girl used to bully her two years before. A video on Newgrounds soon surfaced of this picture edited to be deranged and scary in October of 2008...and a legend was born.

This is a combination of original research and memories of former ED editors, whose word must be taken at face value because in 2011 most of the relevant image discussion pages and user profiles for ED were deleted in their entirety. But, then again, like everything else on the Internet, one person's guess is as good as anyone else's.

Today it's become almost synonymous with Creepypasta itself, mostly known thanks to the ridiculous amount of spinoffs, as well as its infamously Narmy and unrealistic origin story, both of which have turned something originally totally off-the-rails frightening into something...well, not so much.

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