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Idrisfall is the royal city in Everende. It's located right in the middle of the royal area, and it's located just north of Wintermourne Lake. The king is off visiting neighboring territories who were recently involved in a war and he has left his son, Stratus Neverthaine, in charge.

The prince, while his father is attending to other matters, has sent out a decree that a royal army is being made entirely of volunteers. He doesn't specify why, only that they will be of utmost importance to the royal family. You must prove your worthiness by displaying your talents to at least four judges, one of them being the Prince. Above all, do not bore him!!

Once you are in the army, you will have a chance to be pitted against each other so that you may prove to the prince your worthiness and your loyalty. Should you accept, you have a chance to act as his right-hand man (or woman) and live in the castle. Stratus has declared that, should you win, you will be grafted into the Neverthaine family, and thereby given some degree of power, wealth and status.

Basic Tropes:

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    The Judges 

Stratus Neverthaine

The Prince

Voiced by: Majinboo0111
Creator: zykrinnox
"It was a childhood accident."

Everett Cruz

The Advisor

Voiced by: Zyggy567
Creator: MoonCrazed
Advisor to Prince Stratus. Veteran and friend of King Cumulus.


The Royal Messenger

Voiced by: Overshadowed
God of carrier pigeons and constant bickering.

Allan Green and Caleb

The Scribe and Resident Ghost

Allan Voiced by: WILIZIN
Caleb Voiced by: Golden-Silver
Creator: mixmaster163
This is Allan. He's mute.This is Caleb. He's dead.


The Jester

Creator: britbau
Richard, himself, could use a jester of his own. That is to say, Richard is constantly anxious and depressed.When Richard puts on his mask, he turns into Ridley. Ridley will side with whichever side he thinks will be more fun.

Iron and Coal

The Servants

Voiced by: Koivo
Creator: hikaru-chan16
Iron and Coal are twins that serve the palace. They don't get along AT ALL.
  • Curse: The two are physically incapable of getting further than five feet apart from each other.
  • Cain and Abel: Do they ever get along? No.
  • Fate Worse than Death: For some people their curse might be an easy way out of a worse punishment, but... See the above trope.
  • Theme Twin Naming: Do I really have to explain? Really?

    The Contestants 


Creator: Overshadowed
Reference: Adonis

Alana Dagain & Vampu

Reference: Alana & Vampu

Amarylis Ilona

Creator: SpellKast
Reference: Amarylis

Average Joe & Sensei

Creator: Eaglejack
Reference: Joe & Sensei

"Avery" Obulai & "Julia" Vinao Tanveral

Creator: irish-hugz
Reference: Avery & Julia
Avery and his thirst for adventure wanted to seize the chance at going out into the world and having a chance of doing something important.

Julia is there to make sure Avery doesn't get himself killed in the process.

Blake, Tyke & Sarah Idekai

Creator: miroboy

Captain John Arkite & Jacqyln "Jack" Denzden

Creator: Tompsett-5
Reference: John & Jack


Creator: Maraphy
Reference: Delos

Effendy "Fauwn" Kamiram & Skoll

Creator: Falcon-Kai
Reference: Fauwn & Skoll

Ernest Benjamin York & Emily Suzanne Rothschild

Reference: Agents York & Rothschild

Fenix Fiorella Solean Vasco

Creator: ffenix-nova
Reference: Fenix

Isabella Elensworth & Susana Willowbrook

Creator: LaZella

James Alexander May

Creator: ChowderCake
Reference: James

Lilith Teivel Tartini & Alpheus Abimel

Creator: Treah
Reference: Lilith & Alpheus

Logan Burn

Reference: Logan
  • Quest for Identity: He searches for his identity by going to Idris looking for the King.
  • Identity Amnesia: He breaks out of prison... Without remembering anything but Cumulus Neverthaine's name.

Malakai & Koya

Reference: Malakai, Koya

Nathan "Nate" Jameson

Creator: Ghostei
Reference: Nate

Nicole D'Morte, Felix Mayer and Phoebe Marrow-Kane Mars

Reference: Niko, Felix & Phoebe

Nola Opalwood

Creator: IkeTheWarrior
Reference: Nola

Professeur Farfelu, Rosaline Ducreaux & Chattie Chat l'Chat

Creator: CoffeeGoblet

Ratje & Morris

Creator: Verduvlo
Reference: Ratje & Morris

Reg Abernathy & Lucy

Creator: Tigerach
Reference: Reg & Lucy

Rodrigo Torres

Creator: tagsy
Reference: Rudy

Salvador "Sal" Rousseau

Creator: KaylaBirdee
Reference: Sal

Samworth Leadgroove

Creator: SCRonline
Reference: Samworth
  • Mistaken Identity: Though actually a miner, he lies and claims to be fellow contestant (and female) Alana Dagain.

Sangre "Sang" & Crosser

Creator: Red-Shadow-22
Reference: Sang & Crosser

Scranton Cortez & Sonar Pitch

Creator: Milartist425
Reference: Scrap & Sonar

Sophia Kahn

Creator: StartledStar
Reference: Sophia

Spring-Heeled Jack

Creator: SeekerPsycho
Reference: Jack

Wendiloff Augustus & Percius Bellator

Creator: stephi-JK
Reference: Wendi & Percy

Xavier Thorn & Roxy

Reference: Xave & Roxy

Yury & Shea Willowsbee

Creator: strayflame
Reference: Yury & Shea