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Web Original: Disgaea Corruption Of Innocence
Disgaea: Corruption of Innocence is a fan-based, alternate universe scenario by Deviantart member Sanguynn. This takes place long after the events of Disgaea 1 and following Veneficus and Tartarus, fan-made sons of Laharl, and though it existed in the works before the release of Disgaea D2, it makes many attempts to stay faithful.

Veneficus(nicknamed Adon) is under care of Vyers as a guardian due to his strange behavior - he begins to have horrible nightmares in which he is haunted by a shadowy doppelganger. After receiving a look into Adon's mind courtesy of extreme psychologist Archimedes, it's revealed that Adon's inner evil has taken on an unusual role, all because of a pact that Adon made with what turned out to be an Eldritch Abomination. Chaos ensues.

This work blends some canon with O Cs, though it's largely OC focused.

Being a teenager sucks.

[Disgaea Corruption of Innocence] contains examples of:

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