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Have you done your part for victory?
The Specialists is an alternate-history webcomic that Deconstructs the tropes present in many WWII era propaganda Comics. In this universe the Nazis discovered how to make ubermenschen using magic — and are starting to do so with science. World War II is still going on in 1946, though the Japanese surrendered after the use of the atomic bomb.

In Germany a scientist known as "Mad Doctor Metzger" runs a facility known as "The Asylum" where he experiments on identical twins to create new, genetically engineered Ubermenschen. Hartman Lowe is the first experiment for the test, he turns into a Beast Man and Metzger orders him to be executed. He escapes, runs off into the forest and hides out in France where he's picked up by ? (Question Mark, or just Mark).

Meanwhile, in America, Maksim Finklestein is a young, super-clever teenager. His uncle Ida has connected him to General Hightower of the OSRD and given him a grant to create "The Golem", a heavily armed robot war machine. However, with time pressing and Max unable to program the robot's artificial brain to do anything other than talk and fall over, Max is forced to convert it into a suit of Powered Armour instead.

These two men join forces with Captain Luke Jansen (Captain Victory), Agnes Deveraux (Lady Liberty), Dr. Kate Smallwood (Lightning Lass), 1st Lieutenant Walter Jones (The Bombardier) and Henry Whitney III (Jack-Be-Nimble), the only surviving test subjects of failed military experiments. But are they superheroes? Or just propaganda tools?

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