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Web Comic: Hanna Is Not a Boy's Name

HiNaBN is a "sugarcoated horror"/Urban Fantasy about a wannabe paranormal investigator named Hanna Falk Cross, who is visited at the beginning of the story by the main character. The two become partners just in time for Conrad Achenleck to complain about a vampire in his flat. Long story short, Conrad gets bitten and they completely fail their first mission, setting the vampire free from a curse of some sort. Some other vampires aren't so pleased about that, starting the main story arc.

Currently contains zombies, vampires, weird magic, ghosts, werewolves and selkies. There was more to come, but don't hold your breath. As of February 14, 2014, it has officially been 3 years without an update.

Update: Tessa has illustrated a new comic written by Ananth Panagariya called Buzz! In the meantime, it seems like she's given up on Hanna. There were rumors about some sort of legal trouble between Tessa and 4D Entertainment, her publisher, that resulted in Tessa being unable to continue Hanna, but this rumor appears to be untrue.

This series has a character sheet.

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alternative title(s): Hanna Is Not A Boys Name
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