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Web Comic: Cross Winds
Sonic: You know my life has taken a turn of many events. At first, I was just the lead singer an underground rock band, had longer quills and fangs, and had a human girlfriend. Then, I went through a reformation into the person I am today. Sonic's the name and well, you know the rest. All of that happened over 10 years ago and, as of August 2002, Sonic Team had just finished filming the cutscenes of, then newest game, Sonic Heroes. I was, just you know, chillin' within the confides of my home in New Zealand, when I got that fateful phone call.

Crosswinds is a Massive Multiplayer Crossover Web Comic featuring several characters from video games, web series, and western animation. Most of the comic chronicles the misadventures of Sonic the Hedgehog and TY the Tasmanian Tiger.

This comic provides examples of:

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