A WebAnimation series by Bryan Waterman about {{Cloudcuckoolander}} slacker Waterman, his friend Pal, pseudo RobotBuddy Roy-Bot, love interest Ice Cream Girl and TheChewToy Mr. Dillo.

The series started on [[Website/NewGrounds Newgrounds]] in 2003, and ran all the way to 2009, when production was [[{{Hiatus}} halted]]. Having a humor style similar to ''WesternAnimation/FamilyGuy'', ''Waterman'' has had nine episodes produced, along with a short series of {{Fractured Fairy Tale}}s called ''Puppets in the Park'' and a few guest appearances on other animated web shows. The entire series was produced through Waterman Studios HD and used music by [[Music/ReelBigFish Reel Big Fish]].

[[TheMovie A movie]], appropriately titled ''The Waterman Movie'' has been in DevelopmentHell since 2007. The planned film is notably the last acting role of the late Creator/LeslieNielsen, with all his lines being recorded before his death in 2010. No information on the film's production or release has come up since 2011.

The series is available on YouTube [[http://www.youtube.com/user/WatermanStudiosHD here.]]
Tropes include:
* ArtEvolution: The series' production quality gets a bit better in the later episodes, compared to the very limited animation in the early ones.
* {{Cloudcuckoolander}}: Waterman and Roy-Bot.
* {{Crossover}}: The characters from ''Waterman'' appeared in one episode of ''WebAnimation/BonusStage''.
* CurseCutShort: Waterman almost tells his audience to take it up the ass before he is interrupted by the short film he found in his closet in ''Watergent''.
* CutawayGag: In very similar fashion to ''WesternAnimation/FamilyGuy'' to boot.
* TheDitz: Pretty much everyone, really.
* DrivesLikeCrazy: Roy-Bot.
* EverybodyLaughsEnding: Episode VIII, including Music/ReelBigFish and the Donkster of the Deep.
* FakeBand: 16 Buttons of Justice.
* FiveTokenBand: In the pingpong tournament episode. Lampshaded when Waterman asks where the member with [[WesternAnimation/CaptainPlanetAndThePlaneteers the power of heart]] is.
* FunnyAnimal: Mr. Dillo.
* InverseNinjaLaw
* LimitedAnimation: Being a Flash web series from the early 2000s, this is to be expected.
* MsFanservice: Ice Cream Girl.
* TheMovie: ''The Waterman Movie''.
* RealSongThemeTune: Thanks to Music/ReelBigFish.
* {{Retraux}}: The strange film Waterman finds in his closet that his relatives made in ''Watergent'', done in a classic nineteen twenties style.
* RobotBuddy: A fake one in the form of Roy-Bot; however, the cast is later joined by Robotic Chuck Norris.
* ShoutOut: In spades.