Web Animation: Scream of the Shalka

The novel of the cartoon of the series.

Scream of the Shalka is a flash-animated Doctor Who serial with Richard E. Grant as the voice of a Ninth Doctor, Sophie Okonedo as his new companion, and Derek Jacobi as the Master. The story was written by Paul Cornell, and its animation was produced by Cosgrove Hall. The serial was webcast by the BBC's official Doctor Who website in November and December of 2003.

An English village is attacked by lava creatures called Shalka. The Doctor arrives to fight off the Shalka, but they have implanted pods in people's heads in the village and around the world, leading humanity in a global scream that will terraform the Earth into a Shalka habitat.

The webcast was revolutionary for a number of reasons. It was going to be the first broadcast piece written by an author of the Doctor Who Expanded Universe novels. It starred a black companion (something previously only seen in spin-offs). And it had the Doctor and the Master travelling together, exploring the possibility of friendship between them. Sadly, the timing was unfortunate — because just before its release, the new TV series was announced for 2005. Scream of the Shalka and its Ninth Doctor were deemed "alternate universe", and the series is not considered part of the Whoniverse canon. It did, however, get both a novelisation and an official prose sequel: "The Feast of the Stone".


Alternative Title(s):

Scream Of The Shalka