Web Animation / Kings of Power: 4 Billion%

"Kings of Power: 4 Billion%" is a web animation created by Paul Robertson with music done by Cornel Wilczek, released in 2008 as his second short film, after "Pirate Baby Cabana Battle 2006". It is a short, 15 minute film done in 2D 16-bit graphics, all hand designed, and is a marvelous piece of work, without any dialogue and very little plot.

It's also batshit-insane.

Basically, it seems that the author was trying to see how much he combine of the following: Rule of Cool, Refuge in Audacity, Gorn, pixel art and as many videogame references and conventions he could get away with.

It can be seen in multiple places on the web, but here and here are good places to start you off.

Needs Wiki Magic Love.

Tropes present in this animation: