->''Speaking of frivolous lawsuits, some people have been claiming that we use subliminal messages here at Fred The Monkey.com. *swirly screen saying, "You Love Fred The Monkey.com appears* But that's nonsense. Everyone LOVES Fred The Monkey.com, so we don't need such clever marketing ploys!''
-->--Fred The Monkey

[[http://www.fredthemonkey.com Fred The Monkey]] is a WebAnimation based loosely off of Homestar Runner by JKR. It centers around the title character, Fred the Monkey who Flanderized from TheFool to a Jerkass to someone who's just plain lazy, and Sceb, a semi-evil Space Chicken who once in a blue moon checks his mail.

Other characters include:
* Cloe, an anime-obsessed TheChick and a GeniusDitz, who seems unaware that she brings Sceb down to a nervous wreck.
* Space Chicken (Sceb's brother), resident OCD workaholic who runs the site as a whole. Played as the StraightMan against all the idiocy around him.
* Mr. Deutsch, a partially insane teacher who puts food on the table and loves mathematics with a passion.
* The Fish brothers, Cadberry and Nigel, the former being an annoying know-it-all and the latter actually having good ideas.
* BDBB, the very lazy music director who likes to quote Monty Python.
* Mitch, who shows up once in a while to make a point or to be probed by aliens.
* Clydex. He's a platypus.

A particular part of the website [[FourthWallMailSlot involves Sceb answering questions without, you know, actually answering them.]]

Some of the cartoons include {{Easter Egg}}s, accessible by clicking on something at the end.
'''This series provides examples of:'''
* CanNotSpitItOut - [[WordOfGod Word of jesus (BDDB)]] says that Clydex says stuff other than "I'm a playtapus" but doesn't because he's too shy.
* CatchPhrase - "I'm a platypus", "What the biscuit", "Eee? Pah!"
* {{Cloudcuckoolander}} - Fred on occasion, but Sceb tends to have flashbacks more often.
%% * EasterEgg
%% * ExtremeOmnivore - Fred.
%% * {{Flanderization}}
%% * FourthWallMailSlot
* GrammarNazi - Sceb, who even showed grammatical corrections in an EasterEgg one time.
* {{Lastsecondwordswap}} In the year of the monkey song, after Fred sings "Not the bottle-nose dolphin, not the year of the wicked witch!" to which Sceb replies with "Shut up you son of a bi-scuit!"
%% * NoFourthWall
* PaperThinDisguise - Fred in the most recent re-launch.
* ScheduleSlip - Particularly Sceb's fan-mail segment.
* TalkingToHimself - JKR does all the voices except arguably the music director.
* UnusualEuphemism - "Biscuit." Kind of a catch-all that Sceb picked at random after being prompted to in one of his emails.
* TooDumbToLive - Mostly in Fred's eating habits...wood glue, a raw turkey, and even pig's blood.
* VagueAge - Given how many members of the cast are animals, age doesn't come up very often.