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Boomstick: He's Wiz and I'm Boomstick.
Wizard: And it's our job to analyze their weapons, armor, and skills to find out who would win a Death Battle.

Death Battle is a special hosted by Screwattack.com and is presented by "Wizard" (Ben Singer) and "Boomstick" (Chad James). Episodes 20-29 were animated by Mr Lange, aka Short Factor (Jordan Lange), with Episodes 29 onwards animated by "Mali", Torrian Crawford & Eric Marte. The point of the show is to take two similar characters and pit them against each other, analyzing their respective strengths and weaknesses to see who would win.

So far, there are 41 videos. The first 18 episodes were featured exclusively on ScrewAttack's YouTube account, and starting with episode 19 the series is now posted to the redesigned screwattack.com, with a delayed posting of past fights to their Youtube page.

The Rules (unwritten and official) of a Death Battle are:
  • The warriors can only know of each other if they do know each other in canon in both official universes (as seen with Leonardo strategizing in his match against his brothers). Otherwise, they cannot know each other's movesets. Even if they do know of each other in canon, no one is allowed to prepare for the fight (e.g. Batman and Spider-Man had to use their default weapons instead of using weapons designed to exploit each other's weaknesses, like Spider-Man's weakness to pesticides).
    • To prevent fighters from exploiting weaknesses of others for a cheap victory, a character's weaknesses normally only come into play if the enemy can find a way to detect a weakness (like how Superman and Terminator had x-ray vision) or if there is a specific reason why it cannot be exploited (such as Goku being too honorable to use Kryptonite on Superman). Other than that, if a combatant survives a match long enough, they may discover a way to counter the fighting style of their opponent (like how Black Orchid countering Ivy's whip, or Spider-Man knowing that Batman had explosive batarangs).
  • A battle has to end with the loser dying, or at least "dead" as far as physical forms are concerned (for example, being reduced to little more than a ghost, or gods and similar characters left with no working mortal avatar to continue fighting with).
  • Pacifist warriors will not have their peaceful nature interrupt the fight, and both combatants will have any personality restraints from killing removed. However, if their traditional arsenal uses nonlethal weapons, they cannot change it (e.g. Batman). They can only use lethal weapons if they have them as part of their regular arsenal.
  • All other traits will be represented with accuracy based on the warrior's canon universes (as stated with Goku, expanded universes, like GT, are only allowed to be mentioned if they do not conflict with the original canon, like the Dragon Ball manga). All consistent and canon sources available during the time of the episode's release will be examined by the hosts (for example, the old Star Wars Expanded Universe was accounted for Luke Skywalker because the Luke vs. Harry Potter fight was produced about three years before Disney de-canonized just about everything from it in April of 2014, though elements from it could make it into the current canon). If a specific incarnation of a character is chosen, the canon used will most likely be the most popular depiction (e.g. G1 Starscream, G4 Rainbow Dash, and post-Crisis Batman). The research will avoid biases.
    • B. If one warrior is allowed abilities from a non-canon source, the other warrior must be allowed to use their own non-canon sources as well.
    • C. Also, if a certain depiction of the warrior has them ridiculously overpowered or inconsistent (like Shao Khan turning into a hydra in the live-action films), or powers that would be difficult to examine logically, (e.g. pre-1986 Superman could destroy entire solar systems WITH A SNEEZE and could both "super-weave" and "super-shapeshift") then it will not be used.
    • D. Not every weapon owned by the warriors in every canon will be used. Instead, only the ones they are commonly using (as seen with Rogue or Batman) or their best or most iconic weapons (e.g. Link and Cloud were equipped with their best armor and magic) will be used.
    • E. If a warrior originated from foreign media, the American dub will not be used if it contradicts the original source in any way (i.e. Goku's abilities used the Japanese canon, not the English dubs and mistranslations — which, for sake of example, slowed down his Instant Transmission).
    • F. A piece of media that claims to be canon but clearly isn't will be avoided. For instance, the 1998 Godzilla film is not used to measure Godzilla's abilities because, as was shown in Godzilla Final Wars, the monster Zilla is clearly not Godzilla. Also alternate forms of media might be avoided, like Shao Khan's film depiction (where he can transform into a hydra).
  • To get as many common abilities as possible, the warrior will be shown at their latest depictions or their oldest age as an active warrior (e.g. Harry Potter is depicted as he is at the end of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows when he learned all his skills, not while he was a young kid in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone where he only knew minor spells. Or Goku knowing Super Saiyan 4 and being 53 years old, which is his age in DBGT). However future canon will be avoided (some characters like Superman will gain more power in the future in DC One Million while some characters like Batman will grow old and weak like in The Dark Knight Returns.)
  • Summoning other combatants is not allowed unless the battle calls for it (like how Eggman and Wily fought with their armies). Unless the battle asks for multiple characters for each side, the combatants must fight alone, even if they are used to fighting with a partner (like how Pikachu wasn't allowed to have Ash command him).
    • B. The only exception is if the fighter uses a creature for an attack that can reasonably be replaced by a non-combatant projectile (like how Peach can summon a sheep that doesn't do anything but fly at the opponent and put them to sleep with contact, or the Goomba firing Mini-Goombas) or when the act would fall under using the environment to their advantage (like how Batman can summon bats from the surrounding area with his gadgets), but the fighter cannot be dependent on these creatures and, in cases of summoning as an attack, the creatures cannot act on their own (like how Link and Cloud were not allowed to use summons or fairies because the summons attack on their own once summoned and the fairies are sentient beings making a decision to help Link once he runs out of hearts).
  • The terrain chosen in the fight will either be a terrain from the fighters' franchises (like Superman's Metropolis or Goku's mountainous terrain) or would be a location that both warriors are experienced in (like Batman and Spider-Man fighting at night in a city). The area itself however doesn't matter nor play any role in determining the outcome of the battle, and even the entire battle itself is just a visual representation of the researchers' conclusions. The environment only becomes important if a character's skills use it, like with Leonardo hiding in the shadows or Chun-Li/Mai wall-jumping.
  • The fight at the end of the episode is not what determines the victor in battle. It is nothing more than a fun little dramatization showcasing most if not all of the research displayed beforehand of the combatants in action. The winners are determined before the battle through quasi-scientific analysis of their abilities, and the character with the objectively better abilities will win.

The fights so far, in order of airing are:

    Season 1 
  1. "Boba Fett vs. Samus Aran." Result 
  2. "Akuma vs. Shang Tsung." Result 
  3. "Rogue vs. Wonder Woman." Result 
  4. "Goomba vs. Koopa." Result 
  5. "Mike Haggar vs. Zangief." Result 
  6. "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Battle Royale." Result 
  7. "The Winner of the TMNT Battle Royale vs. Zitz." Result 
  8. "Yoshi vs. Riptor." Result 
  9. "Felicia vs. Taokaka." Result 
  10. "Kratos vs. Spawn." Result 
  11. "White Bomberman vs. Dig Dug." Result 
  12. "Vegeta vs. Shadow." Result 
  13. "Mario vs. Sonic." Result 
  14. "Justin Bieber vs. Rebecca Black." Result  note 
  15. "Luke Skywalker vs. Harry Potter." Result 
  16. "Chun-Li vs. Mai Shiranui." Result 
  17. "Starscream vs. Rainbow Dash." Result 
  18. "Master Chief vs. Doomguy." Result 
  19. "Doctor Eggman note  vs. Doctor Wily note ." Result 
  20. "Princess Peach vs. Princess Zelda." Result 
  21. "Raiden vs. Thor." Result 
  22. "Cloud Strife vs. Link." Result 
  23. "Batman vs. Spider-Man." Result 
  24. "Pikachu vs. Blanka." Result 
  25. "Son Goku vs. Superman." Result  note 

    Season 2 
  1. "He-Man vs. Lion-O." Result 
  2. "Shao Kahn vs. M. Bison." Result 
  3. "Ryu Hayabusa vs. Strider Hiryu." Result 
  4. "Ivy Valentine vs. Black Orchid." Result 
  5. "Fox McCloud vs. Bucky O'Hare." Result 
  6. "The Terminator vs. Robocop." Result 
  7. "Luigi vs. Tails." Result 
  8. "Venusaur vs. Charizard vs. Blastoise Pokémon Battle Royale." Result 
  9. "Fulgore vs. Sektor." Result 
  10. "Godzilla vs. Gamera." Result 
  11. "Captain America vs Batman." Result 
  12. "Tigerzord note  vs. Gundam Epyon note ." Result 
  13. "Ryu vs Scorpion." Result 
  14. "Deadpool vs Deathstroke." Result 
  15. "Kirby vs Majin Buu." Result 
  16. "Ragna the Bloodedge vs. Sol Badguy." Result 
  17. "Gaara vs. Toph Beifong."
  18. "Boba Fett vs. Samus Aran REMASTERED." Result 

    Bonus episodes 
  1. "Death Battle vs. The World note " Result 
  2. "Vegeta vs. Mewtwo. " Result 

Screw Attack has also begun a spin-off series called One-Minute Melee, which consists of sixty-second fights that have "no research done" (in this case meaning the winner is decided purely through Author Appeal) and don't necessarily end in death:

    One-Minute Melee 
  1. Jin Saotome vs. Gambit. Result 
  2. Terry Bogard vs. Burai Yamamoto. Result 
  3. Akuma vs. Kenpachi Zaraki. Result 
  4. Captain Falcon vs. Captain Commando. Result 
  5. Batman vs. Albert Wesker. Result 
  6. Kim vs. Juri. Result 
  7. Meta Knight vs. Zero. Result 
  8. Bowser vs. Dr. Eggman. Result 
  9. Deadpool vs Deathstroke. Result 

A second spin-off of Death Battle, called "The Desk of Death Battle", is planned to begin on Sunday, January 4th 2015. It, unlike Death Battle or One Minute Melee, will not involve two characters engaged in battle. Instead, it will involve bits of trivia about characters discovered by the Death Battle researchers that wasn't presented in their episode.

Also with a character sheet for the combatants and hosts, as well as an episode list.

The official Twitter can be found here and the official Facebook can be found here

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