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Web Animation: Dad Enlightenment
Dad is an extremely crappy yet awesome parody series of Madness Combat created by Tasers. The plot revolves around Dad "enlightening" people, which is another word for rape. Even though most of the episodes were blammed from Newgrounds, they are still viewable on Krinkels' site. A few new episodes labeled Dad II were later created by Ace-corn with Tasers' approval and are still on Newgrounds. Another final episode by Tasers, Dadness Portals, was created, but it got blammed and is now Lost Forever.

An imitator series called Mr. Nails was later created by George-Lucas-III. All of the episodes are still viewable on Newgrounds, surprisingly. It was later remade by animator Gabriel Barsch.

This series provides examples of:
Da Amazin OT AdvenchrWeb AnimationDad Series

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