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Web Animation: Cyans Legacy
Can be found here.Cyan's Legacy is an as of yet unreleased animated series by xXRenamiaXx on Youtube, based around six young dragons: Cyan, Constance, Zoey, Blaize, Ryder and Vanny.Word of God has yet to release an episode or part of the story for this; but has plans to release sometime late 2013 or perhaps early 2014. As stated earlier, they have yet to release material or evidence on the matter, and a quick scan through the videos shows not many have auditioned for the voices; though we cannot know whether she is still working on it or not until we have evidence of it.

’'Cyans Legacy’’ contains the following tropes:

  • Aerithand Bob: Cyan (Airus), Vanny, Ryder... Zoey, Constance and Blaize.

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