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Web Animation: Color Guardians
Color Guardians is a fanime created by 1Megabirds from Youtube. It is a very unknown fanime without a plot. The show is about three girls who have been given magical jewels by the rabbit/wizard/dwarf/whatever-thing Usagi. The three girls have to fight weird monsters and a emo wizard called Diablo in order to regain peace in town and restore the colors of the world.

Episodes can be found here. There are currently five episodes of the series, a sixth is in the making.

The first episode has been removed from Youtube by ExecutiveMeddling.

Needs a Better Description

This fanime contains examples of:

Psychic Detective YakumoAdministrivia/Needs a Better DescriptionCyclomaniacs
Colin Mochrie Vs Jesus H ChristWeb AnimationCow of the Wild
Blood Raining NightFanimeDimensional Prophecy Of Zohar Redux

alternative title(s): Color Guardians
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