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Warp That Aesop: Toys
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    • the definition of democracy is: you can disagree with the boss if you can stand him beating you. And anyone can be candidate for being the new boss, if they can hit harder than the current boss.
    • And how does a woman prove that stereotyping females as the more understanding and gentle gender is BS? By killing a random animal, no matter how it might affect her personal reputation as a well-meaning hero.
    • Word of God is like violence. If it doesn't solve your problems, use more.
    • You do not need might and power to be a hero. However, you do need might and power to be a main character.
    • It's alright to have a your city to be police by robotic guards that have the power to turn disobedient matoran into passive slaves who will go back to work.
  • Pretty much all baby dolls: It's good to train girls to be mothers as soon as they're toddlers.
    • Being a mother is fun because all babies do is sit there in silence. At most they'll say things like "Mama" and wet themselves, but only when you press a button.

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