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Warp That Aesop: My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic
Due to its heavy focus and large number of aesops in this show, there are plenty of materials for this game.



  • "Mare In The Moon"
    • Are you the only one who knows of an impending apocalyptic event? Well, you shouldn't worry about that; you really need to get out more.
    • Instead of stopping said villain from returning, just get six teenagers to do it.
    • If a friend you just met tells you it's a good idea to jump off a cliff, you should totally do it. Just like if he or she offers you cigarettes, drugs, or alcohol!
  • "Griffon The Brush Off"
    • Meta example: It's completely fine for people to make ridiculous generalizations of certain species simply because one of them was a jerkass.
      • Another Meta Example: When a jerkass picks on the elderly, don't sweat it... When they attack the cute one though, they must die.
    • Making someone cry is an unforgivable crime.
  • "Boast Busters"
    • It doesn't matter if the performance is free, the attendance optional and everyone else seems to be enjoying themselves. If you don't like it, heckle and try to upstage the performer instead of just leaving. If they put you in your place, they're the ones in the wrong.
    • There will be minimal negative ramifications, for you, for heading into an Eldritch Location to lure an uncontrolled giant monster, say, a celestial ursine to your populated and unsuspecting village for something as petty as finding out if someone has accomplished a feat before, on the grounds of if they could do it before, regardless of possible unknown circumstances involved, she can do it again. And if she can't, well the safety of you and your neighbors is someone else's problem.
    • The appropriate punishment for such property-damaging and life-threatening stupidity is to give the offenders mustaches.
    • Being a jerkass and a braggart means that you deserve to have your life and possessions destroyed.
    • It's completely fine to laugh at the misfortune of others if you're the protagonist.
    • Go ahead, lure a dangerous creature into town. It's not like bad things won't happen.
  • "Bridle Gossip"
    • In a world with magical unicorns, it's completely ridiculous to assume they could curse you. Or zebras dressed like wizards chanting strangely. Everyone knows FLOWERS lay curses on people.
    • It's obvious that looking weird and having a weird house, a tendency to sing, and exotic cuisine is logically equivalent to being evil, actual criminal record be blowed. In short, foreign equals evil.
    • Minorities regularly go around in strange clothes speaking entirely in rhyme. Being wary of someone displaying these behaviors is racist.
  • "Swarm of the Century''
    • If you see a problem imminent that nobody else does, it's perfectly okay to not even bother informing anybody of it beforehand; instead, start preparing to fix the resultant disaster yourself, singlehandedly, and you will win praise and admiration from people who'll completely ignore that you could have stopped this before anyone went wrong.
  • "Winter Wrap Up"
    • If you don't seem to be good at anything, go into management! (Just like in Dilbert!)
    • The plebeians cannot manage themselves and require the nobility to organize them into being effective at their tasks.
    • If you fail at real work because you're too accustomed to using resources inherited from your noble bloodline, it's not because you're spoiled, it's because you're naturally gifted in being in a position of authority.
    • Always stick with your traditional ways, even if those ways mean you fail in your annual task each and every time.
    • Allowing two races to work at optimum efficiency while forcing a third one to ignore their natural talent (of having a magical horn) is not racism, it's tradition.
  • "Call Of The Cutie"
    • Adults should never step in when a child is getting picked on.
    • Always invite people you don't like to your parties, then get angry when you get upstaged at your own party.
    • If your friend gets something you don't have, then stop hanging out with them for the rest of the series.
    • You are born with one talent and one talent alone, anything else you're good at is simply an extension of natural talent, even if it's just semantically.
  • "Fall Weather Friends"
    • If you let rivalry interfere with your performance in a race, you'll lose to the nonathletic nerd.
    • You can be crowned winner of a sporting event if you use a blatantly unfair advantage against an opponent you couldn't beat without said advantage. You keep the winner's title anyway, and no one besides the loser will question it.
      • Alternatively, using your natural talents is absolutely wrong. You must always bring yourself down to other people's level.
    • Some people are inherently more advantaged than others.
  • "Feeling Pinkie Keen"
    • Don't try to investigate things you don't understand. Instead, embrace ignorance and simply accept things the way they are.
  • "Sonic Rainboom"
  • "A Dog And A Pony Show"
    • Being a whiny spoiled brat is the best way to escape kidnappers who want to enslave you.
      • Whining and bitching can get you out of any problem, not just kidnapping.
    • If a group of people come rushing to your aid because they thought you were in trouble, don't bother thanking them.
    • Trying to help a friend who's in trouble is thinking less of them. Assume that they can get out of the situation on their own.
  • "Over A Barrel
    • It's okay to take land away from native Indians as long as you throw pie at them. It's not like they were using the land for anything, not properly.
    • If the Native Americans had been more reasonable and had seen things from the white settler's point of view, they wouldn't have lost all their land.
  • "A Bird In The Hoof"
    • If someone takes your pet away to try and treat them, feel free to troll the fuck out of them and worry them to death.
  • "The Cutie Mark Chronicles"
    • If you accidentally lose control of your magic and cause massive destruction to a school, don't worry. The princess will take you on as her student, and nothing goes wrong.
    • Nearly coming close to manslaughter has no real repercussions and raises no security concerns. Everyone's too busy watching you pulling off a rainboom anyway.
  • "The Best Night Ever"
    • It's perfectly normal to expect that your special talent will always work, and if it doesn't you're allowed to do anything to force it to. Even going insane and trying to capture things.
    • Harassing the guests and musicians is the best way to enliven a social event.
    • If you're not enjoying a party, trashing it is the answer.
  • "The Return of Harmony Part 2"
  • "Lesson Zero"
    • If you go insane over some silly detail, it's your friends' fault for not taking your baseless, self-imposed, and idiotic freakout seriously enough.
    • Brainwashing an entire town pales in comparison to ignoring a friend or being a bad student. Seriously, it's not like your selfish and ethically ropey misuse of magic was heinous, creepy, or downright dangerous, or anything like that.
  • "Luna Eclipsed"
    • It's perfectly fine to torment and vilify someone based on their appearance, they're the one that needs to learn the lesson.
    • If you have a history of violence and treachery, it's everyone else's fault for not trusting you immediately.
    • Having No Social Skills means that everyone can shun you and get away with it.
  • "The Mysterious Mare Do Well"
  • Sweet and Elite"
    • If you are attending a formal event and you act like an obnoxious party crasher (or if you really are one), it's the fault of those snobby, upper crust people for not loosening up.
    • Procrastinating on an assignment will turn out fine.
    • If your friend's pet is sick, then you should obviously go have a party with that friend. The pet won't mind.
  • "Secret of My Excess"
    • When a girl uses her charms to get something from a boy, it's charming. When the boy nags others to give him gifts, it's Greed.
    • Greed turns you into Godzilla.
    • You can either deny and suppress your natural biological urges and remain a baby forever, or become a mindless rampaging monster.
  • "Hearth's Warming Eve"
  • "The Last Roundup"
    • If a friend does not want to talk about a touchy subject, the best thing to do is to repeatedly nag her until she fesses up.
    • Jobs are simply personal conveniences. The owner and her business, however nice the former is, can be forgotten about once you've fulfilled your ulterior motive for being her employee.
  • "The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000"
    • Technological progress and men in management positions are evil! Oh, and so is capitalism. If two guys show up with a perfectly effective means of fostering industrialization and increasing overall productivity, it's your duty to humiliate them and permanently run them out of town, even if they're technically just doing their jobs.
      • Oh, and that applies even if they're only filling an economic niche you can't due to inadequate production. Free market competition is bad, kids!
    • Gamble your livelihood recklessly; even if you lose, events will conspire to help you get back into business anyway.
    • Singing traveling salesmen are evil. If any show up, destroy them.
  • "A Friend in Deed"
    • Stalking, harassment and accidental vandalism will make you friends.
    • Unfriendly people are really just hiding their inner pain. Pester them until they reveal it to you.
    • Being friends with people is a thing you must do because you always make friends with people and this one will be no exception! It's not because you genuinely have their best interests at heart, or anything like that. You just want to prod them until they do what you want them to do.
    • Putting a note in an awkward place, or not looking for one, is romantically tragic rather than pretty stupid.
    • Everyone has to like you and be your friend. If someone doesn't want to be friends with you, something is definitely wrong with him or her.
  • "Putting Your Hoof Down"
    • Toying with people is A-OK, as long as you pay them afterwards.
    • Sellers raising their prices? How dare they! If something is offered for a higher price than you think it's worth, don't bother going to another vendor; just cheat to get it on your terms.
    • Being manipulative is awesome! Especially when you use it to cheat others out of their livelihood and effort.
    • Being smacked in the face and thrown out of your house requires no harsher punishment than a staring contest.
    • If you're a victim of domestic violence, it's your own fault for not being assertive enough.
    • Domestic Abuse is hilarious!!
    • The best way to tame a spoiled child is to stare at them.
  • "It's About Time"
  • "Ponyville Confidential"
    • Remember, it's perfectly okay to enjoy the pain and humiliation of others. Gossip is only a terrible crime when you're the one being gossiped about. Everyone else is fair game.
    • It's okay to hate and shun a few children for being involved in a gossip column in a school newspaper instead of explaining to them that what they did was wrong.
    • The bad guy is always the editor behind the trashy paper. No one thinks to blame the readers for buying and reading the trashy paper, and thereby handing the editor an excuse to keep selling it.
    • "It's okay to gossip, but when you gossip about me, I'll ostracize you, and everyone else should, too!"
  • "Dragon Quest"
    • You can make sweeping generalizations about entire groups of people based on your interactions with a handful of juvenile delinquents.
  • "MMMystery on the Friendship Express"
    • Never praise anything. All you're doing is ensuring that someone will steal it.
    • Sabotaging a rival competitor won't get you disqualified if you 'fess up to it. This works even if you only 'fess up after being found out.
    • It's no big deal if you ruined your friends' contest entry that took months to plan and create, those creative types will find a way to make it work.
  • "A Canterlot Wedding - Part 1 & 2"
    • If your girlfriend has suddenly turned bitchy and abusive, it's not her fault, she's been replaced by a doppleganger.
    • Girls, if your brother is getting married and you don't like the bride, you have every right to call off the wedding.
    • Princesses are more important than your friends and siblings, even when said princess is the villain the whole time.
    • As long as you have a good enough excuse, it's fine to keep your relationships a secret from your family until the day of the wedding.
    • Only marry someone if you already know and love their younger sister.
    • Defeat an army of love-eating monsters by finding your partner and loving him really hard.
    • It's never all right to follow your instincts, unless when they're otherwise right.
    • The Power of Friendship and even almighty Gods are nothing compared to The Power of Love.
    • Attempt murder to earn everyone's happy ending!
    • Never believe your friends until it's too late.
    • The bride is being bitchy about everything? It's her wedding, she can do whatever she wants! Even if the bride in question isn't the real one.
  • "The Crystal Empire - Part 2"
    • Throwing your wife always works.
    • Just give in and let your friend finish your test for you, surely your teacher won't mind.
    • Completing a test given by a Princess - who doesn't even have the decency to explain what it is beforehand - is clearly so important when the stakes are hundreds of innocent lives. This is why it's OK to worry about the test even when an entire empire is being consumed while you waste time thinking about it.
    • The best way to reward someone for saving your life is to not invite them to your empire, but invite all of their friends (who did nothing) instead.
  • "Too Many Pinkie Pies"
    • Genocide solves everything!
    • When a cloning operation results in imperfect copies showing signs of mental retardation, it's okay to just off them all without second thoughts.
    • If there's too much stuff to do, don't clone yourself! Cloning is bad.
    • If you're trying to distinguish your friend from a bunch of her clones, the best test is one your friend is naturally bad at and stands a real chance of failing. No possible way that could backfire.
  • "One Bad Apple"
    • Don't ever take your kids to Equestria. If they're bullied, no one will even notice, much less lift a hoof to help them.
    • Just stand there and watch when your younger sibling is being bullied, they'll sort it out themselves.
    • An apologetic bully gets no punishment, no matter how nasty she's been, so long as she has a sympathetic enough sob story which isn't too different from the sob story of her victims (i.e. getting bullied for their lack of something).
    • Your bully will be your best friend if you save them from the trap that you originally built to humiliate them completely.
    • If you have a Freudian Excuse for your bad actions, everybody will forgive you easily.
    • Bullies are just covering up their own insecurities and should be treated with kindness, except when they shouldn't.
    • If you attempt to get revenge on a bully, you're the bad guy, not the bully.
    • Sadly, Truth in Television.
    • Recklessly endangering the life of your bully isn't a major overreaction to being bullied.
      • Warping the warp: Throwing food at your victims, stalking and tormenting your victims, and destroying their property aren't cruel actions of bullying. Especially if you have a Freudian Excuse.
      • Missing the point warping: Potentially murdering your bully is a perfectly valid response to being bullied.
    • If you don't forgive your bully, something's wrong with you.
    • Your victims of your bullying will forgive you easily, no matter how bad you treated them. They won't be traumatized or hold a grudge against you for it, not at all!
    • All schoolyard bullies deserve sympathy if they have a tragic backstory, despite the fact that they threw food at you, destroyed your property, stalked you and humiliated you every chance they got. Victims who don't forgive their bullies easily are just jerks.
  • "Magic Duel"
    • When you realize just how horrible things you were doing in order to get a revenge on your unwilling rival, you should seek her forgiveness. But feel free to ignore all those other people you've been tormenting along the way.
    • Don't bother trying to improve yourself. You'll only turn evil.
    • If someone tells you something you're trying to buy is dangerous, then meh, someone will come and save you later, and you can just say sorry. That gives you instant amnesty.
    • You can spend your money to buy victory.
      • Not to mention cheat your way to it too. But don't worry, it's completely justified if your friends are part of the whole thing.
    • Torturing children, enslaving an entire town, and downright being mean is no big deal if you apologize afterwards.
  • "Just for Sidekicks"
    • If you actually expect money in return for watching over a pet and aren't just doing it out of the kindness of your heart you're being a greedy, careless bastard.
    • The universe will hate you, even if you did a good thing and saved a lot of people.
      • Of course you're frustrated that you weren't invited back to an empire you helped to save from the clutches of evil, and one of your friends completely understands how you feel. You're still not going, though. No one else cares.
  • "Spike at Your Service"
    • Don't get all grateful after someone saves your life. It's annoying.
    • Don't bother saving others lives, or they'll ruin yours.
    • Ignore your assistant who is saying they need to leave you forever, even if you know you not needing them is their worst fear. Books are more important.
  • "Keep Calm and Flutter On
  • "Games Ponies Play"
    • The best way to attract people to your town is to get a group of people from another town far away who've only visited once before to do it for you.
    • If your visitor turns out to dislike fancy fanfares, but nevertheless is annoyed at not getting any kind of welcome at all, she'll be perfectly happy upon hearing that there was a fancy fanfare (but it was accidentally given to somepony else), so happy ending. Yeah, us neither.
  • "Magical Mystery Cure"
    • If you`re not sure how something works, the best way to find out is by ignoring vague warnings and using it. And if you can fix whatever problems your curiosity creates, your ingenuity will be rewarded, giving you even more power and responsibility.
      • Accidentally mind-raping your friends is sure to work out in your favor!
    • Your destiny is EXACTLY one vague interpretation of a picture on your butt, and there's no variation. That includes the smiling flowers meaning you should be a teacher.
    • If you hate what you do for a living, but are told it is your destiny, don't question it and don't try to find something else you enjoy.
    • If you have a tattoo of something tangentially related to a job on your thigh, it is clearly your destiny, regardless of how completely incompetent you are at it.
    • It's not okay to mess with the lives of others... unless you're a god.
    • "Destiny" and "creating a new magic" both make good qualifications for being promoted to what seems to be a leadership role. All the previous things that clearly demonstrated your mental instability, semi-reclusive nature, tendency to freak out under pressure, and habit of using unknown magic recklessly (including the incident that led to this)? The possibility that at least one of your friends has learned just as much about this magic as you have? Or that little thing called the informed consent of the pony - you - who's having this destiny handed to her so suddenly and unexpectedly? None of that matters at all. Slap on the wings and crown!
    • Only royalty deserve to be members of the Alicorn master race. And only members of the Alicorn master race deserve to be royalty (otherwise they're evil). The plebeians all have to get by stuck on the ground without opposable thumbs, much less magic, to interact with the world.
  • "Princess Twilight Sparkle Part 2"
    • Most of your leaders are missing and you only have one left to rule the land if you fail your potentially suicidal mission? Don't send her away to look after the town, bring her with you! If you really think a person in a position of high authority shouldn't be out on the front lines, you're just not a very good friend.
    • Your friend is the only one who knows what your goal even looks like, has the knowledge and skills to fix the problem, wears a key to making your superweapon work, and can not only fly or teleport out of danger but has more power than all of you combined? Never mind all those times you learned to stick together; send her away because she'll only be a liability.
  • Castle Mane-ia
    • It is always a good idea to wander around the ruins of a castle in the middle of the night, even when you've seen that it is literally falling apart, because there is little to no chance of something actually falling on and injuring or killing you.
  • Daring Don't
    • If you obsess over and stalk a celebrity, eventually you'll get to become their best friend! They'll in no way find it strange that you've invaded their home, they just might need some time to warm up to you.
    • All fantasy authors are really writing true stories about themselves.
    • J.K. Rowling is secretly Indiana Jones.
  • Flight To The Finish
    • If you're being bullied over an especially sensitive topic, don't bother telling anyone about your bullies.
  • Power Ponies
    • If you use Hair spray regularly, you either go crazy or end as an Minion to an Villian
    • If you know everything about a scenario but have no fighting abilities, you shall not provide intel. Instead, wait until you hear a speech about how you can fight.
    • Tell the boy how important he is to you and your friends, then prove it by walking off and abandoning him while laughing about it.
  • Bats!
    • When an expert on farming and an expert on animals are having an argument about the destruction of a crop by animals, your best bet is to pick a third option that completely ignores and disregards their opinions.
    • Even if your hair-brained attempts to use one massive fix-all spell have failed every single other time you've used one with rather disastrous results each time, go ahead and try one again! It's not like you'll forcibly change one of your dearest friends into a monster that practically obliterates another of your dearest friend's entire crops or anything.
    • Given the choice between accommodating animals in your crops and chasing them out, do the ethical thing and mindrape them into avoiding their natural food source. Bonus points if said animals are clearly sentient.
    • The animal rights activist knows absolutely nothing about farming, but her opinion on an infestation must be considered with equal weight to that of the farmer whose livelihood is directly threatened.
      • Meta Example: Applejack is boring and Fluttershy is cute. That means Fluttershy was completely right and Applejack was being sadistic.
  • Rarity Takes Manehattan
    • Even high-ranking government officials can't flag down a cab in New York, so don't feel bad.
    • Never show an ounce of generosity to anyone you'll later be competing against or they'll backstab you.
    • The person who allowed the one who stole your work to get ahead apologized to you, so she should be rewarded by giving her the extremely lucrative job you were planning to take.
  • Pinkie Apple Pie
    • If you start to miss being part of a family, don't bother trying to contact your own family again, try to join your friend's family.
    • Learning your neighbour is a (possible, extremely distant) cousin is tantamount to gaining a sister.
  • Rainbow Falls
    • Remember, kids... if you're faced with a difficult decision between supporting your friends and following your dreams, don't ask your friends for advice or support. They will only judge you.
    • When your friend comes to you with a difficult decision, tell her that you refuse to help her decide, but then spend the rest of the day guilt-tripping her, glaring at her, and needling her until she does what you want. Even (or especially) if it's not in her best interests to do so.
    • Because the real reason to stay with a losing team and (possibly) throw away your dream has nothing to do with the teammates who would be directly affected by your actions, but rather because your friends who aren't competing might feel bad.
  • Pinkie Pride
  • Filli Vanilli
    • No one will mind if you lip sync during a performance, so go ahead.
    • Pointing out your friend's greatest fears when they're obviously on the verge of crying isn't rubbing salt in their wounds, it's helping them get over their fears and a mark of good friendship.
  • Twilight Time
    • If you've suddenly become someone important and famous, you shouldn't expect to be watched and stalked everywhere you go. If it does happen, it's because someone betrayed you.
    • Expect absolute perfection from beginning-level students within two weeks. Merely marginal improvement is proof that they don't care.
  • Somepony to Watch Over Me
    • Doing something dangerous and life-threatening is a great way to make an overbearing sibling/parental figure give you more freedom.
    • Little girl staying home alone for the first time? Put her food in a place she can't possibly reach without breaking something.
    • When a democratic decision goes against you, wait until the other participants are gone, then do things your way anyway.
  • Maud Pie
    • Some people are just too different from you to be friends with, so don't even bother trying.
    • It's okay to try and force your disparate friends with clashing personalities to all be friends with each other.
  • For Whom The Sweetie Belle Toils
    • It's okay to leave makeup around a five-year-old with absolutely no supervision.
    • A demigoddess who can invade your dreams at will, has no qualms about breaking into closed venues, and has a history of treason is clearly one who can be trusted.
    • Little sister has self-esteem issues? Use your talents to upstage her and then feign ignorance or claim OCD.
  • Leap of Faith
    • When someone twists your Exact Words into something else for their own financial gain, obviously you're the one who lied, so you should apologize.
    • The Placebo Effect doesn't exist. Neither do psychosomatic ailments.
  • Trade Ya

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