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Star Trek: Generations

  • Picard explicitly states that Lursa and B'Etor's Bird of Prey is no match for the Enterprise. And yet when the BOP is able to shoot through their shields using the almighty power of technobabble, Riker's response, rather than simply unload on the Klingons with every weapon on the ship, is to run away while firing one phaser strip. Riker has to wait for another technobabble gimmick before he can shoot back effectively. Underutilization of available firepower is endemic to Star Trek combat, but this one really gives me a headache. This is especially irritating when you think about just how much firepower we've seen Enterprise lay down in the series. In Q Who, one phaser strip was enough to make the frickin' Borg think twice by obliterating 20% of a cube in a few short volleys. And we've seen Enterprise-D rapidly fire multiple photon torpedos while simultaneously firing all her phaser banks at least four times (The Survivors, The Best of Both Worlds and Descent). And speaking of Best of Both Worlds, one of the defensive measures that Starfleet is said to have enacted was to have ships begin randomly shifting shield frequencies in combat. This should have meant that the Duras Sisters knowing Enterprise's shield frequency should have been an advantage for, at best, one shot.
  • Soran, your plan is too complicated. Before altering the course of celestial phenomena by blowing up several stars, perhaps you could recreate the circumstances that got you into the nexus in the first place? You could probably do it without giving Starfleet, the Romulans, and the Klingons a reason to hunt you down.
    • He never actually went into the Nexus, the ship was caught in the field, meaning he was left sort of standing with one leg in the Nexus, one leg out. Not far enough into, to join it, not far enough out not to experience its affects.
    • Forget all that, why not just put on a spacesuit and wait for the Nexus to hit him?
  • Star Trek: Generations isn't a bad movie overall, but it does have one moment at the beginning that's a monumental wall banger. The newly commissioned Enterprise-B is docked in Earth orbit, about to take a maiden tour of the solar system, when they receive a distress signal from a nearby ship. Since the Enterprise isn't combat ready, the captain says to relay the message to the nearest starship, to which he's told that they're the only ship in range. Wait a minute... they're the only ship in range of EARTH - the Headquarters of Starfleet and Federation?!?
    • It gets worse. The Enterprise B was sent out without working torpedoes or a tractor beam, essential systems for a starship. If you want to think Starfleet isn't incompetent, you're going to have a hard time.
  • How about the physics failures? Even if the missile had gone to warp in order to reach the star almost instantaneously (which it didn't, but let's assume it did), it would still take many minutes for its effects to become visible from the surface of the planet. And destroying the star would do nothing to the trajectory of the Nexus: The mass of the star is still there even if you explode the star. You can't just get rid of it. And even if you somehow were able to suddenly annihilate the mass of the star, it would still take minutes for the gravity waves to reach the Nexus: The effect would not be immediate, even though in the movie it's shown as an immediate effect.
  • The Nexus:
    • Guinan says that it is such a happy place, you can never leave. But she got out of it, and so did the Big Bad. Picard only needs about 10 min before he decides to head out, and Kirk leaves with a moderate amount of arm-twisting. What?
    • Neither Guinan or Soran, actually went into the Nexus, their ship was caught in the phenomena, meaning they could experience its affects but not enter. Furthermore they were forcibly transported out, hence why they had to sedate Soran, he wanted to go back.
    • The happiest place for Kirk wouldn't be some passive solar house out in rural Montana; it would be the bridge of the fucking Enterprise! He even says, while in the Nexus, that he regrets leaving the Enterprise. They made it look more like Picard yanks Kirk out of a melancholy phase of retirement than out of the happiest of all possible worlds! He should be exploring new worlds, having all kinds of lengthy conversations with Spock and Bones and boning all manner of green women, not riding a fucking horse through the woods.
    • What compounds this issue is that the writers forgot about Kirk's murdered son. If he genuinely wanted to settle down in Montana instead of continuing his adventures on the Enterprise; Why would Kirk fantasize about some random old girlfriend and a dog instead of settling down with Carol and David Marcus? We learn in Star Trek 6 that the death of his son is an open wound that nearly prevents peace with the Klingons so to suggest he would dream about anything else is ridiculous.
    • In the Nexus, the "echo" of Guinan (or however they explained her presence there) tells Picard he can go to any place, any time. So he chooses the moment when the stakes were highest and likelihood of success the lowest, with Kirk as his only possible means of assistance? Why doesn't he travel back a week and simply arrest the bad guy? Or why doesn't Kirk travel back to the Enterprise B, find the younger version of Soren and show him how to modify the deflector so that Soren gets pulled into the Nexus when the energy arc hits the ship?
  • The defeat of the Enterprise-D, at least in the theatrical cut, is a massive wallbanger. The lynchpin to the Klingons' success is being able to get the Enterprise's current shield frequency. That's all well and good. With it they manage to fire a single torpedo and get a direct hit. Then, the Enterprise crew inexplicably fail to change their shield frequencies (which they've done on several past occasions) and promptly get shot down for their stupidity.
    • Also, since Picard had explicitly stated that the Klingons were no match for the Enterprise, why didn't Riker try the More Dakka approach, i.e. simply unloading the ship's entire magazine of torpedoes and every phaser strip on the ship into the Klingons? Instead, their response is to run away while firing one phaser strip.
  • Why didn't Picard just go back to the Enterprise beforehand and kick Dr. Soran into the handiest matter-reclamation bin? Or for that matter, why not just go back farther and save his brother and nephew as well? One of the film's messages is about accepting mortality, but seriously, if you had the ability to save someone you love from an untimely death, would you pass it up?
    • Technically speaking Picard couldn't do a damn thing to Soran before he blew up the Amigosa star as he actually hadn't done anything wrong before this point and the Federation operates an innocent until proven guilty legal system. It is never stated that simply owning Trilithium is illegal. The Wallbanger in this situation comes when you realize that no matter how silly the Nexus may sound his crew would have believed him and whilst simultaneously sending a subspace message to Earth telling his brother Robert to buy a smoke alarm they could have arrived a few days earlier, waited for Soran to launch the probe, shot it down and then arrested him.
  • Riker deciding that the best person on the bridge to initiate the saucer separation is Counsellor Troi... when he himself is canonically the best pilot on board the ship and has actually done it before. In real life this would be a borderline court martial scenario as we never seen or heard of her sit at the helm of anything let alone at the controls of a heavily damaged starship in a life or death situation. Even if you want to be really generous and claim that she might have had a lot of practice off-screen and that Riker's attention was needed elsewhere; there simply is no plausible scenario in which her flying experience would eclipse Worf and Data.
  • Captain Kirk: The most celebrated man in Starfleet history who is famous across the galaxy, saved literally billions of lives multiple times over and commanded the most famous ship to ever bear the name Enterprise? is now buried in a shallow grave, on a cliff side in the middle of nowhere, on a planet with no significance whatsoever. Kirk deserves a state funeral for everything he has achieved or at the very least the traditional Starfleet burial in a torpedo that every other officer got. But what is truly unforgivable here is that we have seen over the course of the TV series that Kirk's three best friends and comrades McCoy, Scotty and Spock are not only still alive but that Picard is fully aware of it. Didn't they deserve a memorial service to say goodbye to him in Picard's eyes or what?
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