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Death Battle
  • Even though the Mario vs Sonic fight was fair and with a nice research of powers, there is one critical detail forgotten: Mario has powers outside of power-ups. They clearly know what they are doing, but the fact Mario can punt a fortress away, dodge cannonballs and launch massive fire from his hands without the Fire Flower should be worth something.
  • Clearly the hosts know nothing about the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Saying Michelangelo would be the first to fall is inaccurate for so many reasons. First, Mikey is often said to have the most potential of the four. Second, his overcomplicated weapons (which, as they failed to notice, he never has trouble using) just prove how Brilliant, but Lazy he is. Third, Mikey was Battle Nexus Champion.
    • Yeah, but the thing is that he'd only fall first because Leo would choose him first considering him the weakest of the other three. Leo can't compete with Don's incredible range, so trying to fight him would cause him to waste energy and Raph is the biggest threat what with his Sais being tough enough to snap swords and being the physically strongest remaining of the three. Mikey meanwhile, is still the weakest in his state. He's trained much less than his brothers have, especially Leo, and his weapon was never meant for combat in the first place. As for the Battle Nexus issue, yes Mikey did beat every opponent to get there. However, one of his opponents was Splinter, who forfeited so that way his sons would be more likely to win and he didn't want to fight his own son anyway. So there is a legitimacy behind why they would say Mikey would fall first
  • One and only one wall-banger for the viewer in any given Death Battle, when the character you are rooting for loses. This is mainly do to the fact that the one you favorite seems like the one that will win despite obviously being less skilled than their opponent, even after Wizard explains why the opponent would win.
  • They ignored Pikachu's Pokedex entry. Also, they used the anime version instead of a averaged game Pikachu, who is technically more popular. Both of these were done correctly in the battle royale. And choosing size over power is absurd, and comparing Pikachu to an electric eel? Seriously? To size that up, that's like comparing a wrestling heavyweight to a rat because they're both mammals.
    • Well to be fair, it's more like how Blanka sees it. A small little rat zapping him a few times is probably no different to him than one of the many electric eels he ate to live. Also, a normal Pikachu in game would probably make the fight even more of a curb stomp since the average in-game Pikachu isn't really able to take out a Dragonite, and certainly not one of Lance's three Dragonites.
Boomstick: Ohhh man! Here comes the rage from the God of War fanboys!
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