Wallbangers: Death Battle

While Ben and Chad do what they can to figure out who would most effectively win the resulting fight, the fans of the inevitable loser might be sour about the outcome, which is to be expected in a series like this. However, there are times where they make some pretty glaring oversights. Please makes posts about given episodes in chronological order for the sake of coherency.

  • Even though the Mario vs Sonic fight was fair and with a nice research of powers, there is one critical detail forgotten: Mario has powers outside of power-ups. They clearly know what they are doing, but the fact Mario can punt a fortress away, dodge cannonballs and launch massive fire from his hands without the Fire Flower should be worth something.
    • Mario's mastery of fire without a Fire Flower tends to fluctuate. Plus, Sonic is no slouch when it comes to durability, smashing through rock walls face-first. All that said, it's hard (not impossible, but unlikely) to actually land that fortress-smashing punch on Sonic in the first place.
    • Although when you look at their modern games Sonic is clearly faster, I just thought it would be interesting to note that in their first few games Mario was actually faster than Sonic. I know that (again) in light of recent games this is moot, but it's still interesting to know, seeing as how speed was the primary reason they gave for Sonic winning.
      • MatPat was forced to retract that research on Mario's speed after it was determined he was using non-canon sources for Mario's height (long story short, Mario is still slower than Sonic).
  • Clearly the hosts know nothing about the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Saying Michelangelo would be the first to fall is inaccurate for so many reasons. First, Mikey is often said to have the most potential of the four. Second, his overcomplicated weapons (which, as they failed to notice, he never has trouble using) just prove how Brilliant but Lazy he is. Third, Mikey was Battle Nexus Champion.
    • "The most potential" likely won't get you very far with Wiz; he could very easily interpret that as "the most potential for the future, but the least skill in the present".
  • They ignored Pikachu's Pokedex entry. Also, they used the anime version instead of an averaged game Pikachu, who is technically more popular. Both of these were done correctly in the battle royale. And choosing size over power is absurd, and comparing Pikachu to an electric eel? Seriously? To size that up, that's like comparing a wrestling heavyweight to a rat because they're both mammals. Even within the anime, Pikachu has been seen taking command of various Pokemon to stage uprisings against the oppressor of the day (usually Team Rocket), so he isn't completely ineffectual without Ash.
    • Speaking of electric eel comparisons, just because Blanka can take the voltage of an electric eel as well as his own electricity is no indication that he would be immune to electricity of higher power and voltages. Just look at Pikachu: he is obviously much more powerful electrically-speaking than an electric eel. This would be like saying a person can take being sliced in half because they can survive a paper cut. Voltage is a very important thing when it comes to electricity, and it is a major oversight to ignore it in a fight that's all about electricity.
  • Master Chief vs. Doomguy ignores one of Doomguy's most iconic abilities, the Berserk-enhanced punch. While Master Chief's close combat abilities can be said to be superior (and thus not have it affect the fight's result), it seems weird that they would leave that out of the fight.
    • Also, while it has been said before, Doom Guy is unbelievably fast. Calculations run from 20 mph to 60mph (depending on the measuring technique and game). In this fight, Doom Guy walks very slowly despite never having been seen walking any where.
  • Ragna the Bloodedge vs Sol Badguy is probably one of the lamest fights yet, even if you exclude the animation.
    • Many times throughout Ragna's backstory and attribute explanation, the words "We don't know!" come up, as if they failed to adequately do the research on Ragna and the BlazBlue setting even during the setup for the Taokaka vs Felicia match. Coupled with Sol Badguy burning the BlazBlue script at the end, one has to wonder if their confusion gave way to spite.
    • Nu-13 has no role in the matchup whatsoever. This may be an Obvious Rule Patch since outside interference typically isn't allowed in a Death Battle, but considering Ragna's lifelink means he can't die unless it happens in tandem with her, and that his full Black Beast transformation can't happen without her (in his CS bad ending, Ragna's Azure Grimoire goes berserk, but he remains humanoid throughout; in the Chronophantasma ending, Nu attacked Ragna just before he transformed in front of Noel and Jin), it leaves a glaring hole in the argument in question.
    • Sol's mountain-destroying outburst was measured in gigatons, but one has to wonder if his Gear powers are linked to magic, as the Black Beast is explicitly stated to be immune to weapons that exist within the world's logic (which is why ars armagus and the Nox Nyctores, which function outside of said logic, were made to counter it). The backstory explicitly has an array of nukes dropped on the beast to no avail. If they're not, then Sol wouldn't have won this one as easily.
  • During the events of Guilty Gear 2: Overture, Sol was given an effect by That Man to help attune him to the frequency of the Backyard so he wouldn't be immediately destroyed within it; this is something Ben and Chad misattributed to Sol himself, unlike someone like Jin Kisaragi, Relius Clover or Makoto Nanaya whose resistance to the Boundary is attributed to their own souls. It is unlikely Sol would have been able to shrug off Soul Eater just like that, no matter how powerful he may have been.