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Ben 10
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     Ben 10 
  • In Ben 10 episode "Kevin 11", Ben gets persuaded to sneak into a warehouse and steal a new video game before it's released. Suddenly, police in full SWAT gear arrive in cruisers and helicopters, and immediately start attacking with tear gas and bullets. This is so extreme, it doesn't just break the Willing Suspension of Disbelief — it kills it, stomps on it a few times, cuts it up into little pieces, incinerates it, scatters the ashes, and desecrates the memorial site.
    • It may not be so bad if one assumes Kevin's been running amok with his energy-absorbing powers and committing crimes with them for a while now, and that the extreme reaction was against Kevin in order to capture him, rather than to protect the video game.
  • The computer-that-wasn't-broken from "Ready To Rumble." What the Fuck, Gwen?
  • "Don't Drink the Water" left a massive Plot Hole. It has Ben and Grandpa Max being de-aged by them being soaked in the water of a carnival dunking booth that turned out to be water from the fountain of youth. Thing was, in the context of the plot, there was no reason for the water to be in the booth in the first place.
    • It's possible the man in charge of guarding it (forgot his name) was the one who gets dunked so he gets a repetitive dosage of it. But that still doesn't explain why he allowed Grandpa Max to sit on it if the water is that sacred.

     Ben 10: Alien Force 
  • Ben 10: Alien Force has its own when one sees that all of a sudden the characters are fighting their grandma, with lethal power being used on both sides. Only Kevin, who is not related to her, is worried. It's all forgiven as if it were nothing even though they fought with enough power to kill her and vice versa. Yeah, they were trying to stop her from forcing her way on her granddaughter, but there was no need for either side to use force if they have a good relationship.
    • They decided in that episode that Gwen was part alien and didn't have magic powers. Okay, but later in the series, she's using magic books, with some half-assed excuse for it about Anodites and "mana". Just make up your minds, guys!
    • Worse, Gwen is 1/4 Anodite. 1/4. Yet somehow, she is able to transform into a full Anodite and use all the full powers of an Anodite as well! How the hell do those kind of genetics WORK?
    • Gwen's grandmother was Easily Forgiven. After she has already defeated Ben and Kevin and could have left, she attempts to kill them. Then Gwen appears and she realizes Gwen's her granddaughter and has alien powers. But she is more interested in Gwen's alien powers than in any familial relationship — Ben is her grandson, but she hardly cares. She attempts to destroy Gwen's body and kidnap her spirit - "the energy being within" - showing no regard for the wellbeing of her grandson. Gwen manages to talk her down, and she leaves on good terms. Nobody calls her out over trying to kidnap one grandchild and murder another. The kids were defending Gwen; the grandmother just wanted a new person on her planet.
    • Grandma Verdona reappears way, way later, and she's still as much of a bitch as ever, totally dismissing her other granddaughter, Sunny, while telling Gwen she's "her favorite granddaughter" right in front of Sunny. Not only is this blatantly playing favorites, but it's extremely hypocritical. So Gwen, a goody-goody, mature, responsible girl, is her favorite over Sunny, a wild, out-of-control, hedonistic free spirit....even though the latter description is exactly what Verdona was...and in many ways still is? And she's supposed to be one of the good guys?
  • The retconning of the Plumbers from a defunct Earth organization dedicated to secret security of the planet against aliens to a massive, fully-active, galaxy-spanning police force. OK, well, if it's such a big, well-known presence throughout the universe, then why is it called the Plumbers, which would symbolize being an underground group, like it originally was when it was just limited to Earth! Why did the intergalactic Plumbers never do anything in the original series if they existed? And how can the Omnitrix symbol be the symbol of the Plumbers' badge when Azmuth, who created the Omnitrix, was an isolated hermit who didn't care about the rest of the universe, let alone it's laws?
  • Vilgax's Badass Decay and Villain Decay in the third and final season of Alien Force.
  • Related to the aforementioned retconning of the Plumbers, the 'Inferno' episode makes it pretty clear that the Earth is not top priority. Apparently the Plumbers have been keeping entirely terrestrial weirdness secret from humanity for reasons that are never explained and the Earth is purchased out from under the human race's feet.

     Ben 10: Ultimate Alien 
  • Ben 10: Ultimate Alien already has one at the beginning of the second episode, in which Ben, while busy stopping the Forever Knights in an alien tech tank from robbing a museum, gets called by Julie. Julie has apparently decided that a tennis match is more important than stopping the Forever Knights from damaging artifacts, endangering lives, and getting some unknown thing. Then, everyone makes a huge deal of his showing up at the tennis match. She acts like it's his fault, claiming he made a grand entrance when all he did was walk in with his ticket. It was the announcer who made a big deal over his walking in.
    • Also the fact that Ben went to the Sumo Slammers 3D movie, without asking Julie if she would want to go after the tennis match! She wanted to go to it after the match anyway!
  • In the third episode, Charmcaster is working for Zombozo as little more than a Mook. Given what we've seen of her before and especially given what we see of her later, this makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.
  • Speaking of Kevin and killing, he went crazy. As a result, Ben decides that he needs to be "put down". OK, WHAT?! Firstly, since when does Ben actively try to kill his enemies? Secondly, two episodes prior, Ben had a heartwarming talk with Kevin about how he's like an older brother to him. But he shows practically no inner conflict about killing Kevin!
    • There's also Ben's hypocrisy saying that Kevin's out of control when he's viciously beating old enemies for info.
    • Also, the reason Kevin went crazy. It's not because of his past as a sociopath or his troubled youth or any temptation to cross over to the "dark side". Nope, it's because his species goes insane whenever they absorb energy. Nothing bad he did then or now is his fault at all. What? Really, writers, is that the best explanation you can come up with for a character pulling a Heel-Face Turn AND Face-Heel Turn?
  • Then came the season finale. Not only are the Andromeda aliens killed by Aggregor inexplicably revived; not only is Darkstar decayed as a threat; but also, after all that angst and Wangst concerning Kevin, Ben and Gwen fighting over what to do with him, Kevin committing atrocities, etc.... Kevin is restored to sanity, an apology and instant forgiveness follows, and everything is back to normal with the team. Really? Kevin just apologizes, and Ben forgives him after wanting to kill him so much? Gwen forgives him for, draining her of her powers? Kevin forgives Ben for wanting to kill him? He forgives HIMSELF for all he's done? No one wanted Kevin to die; but if you're writing an epic, serious storyline, then you have to have consequences!
  • Hey, wasn't it stated by the characters that the big thing to work on after the Aggregor (and then Kevin) situation was over with was finding a way back to the Magical Land to help Charmcaster? Why aren't we even getting a mention of that being worked on in Season 2?
    • Oh, It Gets Worse. When they finally do get around to it, Charmcaster undergoes ungodly Character Derailment. Suddenly, wanting to bring her father back is her life's motivation rather than freeing her world, and is willing to commit mass genocide on her own world to do it! And all that progress she and Gwen made in their relationship? Charmcaster doesn't bring it up at all. In fact, she temporarily KILLS Gwen, the very thing she decided that she didn't want to do anymore in "Where The Magic Happens"! Status Quo Is God, eh, Ben 10 writers?
    • Also, Charmcaster's father Spellbinder (and it's a wallbanger in of itself that he, a single soul, has to be resurrected with 600,000) gives his daughter a What the Hell, Hero? speech when he learns what she did, which is well deserved....but it's also terribly, needlessly harsh and cruel without any sort of understanding shown on Spellbinder's part. "How could you do something so evil? You're worse than Adwaitya ever was!" That's right, Spellbinder, just ignore all reasoning as to why your daughter did this. Ignore that she was left alone in the care of her abusive uncle throughout her life, that she was later stuck in this hellish realm for who knows how long, and that everyone tried to kill each other (and likely her) in an attempt to claim power after Adwaitya was deposed. Never mind how traumatized Hope's going to be when you say all this and then go back to being dead immediately afterward, with no words of encouragement for her to redeem herself, no reassurance that she's truly not as evil as the guy who killed you if she does so, or that things will get better for her even without you. But I guess True Art Is Angsty, so just let your daughter suffer! What wonderful parenting!
    • Also, his line to Charmcaster: "You became a worse tyrant than Adwaitya ever was." Let's think about that for a moment. The only thing he knows since coming back to life to base this on is that his daughter performed a dark ritual to wipe out all life in Ledgerdomain (600,000 beings, which is itself problematic since we've barely seen beyond 50 lifeforms in Ledgerdomain and it was stated to be much emptier than such a high number back in it's first appearance). That's bad, yes, but worse than Adwaitya systematically oppressing, imprisoning, and killing for years and years? This is like saying America is worse than Nazi Germany for atom-bombing Japan! At least with this move, Charmcaster can't be a tyrant to anyone anymore! How is that worse than Adwaitya? This whole attempt at forced tragedy and bringing Charmcaster over the Moral Event Horizon just plain doesn't hold up under scrutiny.
    • The deal to resurrect Spellbinder was between Charmcaster and Diagon. This bears repeating: between Charmcaster and Diagon. So how in blazes does Spellbinder get to choose to return to the afterlife and thus make the deal null and void? He was part of the exchange in the deal, he was NOT a part of making it. He shouldn't realistically have ANY say in what happens! The writers should have had Charmcaster revoke the deal after guidance from her father. Not only would that actually make logical sense, but it would fix other issues the episode has too, as well as allow Charmcaster a smoother course as The Atoner that doesn't involve sleeping with Darkstar.
  • Bringing Elena Validus and her father from the live action movie into the TV show just to kill them off. Seriously, what the hell? Julie being blatantly made out to be better than Elena in the episode also makes this a possible case of Derailing Love Interests.
    • Oops, looks like Elena's not dead, she's back as a complete Yandere villain now, still being used as an Evil Counterpart to Julie, and willing to kill her and Ben. They're even making it clear that this is Elena doing this, NOT just the Swarm Queen possessing her. There's no "possible case" about it now, this is Derailing Love Interests.
  • Pierce is killed by the Forever Knights, just so that they can be a bigger threat now. Such a casual throwing away of a's a male version of Stuffed In The Fridge! Oh, and no one ever finds out about it, and it's not spoken of again.
  • Turning Area 51 into alien Guantanamo Bay, I can deal with, but equating aliens with terrorists is just too much, and using the alien equivalent of the Geneva Convention to justify that the Plumbers are right just comes across as a Democrat Straw Character. Using the cartoon to be Anivilicious with this controversial subject without showing both sides was beyond stupid.
  • Ben's defeat of a monster made from the "trash island" in the Pacific Ocean, after it's moved to the coast of San Francisco to get more trash. Since it's a Blob Monster he can't beat it conventionally. Then he sees that the waves in the ocean are eroding it. This inspires him to do the only logical thing: use Way Big (a giant alien) to run in a circle around the monster fast enough to create a tornado that hurls it into space on course for the Sun. This series has never been good with the laws of physics and tends to abuse New Powers as the Plot Demands, but this solution came right the fuck out of nowhere, kicked physics in the nuts, and pretty much gave a middle finger to any sense of rationality. Worst of all, it's a complete tangent to the observed weakness Ben was presumably trying to exploit.
  • Vilgax's Not So Different speech toward Ben in the series finale. Really? Are we seriously supposed to believe that Ben is anything like Vilgax even though there's been no evidence of that at all before?

     Ben 10: Omniverse 
  • The most infamous, headache inducing moment of Ben 10: Omniverse is, without a doubt, the recent break up of Ben and Julie. It is shown during a flashback in Rules of Engagement that Ben was busy playing a video game when Julie called. Ben, rather than pausing his game to pay attention to Julie, continued playing the game after answering the phone, getting frustrated with the game and delivering insults to his online opponent, which Julie mistook the insults as being directed towards her, causing her to break up with him. DID WE LEARN NOTHING FROM ONE MORE DAY?! Omniverse, if you wanted to break up Ben and Julie for some reason, COULD YOU AT LEAST COME UP WITH A BETTER REASON FOR THE BREAK UP THAN THIS?!
  • In Omniverse, there is a character known as Mr. Baumann (who is nothing like the one from Ultimate Alien) that hates Ben for constantly damaging his store or property. Fair enough, even though sometimes it isn't Ben's fault sometimes. Then we come to T.G.I.S., the Secret Saturdays crossover, where Mr. Baumann literally grabs Ben's arm to keep him from using the Omnitrix...WHILE THERE ARE CHUPACABRAS THAT CAN DRAIN ONE'S LIFE FORCE ON A RAMPAGE! Are...You...SERIOUS?! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! I don't care if Mr. Baumann doesn't want his store to be destroyed, YOU DO NOT STOP BEN FROM USING HIS POWERS WHEN THERE ARE CREATURES THAT CAN KILL YOU! If I were Ben, I would just destroy Mr. Baumann's store or property to spite him.
  • The retcons done in Omniverse. While Alien Force and Ultimate Alien had their own retcons, they at least explained it later on. However, Omniverse's retcons seem to exist solely to make it so that Alien Force and Ultimate Alien are as non-canon as possible just because some fans didn't like Alien Force and Ultimate Alien. I understand that fanbases never get along...BUT THAT DOES NOT JUSTIFY PRETENDING THAT ALIEN FORCE AND ULTIMATE ALIEN NEVER HAPPENED!
  • Some of the alien redesigns:
    • Big Chill's hulky redesign. What was the point of making a bug-like, skeleton-like alien muscular?!! How can you miss the point of a design so badly?
    • The supposed decision to switch Ghostfreak's skull right-side down. Seriously, what kind of stupid idea went through DJW's head? Changing a look so unique and iconic to the show for something so generic? And people say this show follows the Original Series better?!!
      • And now we have the official design (well, a fanmade version of it) here. It's as stupid as it sounds.
      • I'd chalk this up to Viewers Are Morons. Ghostfreak's previous designs apparently didn't scream "ghost" loudly enough.
      • Alternatively, it's to make his facial expressions clearer. Ghostfreak's original look, while unique, didn't emote incredibly clearly. This is similarly why Vilgax's design didn't bring back his respirator, a decision enforced by Executive Meddling.
    • Alien X's chin. What was the point of turning him into a Celestialsapiens Sentinel Prime?
  • Ben being derailed even more than he was in season 3 of Alien Force and Season 2 of Ultimate Alien, to the point of becoming not only arrogant and idiotic, but also painfully incompetent, to the point he frequently has to get his ass saved by his partner, who is supposely less experienced than him. All the badassery from Alien Force is gone, because, according to Word of God, "He had no personnality in AUF". Apparently the writers confused "having a personality" with "being an obnoxious dumbass who cannot do anything right".
  • Elena is set to return...and she has apparently been cured of the Nanochip condititon offscreen...ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I understand the writers didn't have any interest in continuing the unfinished arcs of Ultimate Alien, but you can't just ignore an unfinished story arc and resolve it offscreen.
    • It must have been realized to be a Wallbanger by Cartoon Network as well, as they are now releasing an Omniverse graphic novel showing how the arc is resolved.
  • The ending of So Long And Thanks For All The Smoothies. Ben used Alien X to apparently undo the effects of the Annihilarg and save the universe...until we see the Mr. Smoothy logo is different and we realize Ben remade the universe wrong. The wallbanger part is that the finale of Ultimate Alien made it clear that Ben recreating the universe in his image is wrong, and now we have Ben doing just that without any repercussions. What...The...HELL?!
  • The ending of For A Few Brains More. So, Omniverse went through all this trouble to make Albedo a credible threat again and what does it do? They have Azmuth mess with Albedo's stabilizer to trap him in his negative Ben form again...only to take it a step further by turning Albedo into a 10 year old version of Ben and having him cry about it. WHAT THE HELL?! WHY GO THROUGH ALL THIS TROUBLE TO MAKE ALBEDO A THREAT IF YOU'RE JUST GOING TO MAKE A FOOL OUT OF HIM?!
    • Not to mention the fact this is by far the LESS advised way to deal with him. Last time, Albedo turned out that way precisely because he was trapped in a teenage Ben body. Will making his situation worse really improve things? Azmuth deserves to have his assistants turn into psychopaths if that's his way of dealing with them.
  • Khyber's dream sequence. Granted, Pesky Dust's power is well-found and original, but did they really have to ridiculize Khyber, one of the few villains in this show that was intended to be taken seriously? That kinda ruined his whole credibility. This show just doesn't know when to stop with the jokes!
  • When Albedo absorbs Azmuth's intelligence, he starts seeing things from Azmuth's point of view, leading to a Heel Realization about how greedy he has been acting and how much of a jerk he was. A truly good moment, that shows not everything is bad inside the character and opens a door for a possible redemption... except instead, Ben seizes the opportunity to punch him, causing him to turn back to his old self. They Wasted a Perfectly Good Character at its finest. To make it worse, what do we get instead? A fight with Ben's new shiny alien Atomix, as a Continuity Nod to Ken 10, with a lame robotic design and uninteresting (not to mention unoriginal) powers. They scrapped Character Development for mindless fanservice and a big fight...Seriously?
  • Azmuth being turned into a manchild due to lacking his brain. Really? Couldn't they portray such a situation as just a bit more dramatic so we could see how extreme the situation was?
  • WHY THE HELL WOULD ALBEDO WANT TO GET AZMUTH'S INTELLIGENCE?!! Getting revenge made sense, but he is supposed to be trying to prove he is the smartest of the two! Doesn't that kinda go against his point?
  • Ditto's weakness being retconned out of existence. Even though this was a major plotpoint IN THE ORIGINAL SERIES!
  • Ben treating putting Vilgax in prison so casually. Even at his worst, Ben always took Vilgax seriously. Hell, in Ultimate Alien, Ben viewed Vilgax as a bigger threat than why is Ben treating Vilgax so casually here? This ends up biting Ben in the ass when Vilgax escapes to his homeworld.
  • Speaking of Vilgax, remember how people said that Vilgax went through Villain Decay in Alien Force? Well, in Omniverse:
    • After Vilgax was defeated in Ultimate Alien, he did not make an appearance in Omniverse so you would assume he was locked up. However, Vilgax Must Croak shows us that Vilgax has been in Plumber custody this whole time and was not put in a cell. Are we seriously supposed to believe that Vilgax didn't try to escape during this time, or did Ben simply forget to lock up Vilgax after Ultimate Alien?
    • In Special Delivery, Zombozo apparently told a "Yo Momma" joke to Vilgax. Keep in mind, Zombozo is a SECONDARY villain from Earth. Vilgax has no reason to associate himself with a minor villain when he has more important things to deal with.
    • According to Magister Patelliday, Ma Vreedle made Vilgax cry. You heard me right, Ma Vreedle, a secondary villain and mother of the Vreedle Brothers, made Vilgax, the Conquerer of 10 Worlds and the most dangerous being in the universe, cry. Although this is simply a rumor, the mere thought of a minor villain making the main antagonist of the series cry is just headache inducing.
    • Khyber's dream sequence shows Vilgax on top of the Rust Bucket, easily captured and everything. That's right, other villains think that they can easily beat the guy who outsmarted Diagon and became a god. While Khyber is a competent villain, there is no way he could easily capture Vilgax.
  • It is revealed in Something Zombozo This Way Comes that Ben is still afraid of clowns...even though he overcame this fear in the ORIGINAL SERIES. To make this dumb retcon more headache inducing, Ben's fear of clowns is not only played for comedy, he doesn't even overcome it this time (Ben defeated Zombozo as Toepick by COMPLETE F@&KING ACCIDENT). I'm sorry, but how is Omniverse closer to the original series again?
  • Rath being defeated by the Circus Freak Trio in Something Zombozo This Way Comes. I repeat, RATH GOT DEFEATED BY THE CIRCUS FREAK TRIO! What makes this a wallbanger is the fact that the Circus Freak Trio are Ben's weakest enemies, while Rath is...well, ONE OF BEN'S STRONGEST ALIENS! There is reintroducing a villain (or villains) as a major threat, but this is just an Ass Pull.
  • I am surprised that we've haven't mentioned Blukic and Driba on this page yet, as these two Galvans are wallbanger incarnate. Let's go down the list, shall we;
    • The mere concept of Blukic and Driba is just stupid. Blukic and Driba are a pair of idiots, plain and simple. The wallbanger part is that THEY ARE ALSO GALVANS! GALVANS ARE THE SMARTEST BEINGS IN FIVE GALAXIES! HOW THE HELL ARE THESE GALVANS A PAIR OF IDIOTS!
    • In the infamous "Blukic and Driba Go To Mr. Smoothy's", Blukic and Driba abandon their Plumber duties in the middle of a battle with Trumbipulor to go to Mr. Smoothy's (as the title implies). I repeat...THESE MORONS ABANDONED THEIR DUTIES TO BUY A DAMN SMOOTHY! To make matters worse, while Ben is shown as incompetent (as usual) by being unable to beat Trumbipulor, the main focus of the episode is Blukic and Driba's search for a Mr. Smoothy's. To cap this wallbanger of an episode off, Blukic and Driba do get a smoothy with Ben's help...EVEN THOUGH THEY DID NOTHING TO DESERVE IT! While Ben getting Blukic and Driba a smoothy was a nice moment, it doesn't change the fact that Blukic and Driba abandoned their friends when they were needed the most and still got away with it.
    • In Mud is Thicker Than Water, Grandpa Max reveals that the Annihilarg (the source of another wallbanger) was repaired after Gwen brings up that the device was destroyed, and who just happens to be the ones that repaired the damn device...Blukic and Driba. That's right...THESE IDIOTIC GALVAN REPAIRED A DOOMSDAY DEVICE THAT CAN DESTROY THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE! WHY THE HELL HAVEN'T THESE TWO BEEN FIRED YET?!
    • In The Frogs of War, Blukic and Driba make a racist comment about Cerebrocrustacean while spying on Dr. Psychobos, stating that even the simplest Galvan is smarter than a Cerebrocrustacean, namely themselves. Not only does this go against what Azmuth said about a rivalry between the Galvans and Cerebrocrustaceans being pointless, but Blukic and Driba have proven multiple times that they are not smarter than a Cerebrocrustacean. To make matters worse, we're supposed to side with Blukic and Driba.
      • This element of Blukic and Driba's characters (if you can call it that) is brought up again when they have Phil hooked up to many wires, saying that they are not Cerebrocrustaceans and they know what they are doing. Not only is this more racism, but Phil manages to escape by absorbing energy through the wires, proving that Blukic and Driba DON'T know what they're doing.
    • In The Frogs of War, Blukic and Driba tamper with the Omnitrix to try and stop Ben's random transformations caused by the Randomizer. However, Blukic and Driba only end up reducing the amount of time Ben can stay in alien form. Yeah, because we needed our already incompetent hero to be crippled in the middle of a war.
    • In Food Around The Corner, Blukic and Driba create a device that keeps Ben from timing out, as he needs to be Gravattack to moderate a treaty. The wallbanger part comes in when you realize that the Omnitrix already has the Life-Lock Function, which allows Ben to stay in alien form.
  • Gwen's inexplicable hatred for Lucy in "Mud is Thicker Than Water", enough to sincerely suspect her of being an evil traitor. Not only did Gwen and Lucy not interact at all in Lucy's sole appearance in the Original Series, but this very episode has a newly-made flashback to Gwen and Lucy interacting as kids. Not only is kid Gwen just mildly annoyed at Lucy rather than personally disliking her, but there's a brief moment where she suspects Lucy of pranking her only to find out Ben did it. So why is teenage Gwen jumping to conclusions about Lucy AGAIN, over a MUCH more serious matter? Aren't kids supposed to become MORE mature when they grow older? Because Gwen is being more childish than she was at age 11! It's a wallbanger that not only can this episode not stay consistent with the Original Series, it can't even stay consistent with itself!
    • What makes it even worse is that Gwen bases herself on literally nothing to accuse Lucy: she didn't find traces of mud around the sabotaged machine like her 11-year old self did on her hairbrush, she didn't see Lucy act particularly suspicious in any way; she quite literally accused her on the sole justification that she was sporadically absent and that she didn't like her. Talking about bitchy...
  • The randomizer function. Why exactly did Azmuth thought it was a good idea to give the new Omnitrix a function causing the wearer to randomly transform into aliens without any control? Was he high or something? This is probably one of the worst excuses to have Ben use as many aliens as possible in one episode.
  • Ben getting a Doctorate for saving Friedkin University (Gwen's college) in Mystery Incorporeal despite the fact that he doesn't even attend that college. Ben has done NOTHING to deserve such a degree. I don't care if Ben saved Gwen's college, he did not need a Doctorate for his heroics. What makes this worse is that Ben has not been seen in school once in Omniverse (flashbacks aside). This essentially makes Ben a drop-out, and this is saying that even drop-outs can earn a Doctorate as long as they do good things. It's very offensive, and it just further cements Ben as a Jerk Sue.
  • Bengenace Is Mine reveals that Vilgax had a contingency plan in case he was "thwarted one time too often" (killed) by Ben. Said plan involves an army of his pet squid monsters destroying Bellwood as vengeance. First of all, the existence of said squid monsters was never brought up before, justified solely by a flashback of Ben's younger self being captured by Vilgax, who plans to feed him to said squid monsters. Ben turns into XLR8, boasts that Vilgax will never defeat him, and the squid monsters grab him... and the flashback ends. Second, Vilgax hid the monsters in the sewers of Bellwood, and had them awaken only when a device, requiring a password, and containing a pre-recorded hologram of him, was activated. This brings up the question of when Vilgax got the opportunity to put the monsters and the device down there. Third, this is Vilgax we're talking about. He can't think of anything better than some easily thwarted squids for his "vengeance"?
    • No mention of Psyphon going from Dangerously Genre Savvy to Too Dumb to Live? Like with Khyber, this show seems fine with degrading one of the few menacing villains it had just for the sake of comedy.
  • I question the wisdom of telling your viewership that being a big fan of the show makes you an enormously stereotypical nerd.
  • Omniverse treats Omnitrix more as a roulette than a selection tool and introduces several new Game Breakers(Gravattack's gravity manipulation, Toepick's scare-everything face, Ghostfreak's new mastery of possession, Atomix's extreme power-levels, Gutrot's do-anything gas, Whampire's ability to mind-control large crowds) and the franchise's first true Joke Characters. This is just... terrible writing when it comes to creating dramatic tension. A good writer (or set of writers) will be aware of (and consistent with) the abilities and limitations of their protagonist and face them off against challenges that they can just barely overcome. Here, whatever the threat is, the Omnitrix just seems to adjust itself artificially to the challenge at hand. Need to stop a train, something that should be easy given all your aliens with flight or with Super Strength? Let's give him Ditto, who can't throw a punch and has to traverse up the length of the train. Fighting someone smarter who has all your abilities but better? Let's turn him into Atomix, who can just simply win by virtue of just sheer power. Every conflict lacks dramatic tension because whatever the threat is, all the Omnitrix has to do is give him one of his instant-win buttons and it's all over.
    • The shorter transformation duration and the lack of recharge time contribute to this. In the original series, an unfavorable transformation was a serious obstacle. Slight inconsistencies aside, Ben would be stuck as that alien for a solid ten minutes, then stuck as a ten-year old kid for another ten minutes before he got to try again. Usually this meant he had to figure out how to solve the problem within that first ten-minute time-frame using the alien he had. In Omniverse, transformations sometimes run as short as a few seconds, allowing Ben to just cycle through until he gets something that can instantly solve the problem. Heck, he doesn't even have to wait for the transformation to end; all he has to do to change into something else is to slap his chest. He's just such an Idiot Hero that he seldom does.
  • ZsíSkayr and Ghostfreak are made separate entities in this show, with the explanation being that, the last time Ben sampled him, only Ghostfreak was somehow kept inside the Omnitrix while the ZsíSkayr persona went to reconstitute itself in Ledgerdomain becauseÖ Magic! Not only does this contradict the very way Ghostfreak was stated to work (his consciousness is supposed to exist even in the smallest sample of his DNA due to Bizarre Alien Biology, hence why he kept coming back), but it also removes one of the core elements of ZsíSkayrís character and his connection to Ben, leaving him only as another generic Universe conqueror-wannabe who just happens to be of Ghostfreakís species. This is bad writing in every sense of the term.
  • "The Rooters of All Evil" reveals that Osmosians don't exist, nor does their supposed home planet, Osmos V. Osmosians aren't aliens, they're just humans with powers. Each Osmosian has their own ability, and Kevin's is energy/matter absorption. Max never actually met Kevin's father Devin. Now, how does Aggregor, an Osmosian, fit into this?
    • Word of God has it that he was an experiment to see if Kevin was still necessary to the Rooters' plans or if his abilities could be replicated that, while successful, went awry and escaped. Whether this explanation is good or just plain contrived, much like the rest of this Retcon, is up to the individual viewer.
  • Ben uses two Story Breakers in Weapon XI, and wastes both. First, he uses Atomix just to fly into the Rooter's base. Then he transforms into Alien X, who he can now control after the events of Universe Vs. Tennyson", and he does nothing but pin his opponents to the wall, which Gravattack could do, and make them fight each other. Especially ridiculous in that half of his opponents are his own brainwashed friends, and he doesn't consider just using Alien X to remove their brainwashing''. It's absurdly blatant that the writers made Ben grab a giant Idiot Ball in this scene just so he would look irresponsible in the use of his powers and make Kevin's Face-Heel Turn convincing.
  • Charmcaster's last appearance in Ultimate Alien, "Couples Retreat", is referenced several times in Omniverse. What is Charmcaster's objective in "Charm School"? To take Hex's staff from him. You know, the staff she already had in her possession back in UA, even using it in "Couples Retreat" and holding it in the final shot of the episode!
  • In "Fight at the Museum", Spanner ensures that Ben and Kai hook up together so that they will ultimately marry and he can be born as a result. Except that we've already established that this is a multiverse with many different alternate timelines and realities, which means what happens in this one has literally NO effect on the one Spanner comes from! His entire plan here was absolutely unnecessary!
  • In "Vreedlemania", Vilgax appears... only for Ma Vreedle to tell him to get lost, which he does, proving that the rumor that she made him cry is true, and that he actually is afraid of her.
  • In "Third Time's a Charm", Gwen is trapped in Charmcaster's bag, where she encounters Adwaita, Darkstar and Hex. She tries to attack all of them on sight....yes, including her "favorite teacher" Hex! This makes even less sense given that the same writer who wrote "Charm School" wrote this one!
  • According to Word of God, Kevin can and will turn evil again. "Kevin just goes evil and does irredeemable stuff. Ben & Gwen can be watchful and try to minimize the amount of times it happens, but it will happen. Kevin is a hero and a villain." And Devin Levin does still exist, and Gwen is not his mother.

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