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Being made by multiple people, some poops are bound to turn up bad. But even good poopers have bad moments as well, and some poops can make us scream.
  • Weegee Visits Hyrule. This may just be the worst poop ever. The video just features boring pictures of characters, edited with MS Paint at times, and the creator of the poop using his own voice and clips of himself (a big no-no in YTP, since it defeats the purpose of editing), and overused memes.
  • Michael Rosen Has Wind Problems. The hopelessly naive creator is already a bad YTPer, but this takes the cake. It consists of someone else's stolen YTP, poorly recorded and with the creator playing the same fart sound, the same burp sound, and the occasional Homer Simpson audio repeatedly over it. It is often parodied by the Michael Rosen community during April Fools' Day.
  • Two Michael Rosen poops made by one ThisIsTehEdn, Michael Quickly Tires of Ponytime and The Woodlywood have the same Wall Banger. In both, Michael makes a "the internet talks too much about ponies" joke (in Ponytime, clips of "pony" being repeated until Michael lets out a Big "Shut Up!", in Woodlywood "If I hear about ponies once more, I shall fuck Applejack in the mouth!"), which would be fine...except the clips that triggered this in both were of My Little Pony Tales (the 90s version), not Friendship is Magic (the current one that started the brony trend). And yes, he was trying to talk about FiM, because Applejack wasn't in Tales.

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