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  • The lonelygirl15 episode "Alone in the Woods" provoked an overwhelmingly negative reaction from the fanbase when the TAAG leave odd but well-meaning Brit Steve stranded in the middle of nowhere in a foreign country because he was suspected to be a mole. This, after Steve accompanied Jonas to the USA at great personal risk just to help the gang out, and after he had been shot in the arm by an assassin who was aiming for the gang. That Steve is a popular character from another show, KateModern, only makes things worse.
    • And from the season one finale of LG15: the resistance, Sarah's a Card-Carrying Villain and has been all along. They do appear to have had this planned from the beginning of the spinoff, at least; but the explanation video put up after The Reveal noticeably leaves out any scenes of her from the original Lonely Girl 15 footage, as there's no way it makes sense given all that history.
  • The fourth step of the Korean flash series There she is!!, was noted amongst many people to be a complete divergence from the lighter tone of the earlier flashes. Granted, the hint was at the end of Step Three, but after three episodes of lightheartedness, an ultradark serious and depressing episode made for painful Mood Whiplash. The setting has Fantastic Racism, but it was originally played for comedy; the spiral of depression because of their Interspecies Romance took fans off guard, one way or the other.
  • While New Vindicators has many of these moments throughout its career, the most outrageous example would have to be Magnus Loder's method of dealing with his girlfriend's horrific rape. He goes and has an affair on her while she's off recovering in a hospital. *loud thudding sound*
  • The poorly-done Reset Button scenario that Gaia Online used as a Status Quo Is God device for the Halloween 2009 event. To elaborate, the Gaian userbase was given the choice between playing on BOO's (the good guys') side, or on SIN's (the bad guys'.) Both sides received a special, soulbound skin that their avatars could wear, unique for each side, and both had to do as many missions as possible to get enough points to come out on top. At the end of it all, though, came the followup manga, where Jack suddenly burst in mid-fight and stripped both the Overseer and Sentinel of their powers for no real reason other than that he could (and then proceeded to re-kill the zombified Bruce Hardcastle for the same reason.) Meanwhile, all the users that played for BOO had their event skin changed into the hideously ugly 'Potatoverseer' skin, while those on SIN got to keep theirs. You can see why this is a point of contention with many of the unsatisfied players. The epilogue manga didn't do much to ease their minds, either; it took the Christmas event to set almost everything right for them again.
    • Fortunately for the patient, the BOO skin was rereleased as part of Gaia's 10th anniversary event and Potatoverseer was made sellable from inventories. Much rejoicing was had where that was concerned.
  • Shortly after the reboot of his internet radio talk show 2 Sense, furry comedian 2 the Ranting Gryphon, infamous for his "weekly assignments" to his listeners, posted an announcement of a new assignment on his fan forum, specifically asking for listeners to write in to him for details. Several did, but the assignment proved to be a failure when no one was able to do it for unknown reasons (though a lack of proper tools seems likely, if the complaints made on that forum shortly afterward about what kind of paper needed to be used are to be believed). The real wallbangers then come in quick succession: part of the rules for the assignment was that no one was to discuss it to anyone who wasn't participating, a rule that was broken when the complains started about why no one could do it, and which defeats the purpose of announcing the assignment and a call for volunteers on a public forum. Also, the assignment was supposed to be for a very small number of volunteers, though neither 2 himself nor any of the administrators on his staff shut down the talent search when they hit their target mark. If he only wanted a handful of people, why couldn't he announce the assignment through discreet private messages? Oh, but the biggest Wall Banger? The entire assignment was a lie. It was never meant to be completed; it purpose was, and I quote, "to root out loyal listeners who could keep a secret to join (2's) secret online Furry Illuminati message boards, where the real assignments are given out, and no one misses a message". First of all, as an internet celebrity, doesn't he know that data retention on a forum or message board is non-existent? Why does he think thread necromancing is such a big irritant to board admins? Second, he obviously didn't check the board after the announcement was given, because he assumed those who were chosen for the assignment kept their silence when, as mentioned above, they most certainly did not. And third, he was completely serious about the Furry Illuminati message board. Has the guy lost his mind? And the funny thing is, several of his well-known rants deal with furries and other people who delude themselves into believing something fantastic and stupid (like a furry who believes they really are a 5,000 pound dragon).
  • In ScrewAttack's "Top Ten Worst Mario Games" video, they explain at the beginning that Mario is Missing! doesn't belong on their list since you can't play Mario. Fair enough. However, later on they put Mario's Fundamentals on the list, a game in which you play games like checkers and go fish against Mario. The hosts acknowledge this in the video. Still, it does not compute! Especially if you're one of several who finds geography quizzes less fun than checkers! (not that checkers is a barrel of fun, but still)
  • Homestar Runner had this in the form of Strong Bad blowing up his own computer! The Lappy! Which he spent an entire email rescuing! It was pretty conflicting what Strong Bad thought of the Lappy.
    • To be fair, given the way the laws of physics work in his universe, his logic was sound: he was right around the point in the Lappy's lifespan the Compy was when it died, and his computers do have a tendency to explode violently, so he might as well blow the poor thing himself and get it over with (actually, come to think of it, it's his fault his old computers blew up too. Bit of a self-fulfilling prophecy).
  • This review of Steam. Somebody can't use a computer for the life of them.
    • This example has officially blurred the barrier between an intentional troll and a failure. Up till now the debate for it is still on, and none can effectively point out the truth without being tipped off the iceberg.
  • If reviews count, then this review of the Wii version of Punch-Out!! is definitely one of the most confusing I've ever read. The reviewer claims that the franchise once had a "previous sense of intense boxing" and has become "more cartoonish and family friendly, concentrating less on hard punches." He criticizes the game for having a "friendlier animation style and a conflict that emphasizes dodging over hitting," despite the fact that the original NES game was just cartoonishly goofy and relied just as much- if not more- on figuring out how to dodge your opponent's attacks than knocking them out.
  • Normally, SF Debris is fairly good at doing Star Trek reviews, but a few of them come off as this:
    • In his "The Measure of a Man" review, he completely ignores the legal inconsistencies in the episode by deferring to the writer - a purported lawyer - despite always bashing on other writers for not doing the research, and claiming that statements made in the show that seem obvious to the viewer can be brushed off as "part of the message''. Considering the long, LONG list of inconsistencies for the episode in this trope, you'd have to wonder how well he actually reviewed the episode.
      • It gets worse later on, during his review of the original series episode "Wolf in the Fold", when he comments on how ludicrous it is for a society to continue to abide by a centuries-old law that has no more relevance in today's society. Yet, he makes no effort to use the same sentiment against "The Measure of a Man's" usage of a centuries-old ruling to render Data property. Seriously, how did he miss that?
    • His review of "Masks" has gotten more than a bit of ire from some fans, and for good reason; he seems to focus more on the fact that there's little action in the episode and that it's "generally considered hated" (by whom? There seems to be a lot of fans of the episode out there) than on actual reviewing the episode. He also makes the same ludicrous mistake that Spoony did with his Tron: Legacy review by claiming it sucks because it doesn't hold up to the likes of an episode like "The Inner Light". Yeah, sure, he bases his scores on comparison with other episodes within the same series, but considering he's yet to review "The Inner Light", making such a comparison is stupid.
  • This website showcasing what they consider the worst Wii games ever. Among them is Looney Tunes Acme Arsenal. While talking about it, they figure that kids nowadays don't even know who Bugs Bunny is. The sheer inaccuracy of that statement is enough to make someone give themselves 25 concussions from Wallbanging.
  • Feminist Frequency started its "Tropes vs. Women" videos with the Damsel in Distress, referring to Double Dragon Neon as "regressive crap" that pandered to the trope. You know, the game that ends with Marian punching the final boss in the balls.
    • The video goes on to dismiss Damsel in Distress as objectifying women because it "turns them into an object to be acted upon". This is akin to saying that anyone who worries about their loved ones when they're hurt or in danger is being misogynistic. Willingness to sacrifice yourself for a loved one isn't a sign you want to use and possess them - it's a sign you care for them and don't want them to be hurt.
    • The first target of Anita's rage is Star Fox Adventures, originally a standalone game called "Dinosaur Planet". She claims that Fox replaced the character Krystal, implying that a female hero was replaced with a male and downgraded to the love interest. Fox replaced a male character named Sabre! (Also, despite her claims to the contrary, turning non-franchise games into franchise titles happens all the time - consider Kirby's Epic Yarn or, most famously, Super Mario Bros. 2.)
    • In one of her most recent videos, Anita denounces Watch_Dogs and Hitman. Just one massive problem: she has to completely misrepresent the games to do so. Watch Dogs is bashed for a mission where women are "set dressing", to use her words - but the footage is from a mission where you bust a sex-trafficking ring. As for Hitman, she declares that the game encourages you to kill and desecrate women, using footage from a mission in Absolution where you take out a target in a strip club. Several problems here:
      • Problem the first: Hitman actively punishes you for killing - or even hurting - anyone who isn't your specific target. You have to slip past them and avoid being noticed.
      • Problem the second: the mission in question has you murdering the club's owner, a complete asshole who forces his strippers to make porn videos and sells them into white slavery. If anything, the mission is female-positive.
      • Problem the third: YouTube video maker Thunderfoot scoured numerous walkthroughs of the mission. The majority of them didn't go through the dressing rooms at all, and the ones that did all advised not attacking the girls. (There was one exception, a rampage-style playthrough, but they left the corpses where they were.) This raises the question of where Anita got her footage, as well as the possibility that she recorded it herself - which means she would have to have committed all the acts she's complaining about, the very definition of actively trying to be offended.
  • The After Hours video "Why Mario Is Secretly A Dick With A Mustache" ends with what may be one of the worst wall bangers in history. Dan is finally convinced that Mario is the bad guy because... Bowser fathered an illegitimate child. Oh no, it's not the killing people, or the grave-robbery, or the doing nothing while Bowser builds his empire, or the beating up Yoshi repeatedly, it's definitely because someone else fathered an illegitimate child that makes Mario the bad guy. What. The. Fuck.
    • The video on why Batman is terrible for Gotham is just as bad, going something like this: "Without Batman, the world would have been destroyed several times." "Yeah, but he's rich." "Oh yeah, then I guess he is bad."
  • The Agony Booth's review of UltimateSpiderMan wasn't bad because they found the show to be awful, but rather the very little effort that the two reviewers put into their review. Loads of ranting for the sake of ranting, Critical Research Failure through-out, and one example of Blatant Lies where they mix two different scenes together from completely different episodes in order to prove the show has a bad habit of ruining dramatic moments with cutaways.
  • JeremyCrispoVideo response to BlackbusterCritic, mainly because the guy in the video did not understand that Sonic is not in Super Smash Bros..
  • So after the Amazing Spider-Man 2 came out, Movie Bob made a video about how that movie "broke" him as a person. This is all well and good, but why in the hell did he go in with any sort of expectations in the first place? The first ASM film was far better received than the second, and Bob ranted at length about how badly the first film sucked because "it wasn't exactly like the comics." So he hated the first film, yet for some reason went into its less well-received sequel with enough expectations for him to be "broken" by the movie? ...okay, then.

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