Wall Bangers: Two and a Half Men

  • Alan's mistreatment goes beyond horrible, like his ex-wife going more evil bitch, his son being an asshole no one would love, his brother always considering him a burden, etc., but for an entire episode plot! even everyone bet on how long till his stupid second ex-wife would kick him out! Does Chuck Lorre purposely do these things to every buttmonkey on his own shows?
  • The episode where Alan attempts to have sex with a hooker (and, being Alan, naturally fails). This was the point where Alan became no better than his brother.
  • The episode where he gets back with Judith after she kicks her husband, Herb, out. He seems to ignore the fact that she meddled ith his relationship with Kandi with cruel intent and later gave Kandi her divorce lawyer to screw him over even more and it ends with Judith deciding to break it off again because of how annoying he is instead of a mutual break up or Alan having the balls to reject her in the first place. "The Un Fair Sex" seems to be Lorre's favorite card to play when writing relationships.
  • In Season 8, Charlie was in a age appropriate relationship and Rose shows up and causes drama and claims she's getting married. The woman Charlie was seeing then dumps Charlie because Rose being in his life despite stalking him for so long supposedly means Charlie is in love with Rose. Seriously? Charlie has tried heaps to get rid of Rose but it never works so he ends up just tolerating her presence and suddenly this means he loves her? Idiot Plot alert.
  • Charlie Harper's funeral. Yes, there was the whole saga with Charlie Sheen insulting showrunner Chuck Lorre (and subsequently being let go by CBS for drug use and erratic behavior), but did he really need to go out like this? At his character's funeral, many of his ex-girlfriends (including several he helped out personally or financially on multiple occasions) take the opportunity to disparage him, almost the entire cast look like they'd rather not be there, and Rose (the woman he went to Paris with just before he died) refers to him as "blowing up like a balloon full of meat". The entire scene is an excuse for Lorre and the writing staff to take potshots (no pun intended) at Sheen - it's not funny or sentimental, just mean-spirited.
    • If you thought that was bad, don't watch the series finale.
  • An episode of season 10. Its an episode where both plots are run on stupidity. The first plot has Walden freaking out because he and his girlfriend Zoey almost crashed their plane. Why was he freaked out? Because when they thought they were going to die, he told her "I love you!" while she screamed "I don't want to die!" which is an appropriate response for when you think you are going to die. When she goes on a trip out of country later and doesn't have time to talk to Walden about it, he assumes they're broken up, meets a girl in Zoey's building, and decides to take her back home. By the end, however, Zoey ends up apologizing for not saying "I love you", basically taking responsibility for him seeing another women. However, it has got nothing on the second subplot, which runs completely on Squick. Lindsay admits to being an alcoholic and spends most of the episode throwing up. We are forced to watch shots of Walden and Alan having to listen while she heaves in the bathroom, a shot of poor Alan cleaning up a puke covered toilet, and a whole sequence where Lindsay throws up on both Alan and Walden in a plane, with Alan slipping in a puddle of vomit. Even worse is at the end, when Lindsay admits to Alan that she loves him, despite all the crap she gives him, she ends up puking in his mouth. Just to remind us how awful the episode is, right before the episode ends, we hear her heave one last time.
  • Season 12, with the whole marriage plot. Really, is this a universe where all Walden's money can't pay a surrogate?