Wall Bangers: Total Drama

IMPORTANT NOTE: When this was first folderized back on the Western Animation page, people were using this to complain about every elimination and some trivial things. While this got cleaned up, please think carefully about adding examples.

SECOND IMPORTANT NOTE: It's not a wall banger just because your favorite character was eliminated. Due to the former over-flooding of the page and the length right now, it takes a real dumb reason to be eliminated to count.

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  • The Season 1 finale has Gwen giving an Out of Character insult to approximately three-quarters of the entire cast, calling them insane (except for five — who include Owen, whose "Mr. Coconut" incident proves that he is insane). Additionally, nobody says a thing about it. Because she recorded it in the confessional, and because the entire reality show series is — you know — a giant Show Within a Show, you'd think that somebody would see it. (It's how Courtney found out about Harold rigging the votes in the first place — Harold made the mistake of recording his plans on live TV.) Yet Gwen gets off with nobody after her. Not even Eva.
    • One of the campers she insulted was Geoff, a character she had bonded with just a few episodes prior and became friends with. What?
    • Even odder: Gwen doesn't insult Tyler, Katie, and Sadie. Not insulting Tyler is good, as she didn't really know him. But she'll insult Geoff and not Katie and Sadie?!
    • Something also concerning is that, initially, her own boyfriend is on that list. It is true Trent did technically two-time her when he kissed Heather. But how is it she hasn't figured it out that it was Heather's doing, and not Trent? Especially considering how the last time they saw each other, he totally motivated her and vowed to root for her.
  • "The Big Sleep." The wallbanger's not in the elimination, but in perceptive characters like Duncan and Courtney failing to recognize an obvious Alpha Bitch or realize that she's playing them like a fiddle.
    • Heather picks up Eva's MP3 player when no one is looking and only returns it after Eva has started wrecking the cabins. As Heather is on another team, this is the third episode (one elimination every 3 days means this is day 6 and the Awakathon lasted nearly 3 days), and they're possible still tired after the Awakathon it's not surprising that they didn't realise Heather is manipulating them.
  • Heather managed to survive until the final three. They had to bring in convoluted ideas just to keep them from rightfully voting her off.
    • The last couple contestant votes also were like this, especially since there was no invincibility in "Wawanakwa Gone Wild!" nor in "Trial by Tri-Armed Triathlon!" Izzy being voted off in the former is understandable because her unpredictability could be seen as a threat (and her Ax-Crazy potential), but almost the entire final six was given one big Idiot Ball in the latter. Geoff's niceness was also considered a threat when Heather was out in the open? Not to mention it probably should've resulted in a tie: Heather likely blackmailed easy-to-manipulate Owen into voting off Geoff, and Duncan also voted off Geoff instead of the Manipulative Bastard. Leshawna explicitly voted against Heather and Gwen most likely did as well, so because it wasn't a tie, who did Geoff think was more important to vote off?
      • Even worse about the latter; Geoff got kicked off because "his niceness was a threat" while Owen, one of the nicest and in-universe biggest favorites, stays. And guess who later on ends up winning because he managed to convince people to side with him with a huge party for everyone. Yep, Geoff was the biggest threat out of the six.
      • As Geoff is physically fit while Owen tends to get tired easily this may be why Owen was considered less of a threat even though he was a nice as Geoff.
    • Another thing. A few episodes ago, the boys formed an alliance to ensure that at least one of them would get to the finals. After Geoff is eliminated, there are 2 boys to 3 girls which weakens decreasing the chance of a boy winning (though one did). If they wanted to vote off a popular character, couldn't they have picked Leshawna. Heather had said earlier in that episode that Lewshawna hadn't made any enemies and none of the losers had any complaints about her while the rest of the contestants had at least one so much that the writers had to pick an Asspull way for her to be eliminated. This way, they get rid of a threat and increase the boys' chance of winning.
  • Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island's Ass Pull with the diving board. To elaborate, a part of a challenge from exactly twenty episodes earliernote  appears out of nowhere. It's a tall diving board (with a pool of green jelly) as part of the phobia challenge, and in this episode some of the contestants get on this. The ladder breaks, and some of the people simply fall off, not getting into Action while the others zoom on the board over to the dock and getting them in. Not only was there not really any Fridge Brilliance like the ones on one side making it in for whatever reason (board breaks in half or such), but Cody and Tyler did not make it despite being tied (It Makes Sense in Context) to two people who did; Owen and DJ. Irritatingly, nearly all of those who did get in were already major characters (and minor character who became a villain, Justin, got in through a different but related accident), and Courtney was amongst the ones who fell yet she got in anyways halfway through the season.
  • "Camp Castaways": Gwen and Duncan, two of the smartest players, thought they were lost for dead on a deserted island when the background was filled with potted plants. Heather sees the absurdity of the situation, but even she starts to play along as the episode progresses.
  • Lindsay's elimination. The rules made even less sense than those in "Haute Camp-Ture," where crashing their bikes on the race doesn't count as finishing in last place, but crossing last does. Everyone who wiped out in the bike race or didn't participate in the challenge was as good as invincible, just like Heather was, making her "immunity" pointless. And it was uncharacteristically stupid of Heather to burn bridges with Lindsay; someone as cunning as she should realize what a dangerous position it puts her in. What if Heather was the only one to cross the finish line and Lindsay didn't?
  • Tyler's elimination because he was unable to stand up to his fear of chickens. Well, not the elimination itself — that makes sense — but the way Duncan, Bridgette and Geoff mocked him when he left. Um, hello?! Bridgette and Geoff didn't conquer their fears, either; Duncan did, but he needed help with something that was even more ridiculous than chickens! Courtney's jumping up in Tyler's defense is one of her best moves—-after all, any attack on Tyler is an implicit attack on her, too.
  • Leshawna's elimination involved the previous losers voting off the one camper they wanted to see eliminated. What followed was Leshawna getting every single vote because every character found a contrived way to say her name by accident. What got worst was the fact that Lindsay's vote was counted more than once as well as a Parrot who mentioned Leshawna's name multiple times. While this was something made by Chris, he actually did hint the whole "saying the name counts" to the eliminated campers, and still none of them tried another option. Instead of saying someone else's name or just not saying anything, they went "Don't say 'LeShanwa...' Oh wait, I just did." The Wall Banger isn't quite in the rule, but that the contestants fell right for it even after knowing about it.
    • Another Wall Banger comes from the fact that originally, the episode "Haute Camp-ture" was going to be about a photo shoot challenge, but the writers instead got the idea to have an episode about the losers. The Wall Banger here is, why not keep the photo shoot challenge (in which Le Shawna could be voted off properly), make the losers episode a semi-filler, and get rid of "Camp Castaways", which was nothing but filler?
    • Haute Camp-ture actually did almost all the character derailment TDA is usually blamed for: Geoff and Bridgette now being used just for make-out jokes and Courtney's sudden super strength are prime example. It was also here that Lindsay actually lost the ball on Tyler's identity.
  • There was some bad planning regarding the buildup to Gwen and Trent's relationship. In "Phobia Factor", Trent accidentally forgets about Gwen being buried alive (part of her challenge), and thus it looks like he's on her bad side, right? Well, the next episode, "Up the Creek", has Trent and Gwen happy that Cody is helping in bringing the two closer. No mention of the buried alive mishap. Then, three episodes later in "Who Can You Trust?", Gwen makes a confessional stating that she thought she could trust Trent, until he left her buried alive. That's it. It isn't until "No Pain, No Game", eight episodes after "Phobia Factor", that the two have a short talk about it, in which Gwen was still upset about it, until Trent apologized. Mind you, in some of the episodes in between, not only is the incident not brought up, but it has the two still showing interest in one another. Either the writers only remembered the incident when they wanted to, or Gwen only gets mad when she wants to.


  • Courtney surviving into the final four. Unlike Heather, Courtney starts winning almost every challenge with her superhuman physical abilities, which she didn't have until Haute Camp-ture in Season 1. Heather staying on, you could buy because she was smart; Courtney suddenly became great at challenges(something she never was in Season 1, as her abilities were established after she got eliminated).
  • Trent suffered some serious derailment this season. He goes insane over nothing and starts to obsess over Gwen.
  • Leshawna's alliance idea "One Flu Over the Cuckoo's Nest." Basically she expects to form an alliance with her ex-boyfriend, whom she coldly dumped like yesterdays trash, and the jerkass ex-con who is constantly bullying and tormenting him. Oh, and she's surprised when they say no.
  • Lindsay's elimination here (in "Rock and Rule") was worse than her first elimination. After proving how clever she could be in the previous episode, Lindsay officially becomes Too Dumb to Live by voting ''herself'' off without even realizing it!
  • In "Crouching Courtney, Hidden Owen" Courtney complained about Lindsay "selfishly" voting herself off, leaving the girls outnumbered. But Courtney voted for Lindsey herself, on purpose. And if Courtney didn't want the girls to be outnumbered, then why did she help Duncan get LeShawna voted off earlier?
  • Beth getting to the final two with Duncan. There were MANY episodes in Total Drama Action that built up Duncan and Harold's conflict, which seemed to indicate that the two of them would resolve everything in the finale. But nope, Harold gets eliminated by a treacherous Owen after winning a challenge; and Beth, who has no relationship with Duncan whatsoever, gets it just because they apparently wanted another boy-girl, Bad Ass vs. comic relief finale.
    • Duncan and Courtney would have been also great, considering there was even more drama between them. Beth and Duncan had no prior relationship. The boy-girl thing isn't even much of an issue, considering they broke it in Revenge of the Island.
    • Then there's the finale itself. It ends in a tie because the final two form an alliance, to the point where they get to a spot that's supposed to be for only one castmate and clearly marked the end of the challenge. (As it was after the final question on an eliminated contestant.)
  • The "you pick the winner" thing was a cop-out on the writers' behalf. Sure, it was cute the first time around, when we didn't necessarily know that our votes would determine the winner. But by not committing to one person before writing Season 3, they admit that the actual winner will have no effect on the plot of future seasons.
    • This becomes even more egregious in the intermediary episode that links "Action" to "World Tour." They spend about half the episode talking about what the campers have been doing since Action ended (and none of it is ever mentioned again so it's basically just padding), but they completely gloss over what happened to Duncan's million dollars! That's a rather big Mouse to lose track of, no? Defenders of the writers will suggest that he lost the money in custody battles over his and Courtney's pet raccoon, but that's clearly wrong because they still mention the custody battles in the version where Beth won. This is the epitome of not caring, throwing a hand grenade at plot cohesion just for a stupid gimmick.
  • After Justin loses his "villain" status to Courtney, due to the writers realizing that Justin was far too full of himself to be a threat, he suddenly becomes an idiot that acts as if he has never used his brain before (essentially, the male, narcissistic version of Lindsay). What happened to all that plotting and scheming he did in the first half of the season?
  • In the first half of this season Beth wants Justin to be her boyfriend, then in "Masters of Disasters" states that she already has a handsome boyfriend that she got between seasons yet never mentioned before. Later still she talks about dating Harold instead even though her boyfriend Brady is real.

    World Tour 

  • The ending of I See London... Team Amazon won even though they didn't catch the Ripper, which was the entire point of the challenge. Team CIRRRRH did, and yet they lost because the Amazons found Duncan. Sure, Chris likes to screw around with the rules all the time, but they obviously just did this to get rid of Noah and bring back the Gwen/Duncan/Courtney love triangle crap. The wallbanger isn't the elimination, but what led to the elimination.
    • The very next episode, at the voting ceremony, Chris deliberately ignores the votes just to keep Duncan. He even lampshades that he's doing it strictly for the drama! Then again, this is Chris we're talking about.
    • Much like what they did twice with DJ's wasted subplots (that is, the "cheating" subplot in Action and the "cursed" subplot in World Tour), they tossed aside Noah's subplot regarding his friendship (and sometimes annoyance) with Owen and Character Development throughout the season just to bring back a fan-favorite and force the Duncan/Courtney/Gwen Love Triangle. Really, writers? You're going to just forget about the whole "let's give the Ensemble Darkhorse characters from the first and second seasons their chance to shine" idea and go back to the "Duncan/Gwen VS Duncan/Courtney" subplot, which was old and tired when Action was first being aired? It's one thing to have a character voted off to make room to develop newer characters, but voting a character off just as he's starting to develop as a character just so Duncan can come back? Why!?!
      • Duncan has since become a Base Breaker.
      • Gwen staying with Duncan after the kiss is exposed is a Wall Banger for two big reasons:
      1. She should be feeling too guilty about betraying Courtney to continue on with Duncan, especially seeing as she should understand how Courtney (her FRIEND) feels, having felt anguish at thinking Trent cheated on her with Heather.
      2. Shouldn't Gwen be smart enough to consider that, if Duncan cheated on Courtney with her, who's to say that he won't cheat on HER with some other girl later on down the road?
    • According to some Fan Dumb poor little innocent Duncan was abused for utter shrew Courtney in Action, so he is totally justified to cheating on her with Gwen in World Tour, but then that leads to Fridge Logic of why he even got back together with her in the second season finale and the TDA special if she was that bad to him in TDA. Seriously, he decides to cheat when she finally gains some character development and becomes nicer, but yet the thought of cheating on her when she was at her worst last season apparently NEVER ENTERS HIS HEAD!?!
    • It used to be said right here on this page that "when you're in love, you don't think clearly," potholed to Fridge Brilliance. It was apparently taken down because this is not a good thing or an actual excuse. This is one of the problems people have with this triangle: If this is what's really going on, it's still a massive example of Derailing Love Interests. Ignoring how massively derailed Courtney was between seasons 1 and 2, Gwen used to be one of the only sane characters on the whole show, and also seemed to be one of the nicer characters. Helping a guy she previously only showed a bit of interest in cheat on one of her best friends is pretty out of character.
  • DJ's storyline in World Tour being thrown away to make more room for Duncan. DJ became the first character to become a "Team of One" and an entire episode was devoted to both DJ regaining his confidence and Alejandro and Heather trying to form an alliance with him. DJ was eliminated the very next episode because he couldn't officially join Alejandro's team, and Alejandro decided to pull a "You Have Outlived Your Usefulness." Seriously? Even if DJ couldn't become an official member of CIRRRRH, an alliance would've gave Alejandro a numbers advantage, so it made no sense for him to stab DJ in the back.
    • As this was an elimination challenge, and Alejandro's team was in danger of losing this challenge and a team member it's not unreasonable that Alejandro sabotaged DJ's run to ensure that his team wouldn't lose.
  • There's no way Alejandro's plan to eliminate Bridgette could have worked. First, he never heard Team Victory say that they were going to skip the flag posts, so he couldn't have known they wouldn't just pick her up. Second, there was no guarantee it would be an elimination challenge, Chris didn't say it was, so he might have just shown his true colors. Third, the fact that no one removed the pole from Bridgette's tongue is just the writers covering for him at that point, what kind of plan is "get her tongue stuck to a pole and hope in no way she recovers"? And finally, Chris cheated for him by first asking her if she had something to say, and when she started to say Alejandro tricked her, Chris shoves her out to protect Al, something he would never do for anyone previously. There's far too many variables, and it just comes down to the writers making Al succeed because that's what the script says.
    • It also doesn't help that the whole thing was indirectly Leshawna's fault since she was the one who said that they shouldn't stop at any checkpoints.
  • Let's say, for a moment, there is a new male character on the season. He is obsessed with one of the female characters. He gropes her in her sleep, grabs her inappropriately, steals her underwear and things, doesn't let anyone else near her, proclaims that only he can be her boyfriend, takes pictures of her while she's in the shower, and so on. Are you not creeped out by this? The other contestants wouldn't stand for that for a second, right? No one would. So why does no one seem to have any problem that Sierra's doing all of that to Cody?!
  • Similar to an Action example above, we have Duncan's alliance idea in "Chinese Fake-Out". Because Owen was voted out, Duncan lost a vote he could count on, so who does he try to get in an alliance with him? Courtney! This is the girl that he cheated on, as well as the girl he's been treating like dirt all throughout the season. And after Courtney throws him in their wedding cake from the previous episode, he continues treating her like dirt.
  • The "main" ending to Hawaiian Punch and the season (well, at least it appears that way even though Canada aired the other ending). Mere seconds after Heather wins with people finally supporting her after three seasons, Gollum! Ezekiel snatches the case from her and drowns in the volcano with it, the volcano erupts, everyone runs to the ocean and swims away... except Chris and Chef, whose boat sinks; Alejandro, who was trampled by the others during their escape and covered in the lava; Blaineley, whose full-body cast meant she couldn't swim and might have been Killed Off for Real and Heather herself, who was a split second away from being flattened by a giant flaming boulder before the episode ends. One part Gainax, one part Downer, all-Mood Whiplash from a too-brief Crowning Moment of Heartwarming. Plus, this particular Wall Banger made this the only "finale" that doesn't end on a mostly-high note.
  • Chris cheated throughout the entire season, as if he wanted to make sure Alejandro and Heather would be the finalists. Every time Team Victory lost, they had to vote someone off. Every time they didn't lose, surprise, it's a reward challenge! The other teams are spared elimination. Every. Single. Time. The only reason Izzy was gone before DJ was because another force took her away! And then when all of Team Victory is gone, he changes the rules of a challenge (as mentioned above) so that Noah goes, and then the next challenge disregards votes so Duncan can stay. He later makes the call to eliminate both Courtney and Blaineley, because the show is running thin (which wouldn't have happened if he didn't make so many non-eliminations, so it's his own fault.) He spares Heather, Duncan, and Alejandro (all selfish villains) at least one once each, two of them being the finalists. He even helped cover for Al a couple times. We all have Willing Suspension of Disbelief when it comes to Chris, but how many times he changed the rules, spared the mean characters and not others, makes him and the eliminations very irritating throughout the whole season to some.
    • Let's not forget how he deliberately exposed Gwen to her eucalyptus allergy in the tie-breaker between her and Courtney likely so that the drama between Courtney & Duncan could continue.
  • The alternate ending to World Tour in which Alejandro wins. It has all the problems of the other ending but even worse because 1) It's unfairly cruel to Heather to have her think she's earned her victory only for her to be told that she made a mistake by tossing in the wrong sacrafice and thus gave the victory to her nemesis, Alejandro. The look on her face and Big NO she gives is too heartbreaking to watch. 2) After all the crap he's pulled, The Bad Guy Wins. SERIOUSLY? And 3) It's even crueler to Alejandro than the other ending because of this! He actually hears that he's won the million dollars but by the time he comes up to get it, it's already gone and instead he gets molten lava dumped on him. This makes the scene at the end sadder knowing that Alejandro was literally about to get it all but lost it all instead. Top this off with that it's the "official" ending for Canada, and you have a terrible season finale.
  • For a portion of the fanbase, the songs were this. Quite a few fans found the songs to be unnecessary padding, and also cringed at the thought of the chracters singing. They were also not amused with the series trying to piggyback on Glee's success.

    Revenge of the Island 

  • Generally, there are two things wrong with some of the challenges: useless rewards and wins via catch-22. The first episode of season 4 manages to have both. The "bad" reward is a hacksaw, ie the very thing they need for the challenge, if push came to shove, they could have chopped down the tree. By contrast the "good" reward, a trampoline, was only mildly helpful - especially when the axe they were given was hopelessly stuck in the tree. Chris's logic appears to have been that it would be harder to climb a tree than it would to improvise a cutting tool. At best, the playing field could be called level, which really defeats the purpose of rewarding the team who finished the footrace first. And that's not all, after the Rats make it to the finish line first, they lose because their cabin gets blown up when the other team fails to defuse their bomb. There are just so many levels of Fridge Logic: What were the Rats supposed to do besides exactly what was instructed of them? What kind of logic dictates that a team can win a challenge by destroying something with their own crest on it? Why did Chris make such a big deal about the Rats not having a "still standing" cabin if he was just going to replace it (albeit with a shabbier one) ten seconds later? The worst part is how predictable this made the elimination ceremony - the Maggots had several people getting on their teammates' nerves, but the Rats, the team with one more member than the other, had just one, Staci, the Fat Girl who sounded like Kathy Griffin and wouldn't shut up. Guess who was voted out first.
  • Dawn knew Scott sabotaged their team's chance of winning. Yet in all the time following, between right then and there, to Scott framing her, all the way to the elimination ceremony, she doesn't say anything. Not until it is entirely too late. It's utterly ridiculous, and just terrible writing that she wouldn't say what Scott was up to in all the time she had.
  • Brick saved Mike, Zoey, and Cameron from a vicious monster and helped them get out of the dangerous mine, even though they weren't on his team. His reward? He gets voted off the island by his teammates. Wow, what a message to kids, the target audience of this show. "If you do the right thing, if you are brave and help someone in trouble... you don't get anything at all, in fact, you'll just get screwed over. Honor and being a good soldier doesn't get you crap." Yes, sometimes you don't always get rewarded even when doing the right thing, but it just comes off as so mean-spirited that Brick gets dismissed over saving three lives! The only thing that doesn't make this purely awful is that Zoey, Mike, and Cameron show him their appreciation in a heartwarming moment.

    All Stars 

  • Lindsay being flanderized for no purpose other than to excuse her elimination. Even in earlier seasons, she wouldn't have been so stupid as to not be able to push a freaking carriage!
    • Adding to this, Lindsay giving up. Back in World Tour, when Team Victory was down to just her and DJ, she pepped him up by saying that, even though they were on a losing streak, they wouldn't give up and would become the best team ever. Now, all of the sudden, Lindsay just doesn't think the competition is worth anything.
  • Gwen outright refusing to own up to her actions in World Tour, insisting that Duncan and Courtney were over before the kiss even though she was clearly aware when it happened that they were not, and "apologizing" by telling Courtney to her face that she did nothing wrong and has nothing to be sorry for. I wouldn't consider Courtney to be a "hero" either, but Gwen's behavior in this first episode really undercut any attempts at making her situation seem sympathetic and I can only hope it's intentionally building toward REAL acceptance of her fault and redemption— because if it's not, it seems like Gwen's on exactly the right team.
  • In the 6th episode of the season, Heather gets eliminated by holding an Out of Character Idiot Ball. Heather, who has competed in three seasons prior with the experience and intelligence to know how to play the game, decides to HIDE the immunity idol and then tell Alejandro, her arch nemesis, about it. SERIOUSLY? She's smart enough to know that anyone could have found the idol where she hid it. And if you compare their character designs, ALEJANDRO'S POCKETS ARE THE SAME SIZE AS HEATHER'S! So Alejandro was able to hide the idol in his pocket undetected, but Heather hid the idol in a place where anyone could take it because she was afraid the others would notice a possible bulge in her pocket? That is just plain stupid! So the writers wanted to get rid of an interesting character within the first half of the season, but they couldn't have come up with a better way to eliminate them? Of all the ways Heather could have been eliminated, this was beyond pathetic.
    • Adding to it, she immediately accuses Chris of stealing it, instead of the one who's been on her tail and her biggest rival since World Tour...oh, and the person that she told about her finding the idol in the first place!
    • Not helping was the fact that she was standing right by where she "hid" the idol when telling Alejandro about it.
    • A minor one, but when Alejandro revealed he stole it Heather was shocked it was him. This is the guy who nearly killed DJ and Cody just to win and she's surprised he took her idol.
  • For the first few episodes, it seems we're seeing a new side to Sierra. She's still obsessive about Cody and Total Drama but she seemed to be a lot less crazy and more focused on winning and making friends. Skip to episode 3 where all that is down the drain where Sierra mistakes her new friend, Cameron, for Cody and regains her obsessive stalkerish personality this time towards Cameron. A few episodes later Cameron tries to quit the game to leave Sierra proving their friendship is completely gone. Not only was that mean spirited towards both Cameron & Sierra, but it seemed like Sierra was going through more Character Development and in just one episode it's completely thrown away.
  • While it may be Laser-Guided Karma for betraying Gwen, Courtney's treatment in Sundae Muddy Sundae. First, Scott way overreacted at Courtney giving him a rat tail. He was on the Toxic Rats last season so it makes sense. Next is how Gwen treated her. Gwen tried to trick Courtney into making the vote unanimous against her and she left Courtney to die at the hands of a killer robot. She never sunk that low towards Heather even after Heather kissed Trent to break them up. When Courtney finishes making her her sundae, a bird barfed in it. She still decided to give it to the interns. When Chris learned this she treated like she was trying to intentionally poison the interns. She never planned to poison them it was a bird's fault. Even worse, Scott put dirt in his sundae knowing the interns would have to eat it, and Chris didn't even care. That dirt could've easily been more poisonous than Courtney's. At the end, Scott votes out Courtney just because she drew him with a rat tail, instead of Mal who almost killed him earlier in the episode. Courtney definitely deserved karma for what she did, but this treatment of her was just flat out worse than what she did
    • Then again, you can consider the entire episode a wall banger for throwing away the entire subplot about the girls reconciling only so it could all be invalidated in this episode basically making most of the season completely pointless.
    • It should also be noted that Courtney stated the final five was as far as she'd ever gotten. She made the final four in Action.
    • Also, back in "Chinese Fake-Out" in World Tour, Courtney said she had a strong stomach, in which she ate numerous disgusting dishes to help Alejandro cheat. Here, she has extreme difficulty eating her sundae.
  • Gwen's elimination this season was due to her soiling one of Chris' paintings by putting bear feces on it... These writers seriously couldn't come up with a better way to eliminate her than by making it more insulting and stupid than Heather's?!
  • Mike got rid of his personalities by pushing a fucking button in his mind. At the end of the day, that's all he had to do to free himself of his problems. Anti-Climax aside, people with mental disorders that are not at all that easy to overcome are not going to be happy about this...
  • During the finale, all the Total Drama All Stars contestants except for Gwen, Cameron, Alejandro, Heather, Mike, and Zoey were blown away in balloons with no implications they were saved. It had no revelation to the finale so there was no reason to pull that move, so the writers basically had 8 campers killed off for no reason (it was even said that they were floating towards the sun). That moment was horribly mean spirited and just plain awful to see many fan favorite implied to have died inside balloons.
    • It gets worse when you realize that everyone that Mike and Zoey saved were finalists themselves. Gwen in Island, Heather and Alejandro in World Tour, and Cameron from Revenge of the Island.
    • Official word is that they all did in fact survive and eventually popped free; however, to not confirm this onscreen and to carry on through the challenge and to the ending on this ambiguous note does nothing to help what many considered a frustrating ending for the season.

     Pahkitew Island 
  • Sugar bullies Ella so heartlessly, the other team is glaring at her for her cruelty. So why aren't Ella's teammates doing anything about it? Seriously, this was a show that had an anti-bullying advertisement, and the abuse towards Ella from Chris and Sugar goes on non-stop. It's another case of "that's what the script says," because if they did stand up to Sugar and get her to stop bullying Ella, the conflict would either be over or Sugar would be voted off. So alas, the bullying must persist until Ella is eliminated unfairly. It's even out-of-character for Ella's teammates to allow this, because Sky is supposed to be all about team spirit and sportsmanship, Dave is labeled as the nice guy, and Shawn doesn't like Sugar.
  • Speaking of Sugar, I'll also add her being eliminated in the 2nd to last episode with no punishment for any of her actions. While she wasn't the villain of the season, a lot of the things she did were just as (if not more) vile as some of the things the previous antagonists had done to the point where suffering a similar fate as one of them (e.g. getting your hair shaved off or having most of the bones in your body broken) was warranted. The fact that she got away with no karma for anything she did makes her so much of a Houdini that she practically gives Duncan a run for his money!
  • While Dave is already rather unlikeable for rarely contributing to his team (and no, whining about getting dirty doesn't count) and the fact that he voted himself off solely because Sky rejected him, he seems to worsen in the finale. Sky had Dave help her out in the last challenge, while Shawn got Jasmine, and should Sky and Shawn lose, the money is split between the helpers. He states that he had no plan for the money and wants to burn half a million in front of Sky. But if he had no plans for the money, why did he sign up?
  • The entire season long plot of Dave & Sky being invalidated by the finale when Dave loses his sanity when he learns that Sky had a boyfriend back home (who she wanted to break up with prior to going on the show but ran out of time) and gets revenge on her. All of it honestly forces one to go "why even bother then?!" since it's pretty much Sundae Muddy Sundae 2.0 in which an entire season is ultimately invalidated!

    Season spanners/Other 

  • Ezekiel's first season elimination (for offending the girls with "sexist comments") gets worse and worse after it's shown just how sexist the other campers can get:
    1. There's the elimination itself. If Ezekiel didn't complete the challenge, then fine, vote off the sexist. But no, he did the challenge; and yet Courtney stays on, totally free. This says a lot about the campers: they voted out someone who made sexist comments instead of someone who refused to do the challenge. This makes "ZOMG! This camper was good in our team and won nearly everything we faced yet failed this one challenge! Kill It with Fire!"note  reasons hypocritical. And it was the first challenge, so it's too soon to think that failing them will be a pattern. It's not as if they knew that the next challenge would be how long one can stay awake! It could've been something that played to his strengths. So you have to put up with someone that offended you (even if it was just once); if they can keep your team going, then keep them until the merge.note 
    2. (Another Wall Banger, above, brings this up.) Making gender-biased alliances after this.
    3. Several contestants, including Courtney and Eva call someone "a girl" as an insult, both being girls on Ezekiel's team. Duncan even asks Courtney to make dinner for him. And then seasons later, Alejandro and Duncan were practically praised for how they were using the girls, but Chris still refers to Ezekiel as a sexist (and this is also despite the fact that Ezekiel hasn't said anything bad towards girls since that first challenge in the first season.)
    • Adding to this, even though Ezekiel learned his lesson (he teamed up with Lindsay and Beth in "Total Drama Drama Drama Drama Island"), even after he's turned into an expy of Gollum, his one scene of sexism is still one of his defining traits, as evidenced by Chris in the first episode of "All-Stars." As opposed to Duncan, who cheated on his girlfriend, and Alejandro who womanized and manipulated multiple girls, treating them like nothing more than tools.
    • And possibly the biggest wall banger of them all when it comes to Zeke, he was eliminated first in TDI for what he said about girls, as if it was the most slanderous thing imaginable... and then in TDWT, Alejandro's womanizing is complimented by Chris and some of the other contestants, including Duncan and Owen. Even the show tried to make Alejandro look cool the entire time, and thus used Bridgette and Leshawna, two female characters that had great potential, nothing more than plot points for the writers to show how "clever" Al is. But of course, it's Zeke who is the terrible sexist!
  • Justin's villainy in the second season had no foreshadowing (aside from him Taking A Level In Jerkass on the first season special) and it was dropped later on anyway. In two more Wall Banger moves, they replace him with a character-derailed Courtney as the villain, and in Total Drama World Tour, the villain is basically an evil Justin Expy anyway!
  • The show spent several episodes building up Tyler and Lindsay's relationship, using it as a tool for drama because Heather disapproved of it... But, not only does it end suddenly, but Lindsay also doesn't even care about it ending. They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot.
    • It's like she said when she got eliminated in Action: " 'Bye' is just 'Hi' with a B." As cheesy as that sounds (and as inaccurate as it is on paper), she probably had a feeling that she would see him again. She later did in the finale, but...
      • It only gets worse. Lindsay forgets who Tyler is.
      • Thankfully, she ended up figuring out that Tyler was in the Total Drama World Tour series. Of course, it had to take a few episodes in that series before she remembered Tyler, but better late than never.
  • Many characters seem to suffer from an allergy or condition that only exists to serve the plot of particular episode and in future or earlier episodes they cease to exist.
    • Harold claiming he was allergic to apples in Who Can You Trust, yet it in the next episode he accepts apple juice(actually kitchen grease).
    • Leshawna said she couldn't eat cheese in One Flu Over the Cuckoos, but she was eating it in Super Hero-ld.
    • Leshawna's hair turning into an afro when exposed to water, in "Action" despite going swimming several times in "Island" without being affected. Even worse, it wasn't even a plot point for which they damaged continuity, just an unfunny recurring visual gag.
    • Beth was incapable of screaming in The Sand-Witch Project but she screams in The Princess Pride.
    • Courtney said she was Lactose Intolerant in Dial M for Merger but she eats cheese and chocolate in future episodes.
    • Lindsay was supposed to have big feet in The Princess Pride, but whenever we see her feet they are shown to be normal sized.
    • And of course Trent's 9 obsession, which he didn't have for the whole first season.
      • This one gets extra Wall Banger points, as Harold mentions in "Beach Blanket Bogus" that Trent was constantly doing 9 rituals in Island, despite the fact that: A. It was never shown until that episode, and B. Harold and Trent shared little to no screen time in Island.
    • Gwen's eucalyptus allergy in TDWT, that just happens to show up in a tiebreaker challenge where you have to feed a koala in a cage with your mouth. Guess who lost and was sent home? Extra points for the fact that it wasn't even foreshadowed in the one episode where it was brought up making it feel like a poorly written attempt to get rid of her.
  • Some of the Bowdlerization in the American releases of the show, mostly Island, especially of words that were eventually allowed in later seasons. Often, the censorship kills the joke or meaning. For example, in "The Big Sleep", Chris puns that the beaver makes a "dam" fine hat, resulting in groans from the contestants. In the Cartoon Network America releases, "dam" as changed to "real", making the groans confusing.
    • Another case in "Dodgebrawl": Heather asks the other team "How does it feel to suck so much?" The word "suck" was removed in America and not replaced, changing the phrase to a nonsensical and awkward, "How does it feel to so much?" Not to mention how other uses of the word (such as "The Sucky Outdoors") were not changed.
  • Athena Georgaklis, Teletoon's Production Manager, requested that three couples were to break up because she did not want the children watching the show to think that they'd only date one person and have that relationship last forever. While this is a noble and good lesson to teach kids, the execution was not as good. Ignoring all shipping preferences:
    • As mentioned above, Trent suddenly becoming OCD with the number nine. This was a big factor in his and Gwen's breakup.
    • Courtney and Duncan's breakup, if only because of the love triangle plot it created. So, is cheating OK, as long as the other person is OK with it?
    • Owen and Izzy breaking up, only because of Izzy suddenly getting super smart due to the plane falling on her head. This one makes little sense, especially because Owen and Izzy's characters revolved around each other less than the other two couples revolved around each other. Even worse, Owen and Izzy haven't interacted at all post-breakup, and the effects of the plane injury were undone shortly after they happened.
    • Finally, after all this, apparently, Geoff and Bridgette are perfectly fine to stay together, despite probably being even more clingy than the others.
  • The writers don't seem to care who wins; it's impossible to have a true winner since different finalists win in different countries. Although a large portion of the fanbase seems to follow the rule that whoever wins in Canada is the official winner (since the show is produced in Canada) the fact that Multiple Endings even exist cheapens the entire experience. Not to mention that Owen, Gwen, Beth, Heather and Alejandro never get to keep the prize money in their respective endings, and when Duncan, Cameron and Lightning win it's NEVER even mentioned again. What's the point of having all that build-up toward a grand season finale if nobody gets to keep the prize money, or if past winners are never again acknowledged for their accomplishment? Even if the writers want to save viewers who hadn't watched previous seasons from spoilers, it still makes the season finales feel incredibly cheap and glossed over.
    • The worst case is that Teletoon doesn't give a fart that a male keeps winning the season over the female at least until Sky's winning in Canada.

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