Wall Bangers: Tom and Jerry

  • The infamous episode "Tot Watchers". The Dumb Blonde who was supposed to be babysitting Tom's owner's baby instead spends all night talking on the phone, completely unaware of the trouble Tom and Jerry are going through to keep the infant from suffering a very messy, very early end. For all their trouble, what do they get? Arrested, when the babysitter finally decides to be a babysitter and immediately assumes the cat and mouse kidnapped the child. The fact there is absolutely no tangible comeuppance for her drives many older fans up the wall.
    • Thankfully, it's implied that the Tom and Jerry were let off after they and one of the cop see the baby crawling by. Not that it helps much, though.
  • There's the movie with the huge race around the world. Tom and Jerry both win, gang up on the jerkass executive, and get to share the mansion and the money. Then Tom's owner shows up, takes it all for herself, and demand that Tom gets rid of Jerry. What does Tom do? Finally show some backbone and toss his owner out to enjoy the mansion with his new pal Jerry? Nope, he goes after Jerry again, causing the whole mansion to be destroyed, effectively making the whole damn movie pointless.
    • Granted, Tom, Jerry and Spike did destroy her house. However, it's still unfair that she takes the house without getting it, fair and square.
      • To be fair, he is a cat. She's his owner. That implies she owns anything he "owns".