Wall Bangers: The Fairly OddParents

"All those stupid moments! Clearly this was the work of... FAIRY GODPARENTS!!"
  • The demented It's a Wonderful Plot subversion episode, "It's A Wishful Life." Many fans were turned off by this cruel subversion done by Jorgen Von Strangle to Timmy. Basically, Timmy does some good deeds for the various people in his life - painting scenery for one of Mr. Bickle's stage plays, giving A.J. a new high tech computer, tidying up the lawn for his parents, and cleaning Cosmo's and Wanda's fish bowl. Instead of thanking him, however, every person complains that it is not good enough and criticize the job he's done (Mr. Bickle claims that the scenery is wrong, AJ criticizes the now-obsoletenote  computer, his parents are upset because for some reason they wanted to win the Dimmsdale's Worst Garden contest, and Cosmo is unhappy because the bowl isn't very clean). Furious with the lack of gratitude he's received, Timmy snaps, and wishes he were never born. When the wish is granted, however, Jorgen appears and tells Timmy unless he can find someone who's life is worse off without him, the boy will have to go to "a place where all kids who wished they were never born" go. He then shows Timmy that everyone is better off without him - his parents live in a mansion thanks to the money earned by their daughter Sophia Turner (a very talented actress, director and writer), Francis joined the football team and became a star who isn't mean to anybody and actually helps weaker kids instead of bullying them because he never had a bullying target, Mr. Crocker is not obsessed with fairies, has a full head of hair and a muscular body, and teaches at Harvard's Dimmsdale Branch because Timmy wasn't there to ruin his childhood, A.J. has a full head of hair, and is now in College, Chester now lives in a triple wide trailer and has Cosmo and Wanda as his fairy godparents (and uses their magic for many selfless acts, unlike Timmy), Cosmo and Wanda themselves are happy with Chester (because he's unselfish and doesn't wear a pink hat), and Vicky has a job supplying laughing gas to Dr. Bender's patients. Timmy tricks Jorgen into falling into a pit and grabs his wand, however upon reflection, he decides that everyone is better off without him, and offers to voluntarily go to the place Jorgen describes. It is then that Jorgen reveals this has all been a test, or rather a lesson, to teach Timmy that good deeds are not done for praise, but because it's the right thing to do. Jorgen then returns Timmy to the correct timeline with Timmy taking Cosmo and Wanda's fishbowl to clean it up. Cosmo and Wanda notes that his attitude seems to have changed for the better. In case you haven't realized what's so awful about the episode yet, let's take it apart piece by piece:
    1. Everyone whom Timmy helps is a complete and utter Ungrateful Bastard to him, rejecting his good deeds. The moral at the end - "don't do good deeds to be appreciated, do them because they're the right thing to do" - is supposed to be a good moral, but it isn't. Being appreciated means that people are grateful that you put time and effort into doing nice things for them. It wasn't just that Timmy didn't get a single "thank you" from anyone, they all complained about what he HAD done without even considering that he'd done them voluntarily despite the amount of time and effort it would cost him - after all, scenery takes more than 5 minutes to paint, as does tidying up the garden (who in their right mind would be proud of having a terrible garden, anyway?!), and computers, even relatively obsolete ones, aren't cheap. In fact, the only one who has reason to complain is Cosmo, and he could have been politer about it!
    2. In the "Timmy doesn't exist" world, his parents are wealthy thanks to their super successful daughter, implying that if Timmy had been a girl he'd be just as smart and successful. Seriously?! Since when did your gender define how smart or successful you were?! If Timmy's parents HAD had a daughter, there should be no guarantee whether she'd be better than him! However, whether or not Sophia is interpreted as an alternate, gender-swapped doppleganger of Timmy or a different person entirely, it is nonetheless very easy to interpret some very unfortunate and sexist implications.
    3. Apparently, Francis ONLY picks on Timmy and none of the other kids, despite several other episodes showing he has several victims. And just HOW is it Timmy's fault if Francis decides picking on kids is better than joining the football team?!
    4. The Secret Origin of Denzel Crocker makes it quite clear that Crocker's childhood was ruined because of COSMO (he turned a bunch of microphones on while Timmy was explaining to Crocker that he would lose his fairy godparents that day, causing the words to be broadcast to all of Dimmsdale), yet Timmy is still held responsible for what happened. Apparently, the fact that Timmy was trying to make Crocker's life better (and prevent him from becoming a threat to Fairy World) means nothing to Jorgen.
      • The fact remains that if Timmy hadn't travelled back in time, Crocker wouldn't have lost his fairies. His intentions essentially DON'T matter - Jorgen's showing him what would have happened if he hadn't been born, regardless of what he might try to do for people.
    5. HOW is it Timmy's fault AJ is bald?! And he can't be blamed for AJ not being in college - the kid must have had several chances to skip a few grades, it's not Timmy's fault if he refused!
      • Hair loss is often attributed with stress in real life, so it is very easy to assume that the implications of the scenario are that Timmy was causing his friend enough stress for him to lose his hair. Though Timmy has been portrayed as a rather selfish friend to AJ and the others on several occasions, it'd still be extremely unfair (and an extreme exaggeration) to blame AJ's hair loss on Timmy and Timmy alone.
      • What makes this a true wallbanger is that Timmy himself points out AJ having hair has nothing to do with him. Essentially, the episode knows that it makes no sense, but goes with it anyway.
    6. Apparently, Chester is a better godchild than Timmy because he makes unselfish wishes. Oh yes, because Timmy never wished for Chester to be good at baseball, or for his mother to have a lovely garden. Yes, Timmy isn't an angel, and yes, he has his selfish moments, but he's not a heartless Jerk Ass! And Cosmo and Wanda may have a few problems with Timmy's attitude and actions at times, but they've NEVER criticized his hat!
    7. Vicky is a BABYSITTER. As in, SOMEONE WHO GETS HIRED TO LOOK AFTER CHILDREN. Are we seriously supposed to believe Timmy is her ONLY client?! And just how the HECK did he inspire her to become a babysitter, when she's 6 fricking years older than him?!
    8. Timmy never considered asking to see what Tootie and/or Mark Chang's lifes is like without him.
    9. It also comes across as Harsher in Hindsight when you remember that Jorgen temporarily took Cosmo and Wanda away (and later gave Timmy a disgusting boil) because Timmy was ungrateful in "A Wish Too Far". What, is everyone allowed to be jerk but Timmy?
  • In "Nectar of the Odds," when Timmy opens a lemonade stand in order to get money for ice show tickets, the first batch he makes by himself isn't very good. How is this demonstrated? By Timmy's Mom showing support as his first customer... only to spit out the lemonade, snatch the quarter she paid, and used it to buy Vicky's lemonade next door. She even says to Vicky that her own son's lemonade tastes like bile. Yeah, Mrs. Turner is not going to win any Mother of the Year awards for that...
  • In the Reality Television parody episode of The Fairly OddParents, Timmy is allowed to say that he just considers Cosmo and Wanda tools to grant his wishes as a one-line throwaway gag, with no comeuppance... when in the entire rest of the series, his considering them his friends is considered important. Entire episodes, and even an entire movie, have revolved around the consequences of his forgetting this and treating them as tools.
  • When thinking of this episode and "Fairly Odd Baby," it should be pointed out that in one scene of this episode, it shows a fairy family... with fairy children. In FOB, it says Cosmo is the youngest fairy, up until Poof's birth. True, Cosmo's a Man Child, but he was clearly older than those fairy children! Not even them being fairies is a viable excuse...
  • The Laser-Guided Amnesia at the end of the Wishology, which hits the Reset Button on a good deal of Character Development for the secondary characters.
    • Can't they just make everyone else forget about Timmy's fairies and just let Timmy, Cosmo, Wanda, Poof and Jorgen remember? That's what they did in Phineas and Ferb The Movie: Across the 2nd Dimension.
    • Also in the Wishology, whenever Timmy drives a motorcycle, he falls off and the motorcycle zooms ahead; but he's able to ride the Time Scooter and his cheap bike just fine in earlier episodes. In part two, almost everyone who is smart enough to make rockets is also dumb enough to send them up without being inside.
    • When Timmy's parents were acting like Timmy was selfish for not wishing them up things, Cosmo and Wanda don't call them out on the fact that they've been neglecting him, even forgetting to take him on a family vacation earlier in the special. That is selfish of Cosmo and Wanda; sure, bad parents are job security for fairy godparents, but it's still a bad thing.
    • Also the fact that Jorgen was able to erase Trixie's memory even though the rules state that magic can't interfere with true love. You know, the rule that has given Timmy the most trouble since the series began? Figures that it wouldn't be there the one time it could've helped Timmy.
  • "Manic Mom Day" has Wanda switch Timmy's brain with his Mom's as a way to show him a mom's life is not easy. This would be more acceptable if the "Mom" was not Mrs. Turner, a woman who has openly spent her son's college fund on herself, who occasionally forgets to make him dinner, and who generally neglects him.
    • It goes From Bad to Worse when you consider that Mom-as-Timmy had a great day overall, while Timmy-as-Mom pretty much screwed everything he did up.
  • In Seasons 6 and 7, Tootie was changed from a sympathetic character who suffered the same plight as Timmy to yet another annoyance/enemy that he has to face every day.
  • Mr. Crocker was unable to recognize Cosmo, Wanda, and Poof as real fairies in the episode "Take & Fake." Let's repeat that: Mr. Crocker was unable to tell that FAIRY GODPARENTS!!! were floating right in front of him. Sure, they're at a costume party...but that's no excuse, considering that Crocker, of all people, should be able to recognize a fairy right away.
    • Furthermore, he doesn't recognize Poof even though the episode takes place after "Bad Heir Day." Earth to Denzel, you know Denzel Jr. AKA DJ, aka Poof? That fairy whom you raised briefly as your own son and formed a loving bond with? He's! Floating! RIGHT! IN! FRONT! OF! YOU!
  • In "Playdate of Doom", Foop escapes from Abracatraz and tricks Cosmo and Wanda into thinking that Jorgen authorized his release and that he's reformed and ready for a play-date with Poof. He then spends the episode tricking them into thinking Poof is misbehaving so they'll put Poof in a playpen that will send him to a pocket dimension. That Cosmo and Wanda would trust Foop, who had previously tried to destroy two worlds and kill Poof, anywhere near their son based on the (nonexistent) word of Jorgen destroys their credibility as parents. They never once suspect that Foop might be behind everything. Timmy finds out quickly and tries to warn them. Newsflash, Wanda, you're suppose to be the Only Sane Being of this show, not Timmy!
  • Crocker gets another one of these in the episode "Teacher's Pet". The episode itself was bad enough (seriously, what's with the mix-n-match critters instead of, ya know, an episode about being Crocker's pet?); but the BIGGEST Wall Banger is in the beginning when Crocker praises AJ for being a good student and then berates Timmy for being a poor student. This is Mr. Crocker we're talking about, right!? The SAME Mr. Crocker who used to love making kids miserable and handed out "F"s with absolute sadistic glee?! What happened to ya, man?
    • Actually, even back in earlier episodes (for example, season 2's "Smarty Pants"), Crocker was more than willing to acknowledge A.J. as a good student and give him A's. Also in "Smarty Pants," Crocker willingly gave Timmy an A (one of A.J.'s A's, in fact) after Timmy wished he was a super-genius. So, in a way, Crocker was still making kids miserable even back then...by making the smartest kid his favorite, and having that fact rubbed in all the other kids' faces. So basically, Crocker has been affected by Flanderization just as much as the rest of the cast; not only has his status as absolutely pitiful gone up, but so has his sadistic streak.
  • In Season 2 Episode 6, when Timmy wishes for Chester to be great at baseball, Chester is shown winning game after game with this newfound ability. In the earlier episodes, it was explicitly stated many times that you can't use wishes to win in competitions. It seems as though the writers forgot this...
    • Its more like the rules only apply to Timmy, which is still B.S.
  • "Odd Couple" has this one thing that rubs me the wrong way. After Cosmo blows up Timmy's room with a torpedo, Mrs. Turner goes upstairs and confronts her son about it when Mr. Turner shows up to give her a bouquet of flowers. This makes Mrs. Turner, in her own words, "completely forget her rage against Timmy". Make of that what you will...
  • "Just the Two of Us!" has Trixie at her absolute worst, showing that she needs constant praise to stay sane and has her stalk Timmy to the point of using weapons against him. Besides the obvious Character Derailment, this raises a question: why does Timmy still want to be with Trixie after seeing her at her worst?
  • "Spellementary School" aka "We hate Foop and we want you to know it". Poof is loved by everyone and ridiculous levels of Sue/Stuism, the running gag is - literally - "Foop, spelled backwards" in order to crush every possibility for Foop to feel better, inflicting Status Quo at the end for no good reason other than not having to write a better plot, and at the end, he gets beat up by Cosmo with a shovel.
  • The episode "Twistory" has a huge Wall Banger going against it. Long story short, the episode revolves around Timmy bringing the founding fathers (Well, only ones children would easily recognize like George Washington) to modern times to interview them for history class. This causes history to change (Even though historical events are far more complicated than that) so that the US remained a British colony. The wall banger? In the alternate history, nearly everyone speaks in a stereotypical Cockney accent, has terrible hygiene, and has not progressed socially, technologically, or whatnot past the 1700s. The episode is so full of Unfortunate Implications that it's little wonder it rarely (if at all) gets shown during reruns of the series.
  • "Merry Wishmas" supposedly has a moral about "Instead of getting upset about what you don't get, be thankful for what you already have." However, this is thrown out the window from the very beginning. This isn't only about Timmy and the other kids not getting anything they asked for on their Christmas list—Timmy not only didn't get a single toy, regardless of if it was on his list or not, but Timmy's parents had given him snow shovels, ice salt, and other gifts clearly intended for them to be able to use him as their personal indentured servant while they lived it up on Christmas. Timmy's parents even laughed about this and rubbed it in his face when they kicked him out into the snow to shovel while they sat inside and drank eggnog! Timmy should be justifiably angry over being expected to be his parents' servant for Christmas, and it has nothing to do with his being ungrateful!
    • Santa also deserved to be put out of business as shown in the "Not On The List" music the presents he gives to the children weren't only things they don't want, but to purely mock them. Chester got a trash can that's like rubbing it to his face on how poor he is, or giving jerky to a girl with no front teeth.
    • The main problem with "Not on the List" is that the majority of the kids didn't get what they wanted because...well, just because. For example, one little girl simply wanted a dress, but instead got a G.I. Joe Expy. On the other hand, there were other kids (and Timmy's Dad) who immediately looked unsympathetic and greedy due to Wangst. So, in short, a good chunk of the people of Dimmsdale do seem particularly greedy...but at the same time, Santa is unlikable for giving most of the kids items they didn't want, completely ignoring their requests in the process.
  • Any time an event occurs that everyone in Dimmsdale takes part in, but for whatever reason, Timmy isn't allowed to. Extra points for the fact that each of these plots could have been avoided if Timmy had simply been allowed to participate in the first place. Examples include:
    • "Odd Pirates," in which Timmy's parents go to see a Dimmsdale Pirates baseball game and leave Timmy with Vicky, who proceeds to bury him alive and then leave to see the game herself, planning to dig Timmy back up when the game's over
    • "Fly Boy," in which everyone is hyped to see the 3D horror film "I was a Teenage Fly-Boy"; however, Timmy's not allowed to watch it because the film has been rated "Far Too Terrifying For Timmy Turner." The Fridge Logic really kicks in when we see Chester and AJ, Timmy's best friends who are the same age as Timmy, getting to watch/listen to the movie with no problem, and the fact that Timmy's Dad, a full-grown man, ends up being terrified by it. Sure, Timmy gets to watch the ending, but it's still pretty clear that he wasn't scared at all, and there was no reason to keep him from watching the movie.
    • "Take And Fake," AKA the episode about the costume party. Everybody in town is invited to Trixie's costume party except Timmy, who's forced to sneak in using Mark's Fake-i-fier. After Timmy is found out and pelted with food by the other guests, it is revealed in the end that the invitation supposedly sent to Cosmo, Wanda, and Poof was actually for Timmy, but this is ruined when the Trixie who reveals this fact is actually Tootie in a costume. Immediately afterwards, the real Trixie catapults Timmy out of the party. So we never really find out if Trixie really did send Timmy an invitation
  • Fairly OddPet has a couple:
    • Sparky takes the last parachute to test it, leaving Timmy to die in a plane crash. He lands in a pool and comes out alive but still...
    • The dam wanting to burst for no given reason whatsoever.
    • Some feel that Sparky himself is one, given that out of the blue, Timmy wants a new pet. Some feel it as a Jumping the Shark moment.
      • The same happened in Fairly OddBaby. Cosmo and Wanda suddenly wanted a child, despite the subject never coming up in ANY episode prior.
    • After all, we all remembered the LAST time Timmy had a pet... or should we say pets (in "That's Life!").
      • Speaking of which, Eddie, the antagonist in said episode (as well as Timmy's undead pet gerbil), never appears again. What about him? Where is he? Why do the writers not acknowledge his existence anymore??
  • "Turner and Pooch" was...a not-so-good episode, but one line sticks out. Throughout the episode, Cosmo and Wanda's magic has been making items in Timmy's house come to life, and at one point a pair of underwear is seen chasing a spatula. Cosmo makes a comment that spatulas don't wear underwear..."except in Europe, where everything's weird." Damn, FOP writers, what do you have against Europe?
  • The downside to Timmy's wish in "Just Desserts" rubs me the wrong way. Timmy wishes for nothing but desserts for peoples' 3 squares a day, and after a month, they become overweight and tired, complete with a Balloon Belly, or in Cosmo's case, realistically obese with rolls of fat. During a snack break on more desserts at school, everybody gains too much weight, resulting in the Earth hurtling towards the Sun??? Uh... no. Even from a Rule of Funny standpoint, this doesn't make any sense! A more accurate downside, or at least in my opinion, would have had Dimmsdale sink into the sea.
    • Not only that, but the writers waste the one time Cosmo was the Only Sane Man by having him jump on the wagon and get seriously obese as mentioned when he could've been the one to save the day. Way to waste a chance at giving The Ditz some Character Development.
  • "Chindred Spirits" is about the Crimson Chin becoming lonely and longing for a girlfriend, causing the action to seriously decrease in his comic. Timmy, annoyed by the decrease of action, calls the Chin's attempts at finding a girlfriend "pathetic." This is coming from the boy who's more than willing to create elaborate displays in order to impress the girl he has a crush on.
  • In "Beach Blanket Bozos," Timmy wishes for his parents to be the best surfers ever during a vacation to Hawaii; however, this gets them locked into an unending surfing competition. The only thing that can cancel the wish is something that Timmy's parents care about more than surfing. This "something" turns out to be Timmy himself. That would make for a heartwarming moment...except for the fact that at the beginning of the episode, Timmy's parents shipped him in a dog crate so they would have room for their surfboards on the plane. And worst of all, it's Wanda of all people who tries to rationalize this behavior. Way to ruin that heartwarming moment with a Broken Aesop, writers.
  • In Vicky Gets Fired, Timmy's parents enter a reality contest where they film their lives, and before leaving for the cinema, they warn Timmy not to mess with the tape they were using. When Cosmo, Wanda and Poof transport them back home, they watch the tape (which depicts Vicky torturing Timmy), but they ignore the obvious evidence until they learn that Vicky taped over their video, which causes them to fire Vicky. Anyone see what's wrong with that last sentence? That's right - Mr and Mrs Turner are more concerned about their stupid tape being erased than the fact that, oh, y'know, their son's life was in danger! They even admit that they consider the tape the most important thing in their lives, as opposed to their only child!
    • Not to mention that this also contradicts to the episode Beach Blanket Bozos and even Channel Chasers.
  • The episode where Poof learns to talk is okay, but, besides that Poof learned how to talk in the movie, there is one thing about it that makes no sense. Near the end, Poof finally manages to say "I. Want. My. RATTLE!" He says this in his normal baby voice. A short time later, he's suddenly talking as if he always could, his voice sounds like that of an older child, and he's gone from silly and sweet to being a little brat. Seriously, FOP writers?!?
    • It's nice to hear Poof speak English and all and NOT sounding like Randy Jackson, but a voice that sounds like Bart Simpson after puberty (the funny thing is that he had "poof-erty") doesn't really suit him that much, either. Honestly, Poof would have a more appropriate-sounding voice if Tara Strong used a voice similar to that of Twilight Sparkle.
    • Another major flaw with this episode is that Mr. Crocker was getting way too much pleasure out of making fun of Poof...or should I say "D.J."...when he could only speak gibberish.
  • The Broken Aesop of the episodes because of the premise of the show. The reason Timmy has Cosmo and Wanda to begin with? Because with neglectful abusive parents and Vicky as the evil babysitter, Timmy would be seriously depressed; Cosmo and Wanda are magic fairies meant to make up for that, right? Then why is it that every wish that Timmy makes to improve his situation always has to backfire? The Aesop would seem to be 'You can't rely on magic to solve your problems.', only it goes against the very purpose of fairy godparents.
  • Ever since Sparky got introduced, Cosmo and Wanda have been either losing their wands repeatedly,or there are things that conveniently cause them to lose their magic to the point where it's becoming an overused Running Gag. There's practically only one wish in an episode and then it's all "Oh hey! Let's make their wands fall in a river or something!"
  • "Fairly Old Parent". In this episode, the fairy council has decided that Poof's magic is strong enough to for him to have his own godperson. The wallbanger? The person in question is Ms Crocker, Denzel's Crocker's mom. Now, I haven't watched this show in a good while, but I clearly remember that Fairy Godparents grant wishes only to children. MS CROCKER IS NOT A CHILD!!! And that's not going into the way she runs Poof ragged, forcing him to grant wishes nonstop. In other words, not only is the show breaking its own rules, but it is showcasing what is essentially blatant child abuse, you know, on a kid show. If ever there was a sign that this show has gone on for too long, this would be it.
  • Chloe. Just Chloe. After the disaster that was Sparky, why are they introducing yet another new, pointless character into the show? Sure, the show's Negative Continuity prevents Character Development for new situations, so that isn't an option (which may or may not be Nick's fault) but Chloe is just pointless. If they wanted Timmy to share his fairies with someone, why not Chester? Or AJ? You know, Timmy's best friends that haven't really gotten focus in years! There are tons of good, meaningful plots based on that premise! Far more than what basically amounts to a Denser and Wackier, female version of Timmy! (Who, in turn, has become Denser and Wackier as the seasons went on, by the way.)