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The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius
  • Jimmy Neutron has fought Chicken egg aliens, living pants, a midget mad scientist, lots of robots, he has built a robot dog, has a laboratory, breathes in space, fought more aliens, saved the world with a secret agent, stopped a renegade burger restaurant mascot, shrunk down to the size of a bacteria to extract mitochondria from them, went to the depths of ocean, and has done much more, but HE DOESN'T BELIEVE IN SANTA CLAUS?!?!
    • Also, he's a huge dick about it to Carl and others who believe in Santa; Cindy and Libby try to get some justified revenge on him....and Santa gives them coal for it in the end. And Jimmy saves Christmas from what he AS USUAL caused himself, so he gets rewarded and excused for his behavior earlier.
    • Weren't they trying to disprove Jimmy just to make him look bad rather than to help Carl?
      • Yes, but they were at the same time sorry for Carl, but were mostly in it to wreck Jimmy. Still incredibly unjustified though.
  • The episode where Jimmy builds a jet-pack fueled by gold. That's right—a jet-pack fueled by a valuable, non-renewable resource!
    • In Jimmy's defense, the movie shows him owning machines that can make pearls and diamonds. Chances are he's capable of somehow making gold.
    • The machines were also being used beyond their limits, it's possible that for the sake of the test the jet-packs don't actually consume the gold, but it's a standing question then why he never employs limiters on his devices.
  • The episode "Science Fair Affair" has Jimmy managing to win the Nobel Prize after his father enters his oil substitute machine to the judge. This oil machine detects garbage and converts it into oil substitute. Then some random kid shows off his bomb of an experiment that sprays mud on the judges; then the machine sucks them up. After the other kids save them, the Nobel Prize judge takes away the prize from Jimmy, saying "I can't believe you're not in jail!". Oh right, reject a potential solution to Earth's oil crisis because of a near death experience that WASN'T THE INVENTOR'S FAULT, and ignore the real trial-and-error process behind inventing and that Jimmy didn't make the large-scale version of the machine.
    • Hugh explicitly stated that he sent the blueprints to the Nobel Committee. That means they built it, and did so incorrectly.
    • Why didn't they just build a funnel to throw trash into instead of having an automated vacuum? That fact alone should have been a wallbanger, by both Jimmy (for designing a dirt-seeking vacuum) and the committee (they should have foreseen the problems with a Dirt Seeking Vacuum that throws things into shredders!).
    • One that kinda goes both ways: the prize at the end goes to Carl, Sheen, and Libby who helped stop the machine, but NOT to Cindy, who gave them clear instructions. Jimmy even tries to cheer her up by stating that good leadership is its own prize, only to have an ungrateful Cindy shove a sweater over his head. What a helpful scene.
  • Also on Jimmy Neutron, there was the episode "Sorry, Wrong Era" where Jimmy invented a device that could rewind a person's actions. Not only is it explicitly stated to do specifically that, it's even mentioned that because it only does that, it doesn't affect the time-space continuum. Minutes later, it gets set to rewind the main characters by 200 million years. It does exactly what Jimmy claimed it didn't and sends the characters 200 million years into the past with no change whatsoever to them, complete with fears that they'll mess up the future.
    • According to his father, all he did was press 'two, zero, zero, and the big blue button'. Since the device only ever rewound at most 5 minutes or so every single time except for this, it's a wonder how it got accidentally set to such a massive time out of nowhere, unless the blue button functions as a secondary activation switch that multiplies the input by 1 million years. But even if we accept that, there's no explanation on how he is able to use the device the way he intends every single time afterwards.
    • What makes this episode even more of a Wallbanger is that, according to the show, the Cretaceous period was 200 million years ago, and leptictidia lived during the Cretaceous.
    • Isn't most, if not all, of the science on Jimmy Neutron made up anyway?
  • The episode "Send in the Clones" where Jimmy makes a bunch of clones of himself to do a bunch of chores while he goes to see an astronomical event that only happens every couple thousand years. At the end, he simply freezes them all so that he can "declone" them, except for the evil clone who got away.
    • What's funny is that the entire Blade Runner plot exists to point out how much of a Wall Banger this is — how clones are people, too, and how inhumane and cruel "de-cloning" (or, in that movie's words, "retiring") is.
    • When Evil Jimmy came back, he made an evil clone of Earth! When Jimmy is on Evil Earth, he runs to the clones of his parents for help. After all, "they may be evil, but they're still my parents, right?" Riiiight. Technically, they're his parents' offspring, his siblings, if anything. Oh, yeah, and they've never even seen him before. But they're still his parents!
    • If the writers are using "clone" to mean "copy" in those two episodes - this program is, in theory, about a kid who loves science. The sound contradicts the sense here.
  • The episode "Stranded", where the plot is set in motion over an argument between Jimmy and Cindy over whether or not the equator can be seen by the human eye. Students are taught, well before 5th grade, that the equator is a theoretical reference point, just like all other lines of latitude and longitude. And, despite being nearly as smart as Jimmy, Cindy seems to believe it's visible.
    • And after all that is over, Cindy says Australia is a continent, but Jimmy says otherwise. Everyone who's at least been through first grade knows that Australia is the only continent that's its own country. Sheesh, and here I thought Jimmy was the smart guy.
      • This troper interpreted these examples as Jimmy and Cindy just trying to find some excuse to argue with each other. Basically, arguing for Jimmy and Cindy is their version of Unresolved Sexual Tension.
      • Australia by itself is technically not a continent. The continent in question is Australasia (Australia, New Zealand, the island of New Guinea, and neighbouring islands in the Pacific Ocean).
      • Depending on where you live, geography is taught differently. This troper lives in Brazil, and here we learn (and all our studies and official pressings) that the continent is called Oceania, which consists of Australia, New Zeland and the small island countries. So, in our dub, Cindy is again wrong, and Jimmy was right again.
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