Wall Bangers: Super Mario Bros.

Even the Mario series has had some major screw-ups that can drive you insane.

  • Hotel Mario's plot was about...opening and closing doors in hotels. They might have actually made something good with this game, but they couldn't due to lack of time and money. Apparently, the previous project was scrapped for the same reason. Even when Phillips started work on the game, they were going to use Yoshi as a character, which might have lead to an at least mildly interesting game, but that was scrapped, too. The end result was a game that is considered the worst in the series' history. Nintendo, who didn't even want to license out the Mario brand in the first place, tries to block it out of its memory.
  • Super Mario 64 DS was a remake with plenty of added content that made it well worth playing... up until the end. In the original game, collecting all the Power Stars allows you to access a cannon outside the castle and use it to reach the castle roof, where you can find 3 1-ups, a Wing Cap block, and Yoshi, who gives you 100 extra lives and a new triple jump. In the remake, Yoshi is a playable character, so now there's nobody up there. What was added to make up for this? A mini-game rabbit if you happen to be Luigi. So there's actually less content rewarding players for beating the remake than there was for beating the original. Needless to say, this was disappointing.
  • New Super Mario Bros. 2: One of the goals of the game along with rescuing the princess, is to collect 1 million coins. Nintendo hyped up this goal in an interview after E3, saying that the reward is more than a little star by your save file and that it was actually important. What is your reward for collecting 1 million coins? A new title screen. Yay.
    • The Coin Rush mode is even more offensive, since it has a maximum score of just 30.000 coins which can actually be mathematically improved.