Wall Bangers: Stargate Universe

Wallbangers in this series:

  • They allowed the ship that they are on to be taken over by an enemy that they LET come through their Stargate.
    • They have no control over incoming dials. Blocking the gate would have resulted in the death of dr. Rush.
  • A coup attempt took place, and no one suffered any repercussions when it failed.
    • Any repercussions would have solidified the whole "military junta" image, and would have led to all out civil war.
  • Scientists who should know better decide to leave the safety and security of their ship to stay on a planet IN ANOTHER GALAXY because they think, without evidence or proof, that doing so MIGHT provide them with a way home.
    • The planet had a weird effect on the people.
  • They don't search the Ancients' database in Atlantis for a way to repair the ship, nor use the communication stones to get specialists who could do that work for the ship they are stranded on. Instead, the communication stones are used for a series of largely meaningless contacts with family members and friends on Earth. Priorities, people...
    • Because seeing people look at a computer screen is a great way to fill an episode. Whenever the communication stones are used for personal reasons, only two are used. That means three more are available for specialists, consulting with earth administration and beating up people who slept with your wife.
  • Going to the Destiny at all, instead of to Earth and then waiting for another planet to try again.
    • ...that was kind of explained in the first episode.
    • For that matter, all of these were explained or obvious.
  • Scott was quite horrified by Young torturing Telford and nearly killing him when it was suspected he was working for the Lucian Alliance. While Young did have reasons for doing so (it being the only known method for ousting Lucian Alliance mind control), he tells Scott he doesn't have time to explain and continues... Right, saying, "We suspect he's mind controlled by our enemies and the only known cure is a near death experience/torture." takes SUCH a long time to say to an otherwise devoted soldier that is rightfully questioning your heinous actions.