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SpongeBob SquarePants
GARY!!!!!! You put Fluffy down right now! BAD BOY, GARY. BAD. BAD.
The moment when people bleed because they keep banging their heads to the wall

Don't feel bad, Gary. We feel the same waynote .

Being a show that depends on quite a few random jokes and such, SpongeBob was bound to create a few of these in its long run.

  • SpongeBob SquarePants, while a kids' show, is NOT meant to educate. Its primary aim is to be funny first, any "negative moral" may be perceived as a joke. For when it is trying to insert a positive moral, you may add it here if you feel it was delivered badly.
  • Water Is Air, except when it actually is water.
  • Any scene that you felt was disgusting should go here, not here.
  • Random anatomy is another thing that happens often in this show, so don't look too much into it.
  • You can use ALLCAPS, bold and italics on this page unlike the Dethroning Moment of Suck pages, just don't abuse them.
  • If an entry has been removed on SpongeBob's special Dethroning Moment of Suck page, feel free to post it here. Just re-word it and remove any natter.

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     The Show & Characters In General 
  • Plankton and Squidward are probably the most realistic characters, and they both are miserable. Plankton has degenerated to childlike intelligence as the series goes on; his "wife"/computer Karen takes more of the smarts. A recent episode has him forgetting how to blink. Twice. One wonders how Plankton could program and create a computer smarter than himself if he's that stupid.
    • He was kind of stupid at the beginning of the series — the first episode featuring him accurately summarized his makeup as "1% evil, 99% hot gas" — but his original joke was that despite his presentation of intelligence (including constant protests that he went to college), he'd fail due to making truly idiotic mistakes, such as being tricked into trying to eat the Krabby Patty he was going to determine the composition of (once again, in the first episode featuring him), adding a coin-operated self-destruct to his robotic disguise, or trying to escape through a movie screen backed by solid concrete. However, they've given up on making him even seem intelligent at first glance, and his plans more often fail just because the universe hates him.
  • SpongeBob and Patrick are often well meaning, but there are times in the show where whenever they're the ones causing the trouble, they are way too oblivious to the problems they've caused. (esp. whenever they're both with Squidward, and when SpongeBob is with Mrs. Puff). It doesn't help that their actions towards Squidward and Mrs. Puff are treated in the right, even when those two do nothing to deserve it.
  • Any time a character is ticketed for littering.
    • "Keep Bikini Bottom Beautiful" is basically built on this, with SpongeBob and Squilliam each getting one and Squidward getting eight (nearly nine), including one for putting trash in someone else's trashcan. Oh, and some of the trash wasn't even his!
      • And to add a bit more insult to injury, it was paired with "A Pal For Gary".
      • A officer said he joined the force for that in "Driven to tears".
    • The police seem to get worse and worse, as several episodes mock a character for alerting them in the first place. In "Driven to Tears," SpongeBob alerted a police officer about Patrick's speeding, only for the cop to tell him to get Patrick driving again, or else SpongeBob would go to jail for being a tattletale.
      • This example in particular gets even more uncomfortable when you remember how SpongeBob became the target of a certain strangler the last time he was a "tattletale." And the cops didn't help much then, either.
    • Again in "Sentimental Sponge", where a cop scoffs at Squidward and calls him a "snitch", simply because he called the Sanitation Police about SpongeBob's vast amount of garbage.
    • What about the fact that in "Party Pooper Pants", they arrested SpongeBob for not inviting them to his party? I mean, this should be surprising considering this was before the whole 'Litter' incidents begun.
  • Mr. Krabs' overexposure; nearly every episode nowadays focuses on him, his greed, or the dang Krabby Patty. New episode? He's in it. New half hour special? It's about the Krusty Krab. Hell, he's become so much of a focal point it might surprise people that his name isn't in the title with SpongeBob being his Yes-Man and spineless servant, when before he would call him out when he went too far. Nowadays the yellow twit would steal money for him if he told him to do it. And the fact that it's always the same thing each and every episode. You can pick five "new" (as in after the movie) episodes and odds are Krabs is either in the episode or is the main character in four of them. With his Jerkass tendencies and Bad Boss methods being taken Up to Eleven no wonder he's The Scrappy to some. Can we ignore Eugene and go back to other characters like Larry, please?
  • One thing that's always bugged this troper is the insistence that everyone on the show has to like Krabby Patties; no exceptions. And surprisingly, Flanderization is not the main problem; this theme was present even in the show's earlier years. The main example is the infamous episode "Just One Bite," where the whole first part is SpongeBob badgering Squidward into trying a Krabby Patty after learning the octopus has never tried one before; SpongeBob refuses to stop until Squidward finally gives in. When you think about this particular scene long enough, it begins to look suspiciously like a person being forced to do something out of peer pressure, and not being allowed to have his own opinion. Of course, in the later seasons, things went From Bad to Worse. In "Plankton's Regular," SpongeBob and Mr. Krabs basically try to use the same "peer pressure" tactics on Nat in order to get him on "their side"; Nat is able to resist it much better than Squidward. Even though Nat was just pretending to like Plankton's chum, it just felt like he wasn't interested in eating Krabby Patties either, and that he really wasn't much of a threat, despite what Mr. Krabs thought. And then there's "The Good Krabby Name," which revolves around SpongeBob and Patrick advertising the Krusty Krab, all because Krabs has deduced that a whole two percent of the Bikini Bottom townspeople has never been to his restaurant. This behavior from Krabs, combined with how the townspeople who do like Krabby Patties sometimes act like complete savages in order to get to them, it almost feels like Krabby Patties are the only type of edible substance in Bikini Bottom. Sure, Krabby Patties are the Trademark Favorite Food of most of the main cast, but that doesn't mean the whole show has to revolve around it!

     Seasons 1- 3 
  • "SB-129". Squidward accidentally gets stuck in the Krusty Krab freezer for 2000 years. If he was stuck there for that long, then how come nobody needed to go to the freezer for that long?
  • "Squirrel Jokes". The entire episode was funny but what annoyed me was when the crowd was booing at SpongeBob because his joke was bad, Patrick was joining them! Patrick's been friends with SpongeBob for years, and why would he stoop that low? I can understand if he didn't like the joke but that was just mean spirited of him to do that to his best friend.
  • "I'm With Stupid". Basically, Patrick's parents are coming to visit, and he's very upset because they believe he's extremely stupid (which isn't far from the truth). SpongeBob decides to help by Playing Dumb to make Patrick seem bright by comparison. After SpongeBob meets Patrick's parents, however, Patrick, who's supposed to be SpongeBob's friend, starts to believe that SpongeBob is really dumb, forgetting that SpongeBob is only pretending. Patrick then starts making personal insults, and when SpongeBob tries to remind him that they're only pretending, he denies it. Then SpongeBob confesses to Patrick's parents that he isn't really a dummy, and that he was only playing the part of one so that they would appreciate Patrick more. Cue Crowning Moment of Heartwarming, right? WRONG! Patrick's parents think that Patrick "taught" SpongeBob on how to talk, eat, and do the basic things in life, sending the sponge away in a huffing rage. We then find out that those starfish aren't even Patrick's parents! So Patrick treats his best friend like garbage all day, then when he discovers the truth, he not only fails to apologize, he becomes a Karma Houdini!
  • Several instances of implied Domestic Abuse in "The Bully".
    • SpongeBob encounters with bully Flats' father, who it turns out is being victimized by him as well. Kid-on-parent bullying not cool.
    • When a crowd of people see SpongeBob yelling "He's gonna kick my butt!", they think he's talking about an innocent old man. So they gang up and prepare to beat the living shit out of the old guy. Did I mention this happened twice.
    • Mrs. Puff about to kick SpongeBob's butt at the end.
  • "Krab Borg". The middle part of the episode features SpongeBob and Squidward tormenting Mr. Krabs by slapping him, questioning him, and worst of all, breaking his expensive appliances for no EXCUSABLE reason. And at the end, SpongeBob runs away scot-free while Squidward takes all the blame. Even if Mr. Krabs is greedy, he didn't deserve all that.
  • As a kid, I was bothered by "Club SpongeBob". Particularly the magic conch shell denying Squidward to eat any food. Even though he didn't have any faith in that conch shell at first, that's no excuse to let him starve to death!
  • The citizens of Bikini Bottom have always been jerks. Here's a rather infuriating example from "The Sponge Who Could Fly". As SpongeBob walks down the streets, numerous strangers begin making fun of him because of his dream to fly. Then when SpongeBob tries to call them out, they talk about their dreams and ask SpongeBob why he thinks he's so special. Not only do they get mad out of nowhere, but they form an angry mob and chase SpongeBob off a cliff, one of them even quoting "Good riddance, dreamer!". Yeah, one second they make fun of SpongeBob, the next they become massive hypocrites and try to kill him! And this was before the movie!
    • Oh it gets worse later in the episode. Once SpongeBob is able to fly (by sticking a hairdryer in his pants to inflate it) he goes around helping people in trouble, but Mr. Krabs then asks SpongeBob to clean out his garage for him, arguing that the task is made easier when you can fly. Soon everyone tries to get SpongeBob to use his flight on mundane tasks (Mrs. Puff wants him to balance her checkbook, a task that flight offers no real benefit towards). When he attempts to ditch the crowd, one of them shouts out that Sponge "owes them favors." What favors?!? He shouldn't owe them anything! In fact, the townsfolk should be owing him an apology for first ridiculing the poor guy and then chasing him out of town!
  • "Party Pooper Pants" starts off with SpongeBob shopping at the Barg 'N Mart and finding a party kit. He invites guests to his party. Of course, that includes people that wasn't his friends like Larry, Plankton and other background characters. And why did Squidward go to SpongeBob's Party? Didn't Squidward hate him so much? Things got worse when SpongeBob got locked outside while picking up the newspapers. SpongeBob used the public phone to tell his guests to open the door for him. Patrick then answered the call and hands it to the ice sculpture! SpongeBob also attempted to dig to his house, but failed. And for no reason at all, he's now wearing a bunny suit... and somehow gets arrested for not inviting the police.
  • Spongebob's exceptionally cruel treatment of Gary in "The Great Snail Race" rivals that of "A Pal For Gary" by overtraining him just to defeat Squidward, even more jarring is the fact when Gary is exhausted, Spongebob keeps pushing him and the crowd even cheered when Gary is breaking down like a machine.
    • In defense of the episode, Spongebob eventually did realize that he went too far with overtraining Gary. Of course, it took until Gary's eye exploded, but at least he did notice it, unlike that OTHER episode.
  • It may seem minor compared to other similar instances of that happening post-movie, but Mrs. Puff getting arrested at the end of "Hall Monitor" is this. Okay, so Mrs. Puff allows Spongebob to take the Hall Monitor outfit home. So Spongebob lets that power go to his head, and he causes several car accidents, and breaks into someone's home. So then when the police finally catch up with him, Mrs. Puff comes out of nowhere and admits to some police officers that she gave him that uniform. She is then arrested. Yeah, she gets arrested (for 6 months I might add) for crimes that Spongebob did, because she gave him the uniform that led to Spongebob committing said crimes. I am not really a fan of that running gag of Mrs. Puff getting arrested (the only time it was done right was in "Doing Time") and this was the first time it appeared, and boy did it set a standard for the future occurrences.

     Season 4- 5 
  • "Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy: The Motion Picture". It was OK until the predictable Yank the Dog's Chain moment. Patrick left the lens cap on — but where did the lens cap come from?! It wasn't even shown in any other frame, and the camera was BARE...
  • "Enemy-In-Law," like the later episode "Karen 2.0," has Plankton throw out his wife when he finds someone more attractive. Throughout the entire episode, Plankton tries to woo Mr. Krabs' mother. This seems to be acceptable because Karen, Plankton's wife, is not only a computer, but can also be turned off. But even so, it still doesn't change the fact that Plankton is dating another woman, and even proposes to her while he's still married to Karen. At least Plankton had his comeuppance from both lovers.
  • "Born to be Wild". Some dangerous bikers are on their way to Bikini Bottom and SpongeBob tries to warn the town. When he warns Mr. Krabs, he thinks he can take advantage of them by decorating the Krusty Krab biker-themed, and making motorcycle-shaped Krabby Patties to make money from them. Are you kidding me!? These guys could murder him! And what made him think they would pay? They're criminals! They turned out to be friendly in the end, but still!
  • The short episode "Boat Smarts", which parodies driving lesson videos, has SpongeBob driving recklessly, causing damage to almost everyone and everything around him, while Squidward and Mrs. Puff drive carefully and only get into accidents due to SpongeBob's negligence. The episode ends with Squidward and Mrs. Puff badly beaten and their vehicles wrecked, prompting SpongeBob to reprimand them for their dangerous driving.
  • The episode "Bucket Sweet Bucket". It starts getting problematic with a completely incoherent scene in which Patrick says he also came prepared, despite no one else mentioning they came prepared — apparently, the lead-in was cut in editing, but this scene was left in for the gag of Patrick wearing a watermelon for a hat... despite its not being funny without the lead-in. Then, despite SpongeBob and Patrick willingly volunteering for the explicit purpose of painting the Chum Bucket because of Plankton's slightly misleading request, he has to further trick them into painting the entire Chum Bucket. You didn't see where they previously agreed to paint only part of it before the further trickery? That's because it wasn't in the episode, either. Then, apropos of nothing, rather than it just being a trick to get them to renovate the Chum Bucket to please his nagging (computer) wife, it's suddenly part of a previously unmentioned plot to steal the Krabby Patty Formula for no discernible reason except that the writer for the episode thought you couldn't have Plankton in an episode without his trying to do this.
  • The episode "The Krusty Sponge" was a MASSIVE Wall Banger. Mr. Krabs starts selling poisonous 'Spongy Patties' at the Krusty Krab (in which he converted to a SpongeBob-themed version) and ends up getting arrested. Right when you think Krabs is finally going to get a comeuppance for once, the judge at court sets him free, gets SQUIDWARD to pull him around on a train, AND KRABS GETS AWAY WITH IT.
    • The judge doesn't just let him free. When Krabs points out he has a SpongeBob gavel, he says he loves his work and tells him he can ride on said train. So, not only did Krabs get away scot-free with what he did, but he talked the judge out of sending him to jail! Isn't that a great lesson for the kids?
  • The massive idiot ball that is applied to everybody except Gary and SpongeBob in "Fungus Among Us". It starts off OK (if gross), but it starts to fail whenever Squidward gets the Ick disease. Neither he nor Mr. Krabs, nor the residents of Bikini Bottom notice the green crust that is ALL OVER THE FOOD. Then, when everybody gets the Ick, they attack SpongeBob's protective bubble despite his protests. They didn't think that this would lead to them getting even MORE of the Ick?
    • SpongeBob even lampshaded this during his protest, but did anyone listen? Noooope.
  • In the episode "Ghost Host" Flying Dutchman has lost his ability to scare people. We get a bunch of somewhat scary faces before the Flying Dutchman starts crying. And guess where he goes? That's right, Spongebob's house! So the Flying Dutchman tries to scare Spongebob with some slightly creepier imagery, but that doesn't work either. So, Spongebob decides that he'll help the Flying Dutchman get his scare back! And yeah, most of the episode revolves around Spongebob trying to help the Dutchman scare people again. Oh, and during this adventure, Squidward says that he doesn't believe in ghosts. Remember this. In the end, Spongebob's efforts inevitably prove fruitless, and the Flying Dutchman becomes an ugly looking freeloader. Now, this doesn't sound so bad, right? Not so fast, we have to deal with Spongebob's response to the Dutchman's pathetic state! Spongebob says that since Squidward doesn't believe in ghosts, the Flying Dutchman should scare him! And guess what? He does! Then the Flying Dutchman scares the living crap out of Squidward. The sequence ends with the Flying Dutchman doing the 'disappearing finger trick', which, due to the trauma the Dutchman has already inflicted on him, causes him to scream and rush out of his own house. Oh, and guess how it ends? Spongebob is happy that the Dutchman got his 'scare back', not caring one iota about Squidward!
  • "All That Glitters". What's the problem with this episode? Let me explain. A customer orders a "monster patty", something that hadn't been ordered in years. SpongeBob tries to flip the glob of meat that's placed in front of him. It causes his spatula to break, why did he try to use his spatula to flip that big a patty? He should've known better than that. Also, couldn't he have just taped it back together? Then, they spend at least a minute with an Overly Long Gag of SpongeBob crying about his broken spatula to everybody. Next, his spatula is sent to the hospital for recovery. What? Next, Mr. Krabs tells him to go home for the day. On the way home, SpongeBob comes across a new spatula that grabs his attention. "Le Spatula" as it's called. The seller won't even let him so much as touch it without first paying far more than anybody should ever pay for a spatula. After giving up everything he has, the seller becomes interested in his outfit. So, SpongeBob spends all of his money, all of his possessions, and the clothes off his back. For a spatula! It Got Worse. SpongeBob, now spending the rest of the episode naked, goes back to work with his new spatula. SpongeBob, after Le Spatula runs away, goes back to the hospital only to find that his old spatula refuses to come back and starts crying some more. SpongeBob slithers to the Krusty Krab only to find his spatula there flipping patties on its own! Again, What?
  • In "Rule of Dumb", Patrick is informed that he's apparently royalty, and turns into a colossal jackass. He starts acting like a tyrant, believing that since he's "king", he can do whatever he wants. So he goes around Bikini Bottom making everyones' lives hell. He steals food from one fish, and a comic book collection from another (said fish had been collecting those for his whole life), and eventually gets practically every citizen in Bikini Bottom lined up in front of his house, which is now a giant castle, waiting to give him their possessions. All the while, Patrick laughing viciously about how much he loves being king. Later, Squidward shows up and finds that Patrick had demolished his house so he could build a ferris wheel in its place. He gets justifiably pissed off, and announces that Patrick is too dumb to be a king. Patrick then orders Spongebob, his servant at the time, to attack Squidward. He doesn't, and then everyone leaves. While Patrick does realize what an ass he was at the end, it's never shown that he gave the things he took back to the citizens, and he also never receives any comeuppance for his actions.
  • "Spongehenge" is an episode that relies on breaking an entire sense of logic for it to even exists in the first place, long story short Bikini bottom suddenly becomes entirely windy. Spongebob's tube can suddenly makes music that attracts jellyfishes which continuously bothers with him to the point that Krabs and Patrick exiled him to the jellyfish fields instead of attempting to help him in any way. By the way even at this point the wind still blows heavily even after months and years have passed. Anyway Spongebob is so bothered by the jellyfishes that he decides to build entire monuments just to keep of the jellyfishes to the point that he singlehandedly changed the entire migration route for the jellies. But the biggest wallbanger is the ending, where Krusty Krabs and Bikini bottom is suddenly buried in sand because he stayed in the cave for so long and cut to 3000 years, aliens come to study this sculpture with reasons for building it and how it appears unknown to them.
  • "Krabs à la Mode" really grinds my gears. I already knew that Mr. Krabs had turned a completely obnoxious asshat over the course of the show, but this is going too far, even for him. When Squidward touched the thermostat, Mr. Krabs went off on him, resulting in Squidward calling him "selfish." When his restaurant froze over, he was apparently too dumb to notice that Plankton taped a piece of paper on the device that said "62 degrees" when there were ICICLES hanging from the ceiling. When Squidward pointed this out to him, Mr. Krabs said he didn't care and yelled at Squidward not to touch it. Icicles then fell from the ceiling and closed in on Squidward and SpongeBob, but Mr. Krabs was too angry with Squidward to give a shit. When Squiward was visibly having trouble delivering the krabby patties on slippery ice, Mr. Krabs yelled at him to go faster and pushed him, causing him to slip and fall. Even when Plankton attempted to ruin the restaurant with Mr. Krabs's thermostat, Mr. Krabs openly said to him, "You can hurt my employees or try to ruin my restaurant, but no one messes with my thermostat." Since when did Mr. Krabs care more about a bloody thermostat than his own employees and his restaurant?

     Season 6 
  • In Penny Foolish, SpongeBob discards a $500 bill/note because it didn't go with his gum collection. You know something's gone wrong when your character looks more idiotic than Homer Simpson. (Homer almost threw out a twenty in one episode while looking for a peanut, only for his brain to inform him that he could buy peanuts with that money.)
  • In a cruel Yank the Dog's Chain to keep Status Quo Is God, we have Nautical Novice. SpongeBob studies all night, mastering the controls of a highly complex boat. He accidentally turns the ship on after entering the bridge. Puff then makes him stop the boat before it crushes Bikini Bottom. To show the danger, we have shots of the ship out of control. SpongeBob surprises and amazes Puff in keeping his composure and being knowledgeable in boating procedures for the first time. Then he manages to park it. Puff awards him with his license. THEN it is noted that a tugboat is attached to the ship and was PULLING the ship the whole time — but that tugboat wasn't in any previous shot, and this contradicts what we did see.
    • Not to mention that neither of them noticed a tugboat right in front of them pulling them along...
      • Speaking of which, the boat turns and flips over A LOT during the action scene. How could a small little fish guy pulling a tugboat do all of that?!
    • It needs to be emphasized that, even if the tugboat was pulling it, he explicitly did everything right, straight out of the book he studied, but he still lost his license when it turned out he wasn't driving it. The only mistake he made through the entire process was mistaking the air conditioner for the starter. This goes beyond stupid.
      • Probably the worst part is that not long after finding out the tugboat was pulling the ship, SpongeBob seems to lose all the knowledge he gained and mistakes something that flipped the boat over for the switch to the back lights.
      • On top of this, Mrs. Puff violently rips up the license that she gave SpongeBob right in front of him. What. The. Hell.
  • The episode "Patty Caper" involves SpongeBob being responsible for handling the Krabby Patty secret ingredient as it is delivered to the Krusty Krab, only to find that it disappeared only seconds after it was given to him. The whole episode involves him randomly accusing all his friends and cohorts of needlessly complex and over-the-top theft schemes, only for him to turn-up empty handed to Mr. Krabs at the end. Mr. Krabs then accuses SPONGEBOB of all people of stealing the secret ingredient, then has the cops try to arrest him. So how does SpongeBob avoid being arrested? He points out that Mr. Krabs is holding the secret ingredient in question, and Mr. Krabs reveals that he stole the ingredient to avoid paying a small fee for it, leading the cops to arrest him instead.
    • Also, why the cops didn't SEE the bottle before SpongeBob points it out is quite puzzling.
  • The episode "Plankton's Regular" turns the Throw the Dog a Bone for Plankton into a Yank the Dog's Chain at the last minute in a manner that's needlessly cruel even for Yank the Dog's Chain and that comes out of nowhere just to make Plankton miserable — because Status Quo Is God, and Plankton can never be happy or successful, not even to a small degree.
    • The bigger problem is that it fails to depict Plankton as 'evil' and simultaneously derails SpongeBob and Krabs into Designated Heroes. In this episode, Plankton is completely scrupulous, even issuing a truce in return for his one customer; yet SpongeBob and Krabs still take offense and go to great lengths to take it from him. Instead of just defending their business from unscrupulous tactics, they are bullying a small (mostly) harmless legitimate business. That said, it is never made clear whether they did it to spite Plankton or because they wanted an extra customer that badly — which would be perfectly in character. Previous episodes have shown SpongeBob pestering people to accept the divinity of Krabby Patties (watch 'Just One Bite') and Krabs committing ruthless acts for sake of an extra dollar... Later episodes are careful to show Plankton using immoral tactics that pose a real threat to the Krusty Krab to justify abusing him.
      • Sorta, Plankton is more evil in other episodes, but only really to justify Krabs's increasingly Knight Templar style obsession with Plankton. Be it through unfair means or not Krabs seems to take offense to any small amount of happiness or success his rival earns, making him come off less as a defensive fair-earning businessman and more as a Corrupt Corporate Executive that is bullying other smaller businesses.
    • Mr. Krabs does say why they can't let Plankton have the customer. He says they can't afford it. But he had a million dollars in an earlier episode and a safe full of money seen in many episodes. If this show believed in continuity, then there might be a problem.
  • "Ditchin'" is an episode that's supposed to give a rather obvious Aesop: don't ditch. Instead, all the episode does is give us two types of wall bangers. First of all, the episode was supposed to be about SpongeBob learning that ditching class to go to a book signing is wrong... but the problem is that overall, SpongeBob had a great day when he ditched class. He got his book signed by Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy, he got to go jellyfishing in the middle of a big swarm, he won a "one-hundredth customer" contest at an ice cream stand, and he completely dominated Sandy in a game of badminton. While SpongeBob does try to return to class multiple times, he doesn't really try to go back until he realizes that ditching class caused Dale, his other badminton opponent, to become a criminal. This leads us to the second wall banger of the episode: once again, Bikini Bottom's police force gives us another reason to think of them as unlikable jerks. As SpongeBob tries to leave Goo Lagoon after winning the badminton game, some cops come out of nowhere and reveal that Dale has a criminal record, and declare that they "know [Dale's] violated his parole somehow." They then take Dale away after finding a pack of "gummy fish" candy in his pocket. What. First of all, if Dale had them in a package, that means they're probably mass-produced... meaning he's not the only one "eating his own kind," as the cops claim he is. Second, Dale did absolutely nothing wrong, and not one person there bothered to defend him. That was pretty mean-spirited.
    • Not to mention, it's been established that fish are allowed to eat other fish. Remember the fish sticks joke in "The Fry Cook Games"?
      • I think they were implying that those "fish" that Dale had on him were illegal drugs.
  • The episode "Professor Squidward", in which Squidward impersonates his rival Squilliam Fancyson just to get a job as a music teacher. The episode ends with poor Squidward being arrested for impersonating Squilliam while Squilliam laughs in his face; even worse, SpongeBob and Patrick act like jerks and don't do anything to defend him!
    • The worst part is that he didn't start the whole charade. The woman outside of the concert hall offers him the job even though he DOES tell her that he is not Squilliam, and then gives it to him when he is too tempted by it to correct her again. Then she appears later after calling the police, mockingly pointing out how easy it was to distinguish between the two. Um... Hello, lady? You were the moron who offered it to him AFTER HE SAID HE WAS SQUIDWARD!
      • After he corrected her the first time, it seemed she was just stating that Squilliam was getting a teaching job, rather than offering it to Squidward again. Also, the second time, she knew he wasn't Squilliam, and he had to outright lie and commit fraud to get the job.
      • There's still the fact that she made a glaring mistake the first time. It's quite hard not to notice that Squilliam's unibrow was missing on Squidward's face. Perhaps her eyesight wasn't that good, but that begs the question as to why she bragged about how easy it was to identify Squilliam in the first place. Maybe she meant that it was easy for anyone with good eyesight?
    • Another awful part of that episode was that SpongeBob and Patrick would not let poor Squidward teach the class.
    • The real Wall Banger would have to be how Patrick and SpongeBob even got there. Supposedly, it's a college class and one student even says he wants his tuition back at the end. Patrick has no job, and SpongeBob makes nowhere near enough money to pay for a college's tuition. So, how the heck did they end up in the class?
  • What about the episode "Porous Pockets", where SpongeBob becomes very wealthy after selling a pearl and completely ignores Patrick? It doesn't sound like a wall banger at first until you remember that pretty much throughout the series' entire run, SpongeBob has been endlessly loyal to Patrick as a friend, even forgiving him for things that any normal person would non-hesitantly dump someone for. And it's money that gets SpongeBob to stop being friends with Patrick? Not the times Patrick has gotten him into huge trouble, not the times Patrick has destroyed his property, but money. Really? No, just no.
  • In "The Slumber Party," Pearl is trying to have, well, a slumber party. However, Mr. Krabs is convinced she and her friends will wreck the house and recruits SpongeBob to help him spy on the girls. In the end, it's SpongeBob who ends up trashing the house in an attempt to show the girls he's fun, but when Mr. Krabs sees the damage, it's Pearl he yells at; he even proclaims "I should never have trusted you!" Okay, there a few problems with this whole scenario. This troper has read some reviews which said that Pearl was acting like a brat at the beginning (when she locked Mr. Krabs out of the house), and therefore deserved what she got... but the only reason she did that in the first place was because Mr. Krabs was being unreasonable (ignoring her requests to stay out of the way, not giving her money for pizza, paying her in ketchup, etc.). And it was Mr. Krabs who was so paranoid that Pearl and her friends would be destructive that he repeatedly sent SpongeBob to spy on them. The only time the girls really were acting destructive was in retaliation for Krabs and SpongeBob spying on them (well, except for that one scene with "Girly Teen-Girl"; too bad they used that joke already). And, as Pearl points out, it was SpongeBob's antics that wrecked the house; the girls hadn't done anything wrong until a boy came... a boy Mr. Krabs had sent over in the first place. When you take all this into account, Pearl had every right to demand that her dad make it up to her.
    • Shortly after SpongeBob's attempts at being fun are rejected, he absorbs most of the root beer in Mr. Krabs' cellar to pretend he is a zombie by invading the party, wreaking havoc and flooding the house with root beer in the process. Do they try to reprimand SpongeBob or stop him from ruining her party? NO! They are all like "Oh no! A zombie! Run for it!" and get caught up in SpongeBob's antics! The problem is that none of them points out it is SpongeBob, even though it is clearly him except swollen, while this happens and, as mentioned above, THEY ACT LIKE HE IS A ZOMBIE! Saying they have the Idiot Ball would be too kind.
  • The episode Choir Boys, which involves Squidward going to audition for a local choir group in order to sing a solo at a concert. However, the recurring plot theme of SpongeBob annoying Squidward reappears when apparently Patrick is out of town and SpongeBob gets bored, so he decides to pester Squidward by trying to sing to him. It turns out that SpongeBob has a ''golden voice'' and manages to make the Earth shake, free himself from being tied to a coral tree AND summons a swarm of jellyfish to carry him BY USING ONLY HIS VOICE. There seemed to be only one funny moment throughout the entire episode, which involved some humor along the lines of a toilet frowning and a roll of toiled paper saying "Don't worry, he didn't use me yesterday either". Okay. The voice clearing gag was completely too long and was not funny at all. Squidward shouting FEE-GARR-ROW! every ten seconds did not help either. The ending finally was the icing on the horrid cake because even though Squidward was not good at singing and practiced for so long, he ends up BEING A PAGE TURNER and SpongeBob gets the concert solo. Squidward was treated like dirt throughout the episode and SpongeBob was treated LIKE A GOD.
    • Especially considering it's part of a bigger piece in a bigger opera, but singing "Figaro" over and over is all they did.
  • In "The Splinter" Spongebob gets a splinter in his thumb, which proceeds to get infected, and despite the progressed nature of the infection - Spongebob wants to keep working. When it wasn't a larger-than-life pus initially- Spongebob consulted help from Patrick at first, who is obviously no doctor and becoming Too Dumb to Live by examining and even biting Spongebob's foot. And when Spongebob says that it's not helping, Patrick decides to ignore him completely and Spongebob ends up begging for his help! And here's the worst part- when Patrick attempted to help [with as much medical knowledge as a preschooler] he hammers the damn splinter in! Now that's how it enlarged to such a horrendous size.

     Season 7 
  • The Great Patty Caper has one. The episode's plot involves SpongeBob and Patrick traveling by train to a bank where the Krabby Patty formula is being held. However, near the middle of the episode, there is a short scene where an angry crowd literally start tearing down the Krusty Krab because there are no Krabby Patties without the recipe. The only problem with this is... the Krabby Patty has been referred to as "the sole item on the menu" multiple times. So... Mr. Krabs thought it was a good idea to keep the restaurant open despite the fact that they have absolutely nothing to sell?
  • In a recent episode, “One Coarse Meal,” it's discovered that Plankton has a fear of whales (Truth in Television). Mr. Krabs exploits it by disguising himself as his whale daughter, Pearl. And boy, does he exploit it. He not only uses it to keep Plankton out of the Krusty Krab to prevent his stealing the formula, but also relentlessly tortures Plankton within his own home. There is a brief scene where the constant harassment has driven Plankton into a literal suicidal depression; Mr. Krabs laughs hysterically at his plight when SpongeBob reports it to him. And just when it seems like Plankton will finally get even, the creators Yank the Dog's Chain yet again; Krabs GETS AWAY WITH IT. Can someone explain WHY the creators expect us to root for these guys!?
  • SpongeBob becomes even DUMBER in the episode “A Pal For Gary” when he gets a new pet to keep Gary company. Gary is clearly terrified of that pet, but SpongeBob thinks that his snail is just being shy. The REAL Wall Banger is SpongeBob is scolding Gary when the snail is about to be EATEN by the new pet, which has transformed into a monster (see page picture), and then SCOLDS HIM AGAIN after he's nearly eaten by the pet himself and Gary saves him!
    • Another Wallbanger to this episode was that SpongeBob never paid for Puffy Fluffy, he just flat out stole it.
    • It really speaks volumes about this episode when the second biggest complaint is about SpongeBob's behavior in this episode.
  • "Growth Spout" is an episode in which Mr. Krabs' "dear daughter" Pearl graphically goes through a growth spurt and Krabs repeatedly breaks into peoples' houses and steals their food, but it had a solution that was painfully obvious right from the beginning: Mr. Krabs owns a restaurant. He was perfectly capable of feeding Pearl without having to run all over town, stealing food and acting like a complete nut. The ending was lame, too; all it takes to make Pearl full is one Krabby Patty, cooked by SpongeBob, containing love. Krabs reacts as if it's the first time he's heard the word "love." As if this Idiot Plot wasn't frustrating enough, the ending seems to imply that Mr. Krabs doesn't really love his daughter.
    • Spongebob points this out to him, and he says he didn't want to obliterate his inventory. Apparently, his restaurant is more important to him than his daughter, who's not only hungry, but clearly in pain.
  • "You Don't Know Sponge" becomes more frustrating as the episode goes on. It begins with SpongeBob and Patrick taking a magazine quiz about how well they know each other as best friends. SpongeBob passes with flying colors, while Patrick (being Patrick) fails miserably. This, combined with Patrick not knowing SpongeBob's favorite ice cream flavor and asking to borrow some money, causes the sponge to believe that their friendship is over. Now, the writers could have made an interesting story with this scenario. Instead, the rest of the episode consists of SpongeBob acting disgustingly passive-aggressive on the subject of Patrick. One minute, he's declaring that he never wants to see Patrick again, the next minute he's completely weepy and unable to do anything without Patrick, and the next minute he's overcome with jealousy when he sees Patrick hanging out with Larry the Lobster. How did it suddenly go from SpongeBob believing that Patrick wasn't really his best friend to him acting like a jealous lover toward anyone else who got close to Patrick? And the clincher? Patrick had absolutely no idea SpongeBob was even upset about anything; it was a completely one-sided conflict. And, of course, all is forgiven when Patrick reveals that he had been with Larry to shop for a present for his "best friend," SpongeBob. This episode could have had some sort of Aesop about how best friends don't have to know everything about each other (as Sandy herself says in the episode), and that people can have more than one friend. Instead, SpongeBob flip-flopping from despair to jealousy so suddenly, and all because of a problem that was never a problem in the first place, completely ruined it.
  • "The Abrasive Side" is about SpongeBob getting the titular item in order to learn to say "no" more, since nearly everyone has been taking advantage of his Nice Guy personality. However, the abrasive side develops a mind of its own and begins acting nasty toward all of SpongeBob's friends, including his own grandmother. When SpongeBob realizes what is happening, he goes to Sandy for help and explains why he got the abrasive side in the first place. Sandy tells SpongeBob that he shouldn't have tried to change his personality, because he's fine the way he is. The only problem with this scenario? Sandy is just as guilty of taking advantage of SpongeBob's kindness as anyone else in the episode (except Squidward and, arguably, Patrick). With this fact in mind, Sandy's reasoning sounds less like a positive statement, and more like she's saying that SpongeBob should continue to allow people to constantly ask favors of him, knowing that he won't be able to refuse.
    • To drive this wallbanger further, let's compare this episode to the infamous "Putting Your Hoof Down" episode from [1]. Despite how extreme that episode was, the message was still agreeable: people can stand up for themselves without being jerks. That MLP:FIM episode acted as if there was a middle ground, but this SpongeBob episode did not. Admittedly, Patrick did tell SpongeBob to stand up for himself, but that was the only time the idea of assertiveness was ever mentioned; it wasn't even brought up when SpongeBob told Sandy why he got an abrasive side. To summarize: either you are a doormat or a douchebag, but you can't be assertive. What a wonderful lesson for the children, writers. Fantastic job. Granted, a much earlier episode involving Plankton teaching SpongeBob how to be assertive had a similar problem, but the ending was much more satisfying.
  • In Someone's in the Kitchen with Sandy, Plankton steals Sandy's fur. Long story. He turns Sandy's fur into a robot and goes to the Krusty Krab in it. The fur has the bikini on it, but not the diving suit. So Sandy, dressed like she usually is whenever she's at home except for the fish-bowl thing on her head and her lack of fur, goes to the Krusty Krab. On the way, everyone yells at her to put some clothes on while she's wearing a bikini! And at the end, the police arrest her at the Krusty Krab for indecent exposure while she's wearing a bikini! Keep in mind that Squidward doesn't wear pants. Additionally, those SAME POLICEMEN just laughed and called her a hairless goat earlier, instead of arresting her.
    • Why didn't Sandy just wear her white spacesuit, since that wasn't stolen? Then she may have not gotten arrested.
    • To make this even more idiotic, Sandy has taken off her diving suit in public at least once before (in the episode "Pressure"), and no one had a problem with it then. (And that was in the middle of the Krusty Krab, no less.)
    • It could just be a Digital Bikini, but then again, that would only make the above Pressure example really ridiculous. And any scenes inside the Tree Dome. Rule 34, eat your heart out.
    • This episode can get even more uncomfortable when you remember how the townspeople began treating Sandy in the early episode "Squirrel Jokes," never mind that that whole mess was caused by SpongeBob in the first place. Looks like even the denizens of Bikini Bottom are not above discrimination/racism.
    • Adding to this, despite wearing her bikini, there are plenty of fish in Bikini Bottom that wear just as much, some even less than she does.
    • On top of that, why didn't SpongeBob try to defend Sandy when she got arrested at the end of the episode?
    • The full storyboard for this episode has turned up online. As I somewhat suspected, it appears that the original intent was for Sandy to actually be naked when she goes into town (without the bikini). Not only that, apparently Hairless!Sandy was originally going to be a lot uglier and grotesque-looking, which would've made some of the townspeople's reactions make more sense.
  • "Tentacle-Vision". At first it's not so bad, just a typical "Squidward wants to do something (in this case buying a slot on a public service TV station and hosting his own show), and SpongeBob and Patrick start to mess things up" plot. That on its own would have been fine, if unoriginal, but then every major character on the show, from Krabs and Sandy to Pearl and Plankton, show up, and Squidward's show is mistaken for a party. At the end, an executive from the TV station shows up saying the show is going great... except for Squidward. So to summarize: Squidward pays for a TV show, hosts it in his own home, everyone rudely barges in and takes over, and Squidward has to sit outside while the show is going on?! Why anyone thought this episode was a good idea is beyond me!
  • The episode "Yours, Mine and Mine" has another Patrick example. He can't afford a Krusty Krab meal, so SpongeBob helps pay for it, agreeing to share. When it arrives, however, Patrick eats it all and doesn't save any of it for SpongeBob. When he complains that there's no toy (even though SpongeBob paid for it, not him), Mr. Krabs hastily puts one together out of a Patty and some straws, charging extra. Patrick's response? He steals Spongebob's money to pay for it. When SpongeBob reminds his so-called "best friend" that they agreed to share it, Patrick refuses to hand it over all night, then the next morning makes excuses to not come out. SpongeBob tries to be diplomatic and suggests that they each get a day with it, but Patrick refuses. While he eventually agrees that they trade off every second, he becomes whiny and needy the few seconds SpongeBob gets ahold of it. Finally, he runs off with it, and after a lengthy chase, eats Patty Pal saying if he can't have it then no one can have it. That's bad enough, but when Mr Krabs reveals he made more, and they can each have one if they pay, Patrick steals more of SpongeBob's money, and has the audacity to say 'Have you learned nothing about sharing?' when SpongeBob complains! WHY was this episode even made in the first place?
  • In the episode “Shellback Shenanigans” where Plankton took Gary's place using a Paper-Thin Disguise, SpongeBob took him to the hospital and after who knows how long, the NURSE DIDN'T KNOW THAT IT WAS PLANKTON! What the heck!?! Aren't they certified geniuses?!?! HOW ARE THEY THAT DUMB?
    • I think it's more pathetic that Gary's OWN OWNER couldn't even tell it was Plankton. I know SpongeBob tends to be stupid at times, but COME ON!
  • A huge wallbanger in Greasy Buffoons. After SpongeBob and Mr. Krabs finish cleaning out the excess grease in the Krusty Krab and dump it behind the Chum Bucket, they drive off in their rented tanker truck. But who's driving the truck? SpongeBob.
  • Somewhat related to the above example, the episode Model Sponge, where SpongeBob thinks he's going to get fired. He auditions to be a "sponge model" after seeing a billboard while looking for a new job, and sings during the audition. Now all of a sudden his singing is nails-on-a-chalkboard horrible when, in "Choir Boys," his singing was shown to be nigh-godly, not to mention all the episodes where he has sang (there are a lot of them) and has been shown to be a good singer. This bit of Negative Continuity was just a little too negative.
    • Add to that the fact that the "sponge model" job involved SpongeBob being used to clean household items and such - which he loved doing in "Suds", yet hated in this episode. Is being used as an actual sponge only enjoyable for him if he's not healthy at the time?
      • The worst part, IMHO, would have to be the ending. After fleeing the model job, SpongeBob runs back to the Krusty Krab and begs for his job back. Keep in mind, he took the model job because he thought he was being fired, and Mr Krabs had no idea of this. How does Krabs react? Does he explain what he meant by "letting the little guy go" (as in, letting his pet clam go)? No - he acts as if SpongeBob actually left his job! I mean, come on - telling someone who honestly thought they were going to lose their job because they misinterpreted something - "All right, I'll take you back... under one condition" - with an angry expression? That's not something any reasonable person would do in that situation!
      • ...not to mention that SpongeBob was away from his job for a considerably long amount of time...and Mr. Krabs did ''nothing'' about it.
  • "Barnacle Face" is about Pearl breaking out in barnacles (zits) right before a school dance. The cliched plot of this episode isn't necessarily the wall banger... it's when we find out why Pearl broke out in the first place that the stupidity really comes forth. Near the end of the episode, it's revealed that Mr. Krabs (who had earlier denied Pearl any professional help for her face) makes all the soap he and Pearl use. What is the soap made out of? Leftover Krabby Patties.
  • "The Play's The Thing", yet another episode about Squidward failing. Yes, Mr. Krabs said that he had to serve the customers during the play, but did they have to disregard the play? It got worse whenever they started throwing food at Squidward and SpongeBob (who, surprisingly, WASN'T the cause of Squidward's misfortune). SpongeBob was able to reason with them — they stopped throwing food — until Patrick, who came out of nowhere, says "But I like throwing food!" and nails his best friend in the face with a hard Krabby Patty. The rest of the customers forget what they just said and continue throwing everything in the Krusty Krab at poor Squidward and SpongeBob. Uncaring about his employees' state, Krabs says the two need to get ready for the NEXT play. Cue Squidward and SpongeBob laughing like mad. Mainly SpongeBob.
    • This episode was clearly a rehash of "Culture Shock". They're almost exactly alike: Squidward hosting an event, holding auditions, his act being hated, the crowd throwing things at him, the event ultimately being a success, and even Krabs wanting another one.
  • At the end of "SpongeBob's Last Stand", where most of SpongeBob's friends come out to help him destroy the highway, he calls Sandy Cheeks "Sandy Squirrel". Way to forget one of the main character's names, writers.
    • Did the writers do any research? It couldn't have been an intentional mistake for SpongeBob to make because it's been established that he knows what her last name is.
    "Hi, we're from underwater! Do you know Sandy Cheeks?" -SpongeBob in Pressure
  • Patrick has always been The Ditz, but the episode "Stuck in the Wringer" cranks this up to rage-inducing levels. When he sees SpongeBob stuck in his wringer, he uses Forever Glue and glues him into the wringer. Then, he takes SpongeBob to the ice cream parlor, where he learns the wringer is preventing SpongeBob from even eating, and when they leave, he eats SpongeBob's leftover ice cream. The next scene is even worse. SpongeBob is forced to go on several carnival rides with Patrick, and SpongeBob repeatedly gets hurt. Does Patrick do anything? No! He ignores him and brags about winning badges. Then, when SpongeBob has had enough and yells at Patrick justifiably, the townsfolk treat the guy like a pariah and criticize him for what he's done. What the Hell, Townspeople?!?!?!

     Seasons 8- 9 
  • "Oral Report" has a wallbanger about halfway through the episode. After Patrick fails to help SpongeBob feel better about giving his oral report, he (Patrick) suggests that Sandy can make a fake boating license for SpongeBob. But then about a minute later, Sandy herself suggests the same exact thing, with SpongeBob having to tell her that it's illegal. Now, considering Patrick's Jerkass tendencies in the later seasons, him making a suggestion like that isn't too surprising. But Sandy? You know better than that!
  • "The Other Patty" is about Mr. Krabs and Plankton reluctantly teaming up to try and steal a new competitor's secret formula. Throughout the episode, the two act like they could never get along, and have even seemed to agree to disagree. Considering the Flanderization of all the characters, this could be acceptable... if an earlier episode hadn't shown Krabs and Plankton teaming up against a competitor with no problem. "Best Frenemies" anyone? Even worse, when it's revealed that SpongeBob started the competing restaurant to help Krabs and Plankton's friendship, how do Krabs and Plankton respond? By chasing after him, with intent to beat him up. Yep, they really appreciated the gesture, all right.
  • "Accidents Will Happen" ends up with an ending that has No Sympathy all around. Throughout the whole episode, Squidward has been using his excuse of an injured ankle to get Mr. Krabs to basically wait on him hand and foot, threatening to call the Office Worker Safety Department if Krabs doesn't comply. Knowing how Krabs has treated his employees in later seasons, it looks like Squidward is finally getting some comeuppance. But, thanks to a security camera hinted to have been stolen by Krabs, it's revealed that Squidward really hurt his ankle while he was sleeping on, and then fell off, the bun shelf in the back room. In response, Squidward is forced to do all the things he made Krabs do earlier in the episode to his boss. Yes, it's bad that Squidward lied to get some special treatment, but when you consider Krabs and other peoples' treatment of him, it's really no surprise that he was forced to resort to lying and blackmail. The revelation that Krabs would have only owed the OWS $1.00 for Squidward's accident didn't help either.
  • In "Drive Thru" Mr. Krabs rejects SpongeBob's professional drive-thru supplies in favor of his old and ratty supplies (which include a menu made of old napkins, tin can walkie-talkies, and an old noodle for a sign). Why, you ask? Because Mr. Krabs' supplies are "free." But... SpongeBob presumably bought the professional supplies he had, so... wouldn't that mean Krabs would have gotten SpongeBob's supplies for free, too?
    • Also near the end, we have a police officer abuse his authority to get his meal; even though this was supposed to be Rule of Funny, it was pretty mean-spirited and neglectful on the officer's part.
  • In "Pet Sitter Pat" Patrick becomes even more stupid than usual and puts Gary though hell. Like "tasting" Gary's food, "using reverse psychology" with a flamethrower, feeding the snail with salt. And nothing of consequence happens to Patrick as instead, "everything goes back to normal" when Spongebob arrives as we see Gary reading Patrick a bedtime story; we'll just assume he was stopping Patrick's madness.
  • "Karen 2.0". Namely, the ending. Basically, the episode is about Plankton making a replacement for Karen and throwing her out. She then goes to work at the Krusty Krab in revenge, declaring that she never wants to see Plankton again. However, when Plankton and "Karen 2" later show up at the Krusty Krab, the two Karens end up fighting; in the process, Karen 2 hurts Plankton. This is when the infuriating part happens: Karen responds to Plankton getting hurt by completely trashing Karen 2... and then goes back to Plankton. Uh, Karen... this is the same guy who constantly blames you for his mistakes, already cheated on you once with the mother of his arch-rival, forgets your wedding anniversary, left you to die in a frozen wasteland as part of a wild goose chase, and has just cheated on you a second time. And didn't you declare that you never wanted to see him again five minutes earlier? It seems to be some sort of weird abusive undertones in this relationship. They hate each other, but can't stand to be apart from each other. But let's be honest: Plankton and Karen still being together isn't doing them any favors... well, except when Plankton needs to remember to blink.
  • The first act of "Restraining SpongeBob". In this episode, the writers crank the Squidward abuse up to ridiculous levels. The episode starts with Spongebob being annoying and Squidward telling him to stop as usual. Squid gets distracted and ends up putting his arm on a hot grill. Now in an early season of SpongeBob this would have been sufficient (I actually though that part was kind of funny). However, due to a combination of bad luck and Spongebob's klutziness, Squidward FALLS IN A DEEP FRIER AND GETS FRIED INTO A NUGGET. We get to hear Squidward's screams of absolute pain while all this happens. As if that horrifying sequence weren't enough "fried" Squidward gets tossed into a customer hands, thanks to more of Spongebob's clumsiness, and the customer BITES INTO SQUIDWARD'S FLESH. Oh, and did I mention that we get to hear more yells of terror from Squidward and the customer as well. I know that slapstick has always been a part of Spongebob, but this was not only disgusting to watch but down right terrifying.
    • That's not the only bad moment. Just when Squidward is finally getting relaxation, Mr. Krabs hires Patrick to stand in SpongeBob's place. Patrick annoys Squidward by following him EVERYWHERE and being in his private space. And to top it all off, Mr. Krabs doesn't do a thing about it. In fact, when Patrick uses Squidward's clarinet as a toilet plunger, he congratulates Patrick! What a kind and loyal boss. Then again, this is Mr. Krabs, a Jerkass Designated Hero galore.
      • He must've only congratulated Patrick for fixing the toilets no matter if he was using a toilet plunger or not. But yeah, that's annoying.
  • "Chum Fricassee" involves Squidward and Plankton doing nothing wrong and getting punished at the end. All Squidward does is leave the Krusty Krab in favor of the Chum Bucket, he ends up giving Plankton his grandmother's recipe and the Krusty Krab ends up going out of business. Squidward has done nothing wrong, all he did was use his cooking talents in a restaurant that doesn't constantly abuse him. Squidward has to do the recipe wrong in order to get more food in more time. Then Squidward's grandmother comes in and accuses him of stealing her recipe, despite it being a FAMILY recipe. House fancy is played three times before she makes the crowd destroy the Chum Bucket because he cooked the recipe wrong. How the hell did she know about Squidward cooking the recipe wrong? And why is she going to destroy the Chum Bucket that Plankton owns despite him doing nothing wrong? The episode ends with Squidward being used as a doormat for doing nothing wrong and Mr Krabs sadistically laughing at it. What the hell!
  • "Bubble Troubles". HOO BOY! Spongebob and Patrick ruin Sandy's air supply and try to get her with oxygen. Spongebob then tries to get to the top of the ocean for oxygen in a bubble. How he did it? AN OXYGEN TANK! Why didn't they just use the flippin' oxygen tank to give Sandy air instead of going through so much trouble? They came close to causing Sandy to drown when they had an oxygen tank all along!
    • It was probably meant to be a "we could have avoided this plot" joke, seeing how single-minded they were on using the tank ONLY for reaching the bubble. Unfortunately, this joke was too stupid to work, and thus creates the Wall Banger we see here.
  • The "special" "Frozen Face-Off". I wasn't really sure what to expect in a episode like this but the promo looked interesting; Spongebob and friends in a race around a frozen Bikini Bottom. Then cue the beginning of the episode. Everyone's there ready to race, Spongebob, Patrick, Mr. Krabs, Plankton, etc. which is apparently being funded by a generous benefactor who's giving a million dollars to the winner. We see Plankton escaping from behind everyone just before the race begins... and sure enough, turns out the whole race was set up by Plankton as part of YET ANOTHER FUTILE attempt to steal the Krabby Patty formula. This concept has been done to death already, and we should get to have just ONE episode with Plankton that doesn't have him trying to steal the formula, which we all know he gets eventually in The Spongebob Movie (which is canon as the Grand Finale).
    • "Walking Small" was one episode featuring Plankton where he didn't try to steal the formula.
    • Another thing, I might add: What happened to everyone else? Who won? Did they ever reach the end? Did they eventually freeze to death?
  • At the end of "Eek, an Urchin!", SpongeBob goes far far away to release the urchins that they collected, and then he releases them... in the front of the Krusty Krab.
  • In "Squid Defense", in order to learn karate, Squidward must follow the Karate Code—"use karate for self-defense, not vengeance." This saying is coming from the mouth of a person that fought her friend for fun several episodes before without following said code.
  • "Fiasco!" ends with Plankton in jail for stealing a work of art made out of used Krabby Patty, and Squidward in jail... for no reason. Earlier, SpongeBob and Plankton were arguing quite loudly, causing Patrick to come over to complain about the noise... eating said piece of art in the process. And then Squidward comes over to complain about the noise too, but the only difference is that he has the cops with him. In other words, Squidward was filing a noise complaint; a completely legitimate reason to call the police. And yet, somehow, Squidward gets arrested along with everyone else, even though all he did was call the police to file a complaint. There's reviews that try to justify this action by stating that the police were busy with Plankton, not SpongeBob and Patrick, so Squidward was abusing the police. Except that chances are that there are more police than the ones that are chasing Plankton. So in other words, Squidward was doing nothing illegal, and was arrested just because it was convenient for the cops.
  • The punishment Squidward received after reading SpongeBob's diary in Little Yellow Book. The patriots at the Krusty Krab hate him, Ok. Squidward making the news, what. Squidward's house taken away? That's crossing the line! Squidward being chained up in the middle of town for the townsfolks to throw tomatoes at him?! ARE YOU SERIOUS?!
    • To add to the stupidity, the townspeople were laughing with Squidward when he was reading the diary at the Krusty Krab, and were even making fun of Spongebob along with him. When Spongebob cries about his diary being read, however, the townspeople suddenly get all defensive, saying things like, "I didn't know that was someone's diary!", despite Squidward reading all those embarrassing things and even using the phrase "Dear Diary..."! What the Hell, Townspeople? doesn't even begin to describe the hypocrisy.
      • Not to mention that while Squidward's reading SpongeBob's diary, a customer calls him out for it... then ask him to tell him more. What.
    • One of the characters making fun of Spongebob is Patrick! This isn't the first time Patrick has been a douche to his "best friend", but it really begs the question as to why Spongebob would even bother with him anymore.
    • The Bikini Bottomites call Squidward a "diary reader". I'm not kidding, they actually call Squidward a "diary reader". That makes "I'm not a chicken, you're a turkey!" look scarring in comparison.
    • I might as well add that Squidward was out of character in this episode; in "Fools in April", after the patriots scold him for pulling a mean prank on SpongeBob, Squidward feels bad and goes to apologize. Not here. In this episode, he has no sympathy but then again, it wouldn't surprise me because SpongeBob probably pushed him to his breaking point by now considering his behavior in the recent episodes.
    • And finally, this episode makes me wanna root for NO ONE. Not SpongeBob because this could've been prevented had he not left his diary out in the open, not to mention that he published the diary at the end of the episode. Not Squidward because of the entry above. And not the townspeople because they punished Squidward way too much. Is this episode even supposed to have a protagonist?
    • Everything above, and the fact that Squidward managed to get Spongebob's home diary WHILE REMAINING CHAINED IN THE MIDDLE OF TOWN!!! I know it's really minor compared to the rest of the crap in this episode, but COME ON!
  • It's ridiculous how predictable the ending to "SpongeBob, You're Fired!" is. SpongeBob gets his job back, something you likely would've already knew before it even aired because in the SpongeBob world Status Quo Is God. Though they attempted to throw in some creativity with the other restaurants by having him at first getting fired from all of them, only be chased by all of their owners because the customers loved Spongebob's dishes.
  • "It Came from Goo Lagoon" wasn't too bad by post-movie standards, but the townspeople were idiots. Despite Sandy's warnings of how the goo was dangerous, they played with it, anyway. It's amazing how the town is still standing.
  • "Kenny the Cat" has a pretty bad one. SpongeBob has a new hero named Kenny who is a cat whose "superpower" (I guess) is to hold his breath for long amounts of time. Everyone in Bikini Bottom is impressed with this person. However, SpongeBob later finds him in a bathroom taking out an oxygen tank and breathing from it and, despite finding him to be a Broken Pedestal, keeps the whole thing a secret. Kenny eventually is unable to hold on to his breath any longer and, in front of everyone in the Krusty Krab, takes out an oxygen tank to breathe from. Everyone in the crowd, who clearly knows that his power is to hold his breath for a long time, takes away every gift they gave him and boos him away. What logic.
    • As a fan of modern Spongebob, I have one here. In the end, Spongebob tells Kenny that now that he can no longer be the breath-holder, he could still live underwater like Sandy. Then, she comes in, and rips the oxygen suit Kenny had on in that scene, expelling him to the surface. I could expect that from Patrick, but SANDY? Congrats on ticking off your modern fanbase!

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