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South Park
  • Even South Park is not immune to Wall-Banger moments. There's the fact an entire episode is dedicated to Wendy breaking up with Stan when the episode itself could have triggered after Wendy kissed Cartman (to Stan's dismay). Neither Negative Continuity, Rule of Drama, nor Rule of Funny even begin to justify this chronological discrepancy of when both episodes aired.
  • The ending to "Ass Burgers", which tosses away any hope of a new start with an Ass Pull of a reunion of Stan's parents.
  • The episode "Dead Celebrities" had an incredibly stupid moment when a few members from Ghost Hunters go to Stan's house because Ike is seeing the ghosts of celebrities, only to piss and shit themselves, then run out screaming, all for literally no reason. There are a few problems with this, the least of which is because of how incredibly inaccurate this portrayal is. If anything, Ghost Hunters has the opposite problem, where, oftentimes, nothing really happens and some viewers would find it boring, so it isn't like they couldn't do a parody where the investigators just sit in a dark room for eight hours and then tell them they found nothing, just completely wasting the family's time or something similar. It seemed a bit more like hammering the "we hate Ghost Hunters" message in at the expense of any form of humor or cleverness.
  • The episode "Butt Out" annoys me with its strawmanning. I don't want to go into the politics of smoking because that's a whole other beast. While I do agree with the ineffectiveness of anti-smoking ads aimed at youths and that people need to take responsibility for their own actions, what I have a problem is how they compare obesity with smoking. As someone who lost family to tobacco, I will say this: I can always lose weight and cut back on junk food, I can't grow another lung. Another thing I have a problem with is how they portray anti-smokers as manipulative and try to forge evidence to discredit tobacco companies; has that actually happen? Because I distinctly remember the time when tobacco companies tried their hardest to cover up evidence that tobacco is harmful.
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