Wall Bangers: Regular Show

  • The episode "Muscle Mentor" has a huge Wall Banger involving the character of Benson. In the episode, Rigby has to be carried in a baby harness by Muscle Man for a whole 8 hours as a sort of intense mentoring session, and, if Muscle Man removes Rigby from the harness, he will be fired. Towards the climax, Rigby becomes desperate to keep his job trying to cling onto Muscle Man before sending them both into a nearby lake. Here's where the head-on-vertical-surface moment comes in, Benson flat out REFUSES to let Mordecai help out saying that doing so will cause Rigby to be fired and that he still has a few minutes left in the mentoring session. Yes, Benson is a Jerk Ass boss. Yes, he does find Mordecai and Rigby to be annoying due to their slacker nature. That doesn't excuse the fact that Rigby and Muscle Man could've DROWNED. Not to mention that refusing to let Mordecai help Rigby and Muscle Man is a dick move. Had Rigby not found the strength to save both himself and Muscle Man (in a truly awesome/heartwarming moment), it's pretty safe to say that Benson would've been charged for murder.
  • While the episode "Bank Shot" was an overall good episode that finally had us sympathize with the often overly obnoxious Rigby, there was one moment that seemed to take the entire show's premise a bit too far. While Regular Show is known for having a lot of weird stuff happen, it expected us to somehow believe that a basketball that was in no way altered by magic and or otherwise just kept on bouncing for a long time, without any resistance applied to it and even having it bounce in places that would usually not make it bounce (because it was Rigby's gut feeling), ultimately it did get one of Rigby's prized possessions back, but that idea just seemed ridiculous even for Regular Show's standards.