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  • Any Peggy Sue fic (usually Harry Potter or Naruto) where the main character refuses to change the timeline because it'd make their knowledge of the future useless. If you're going back in time to "make things better", you have to actually change something!
    • As with many, many other tropes, this is a problem that arises from playing Follow the Leader without grasping all the nuances. Take for example Harry Potter And The Nightmares Of Futures Past, the definitive Harry Potter Peggy Sue. Much of the first two story arcs is devoted to Harry trying to work out how to avoid drastic changes that might make his future knowledge useless, whilst still making subtle ones that nevertheless improve his chances of things going better. He also fails miserably in this endeavour as events go spectacularly Off the Rails just before Third Year, and from that point on he's making it up as he goes along... which ends up benefiting him significantly! Less experienced writers failed to grasp these subtleties and fell into the old Stations Of The Canon trap.
  • The Naruto fanfic A Different Path. It's an interesting twist on the Naruto story, where Hizashi was born first, Hiashi was sacrificed during the Kumo kidnapping attempt, and his children are sealed. Also, Naruto and Sasuke become friends at a younger age, though they're not teamed up. It's Naruto/Hinata/Shikamaru teaming. Neji... well, he's still a Jerkass. The first 11 chapters are well-written including Hinata's 'death' and ressurrection, resulting in her Cage Bird Seal activating and sealing her Byakugan. However, once they return to Konoha, the Elders want to reseal Hinata for the sheer Hell of it. Naruto is allowed into a private meeting, and exploiting the irrationality and love of a 12 year old, pretty much kidnaps him into the 'family' via the Caged Bird Seal. But what worse, and I quote from a review:
Nemrut: Ok, when Naruto received the Cursed Seal, a bold move if I may say so, and Hizashi was called to the hokage I expected a major dressing down. I expected the third to be furious beyond belief that he actually had the balls to place the cursed seal on a shinobi who was not part of his clan, that he practically exploited the irrationality and love of a twelve year old to trick him into servitude. That he would give Hizashi three days to take that seal from Naruto before he and the ANBU would take down the Hyuuga compound and kill every single one of them if he didn't.

Instead we got this weak, now he has a family, crap. I am sorry, but you do realize that Naruto has a family in the same manner that a slave is a member of the family he/she serves right?
  • Common Naruto fanfic wallbangers:
    • Naruto being beaten within an inch of his life on a regular basis. Sandaime does nothing or is too late and is intimidated by the civilian council for reasons never explained.
    • Naruto's Obfuscating Stupidity in fear of the villagers doing something worst besides vandalism, theft and attempted murder.
      • Also, Naruto refuses to defend himself.
      • Hiruzen refusing to tell Naruto about his parents in fear for his safety.
      • Even worse, sometimes his parents actually requested he did this.
      • And the story never failed to describe him as a "surrogate grandfather."
    • Hinata passing out because Naruto talked to her or worst was simply mentioned. Naruto logically thinks something wrong with that. Everybody else (himself included) writes him off as too dumb to recognize that, her fainting has to do with her crush on him. In worst cases Hinata herself gets fed up with and gives up because she Cannot Spit It Out.
      • Then it's CONSTANTLY lampshaded when she doesn't/or is trying not to faint or stutter.
    • Naruto being banished and Sasuke being set free because the Hokage is a glorified paper pusher.
      • Putting the blame solely on Orochimaru's cursed seal (which was sealed according to Sasuke's willpower). While completely ignoring Itachi's involvement.
    • Harem fics = Power Is Sexy/God-Mode Sue 98% of the time.
      • Not to mention the girls sometimes being up to twenty of them and there's no development or characteristics. You could find more character out of a block of cement than you could out of the girls in Harem fics as they are only basically there to spread their legs for Naruto.
      • And often many of Sasuke's fangirls immediately jump ship after Naruto curbstomps Sasuke. Except Sakura who is viewed as a slut. For still liking Sasuke.
    • Civilian Council are a bunch of Morons, whose only purpose is to fuck over Naruto at any opportunity and get away with it.
      • 99% of time Sakura's mother is leading the council as if to justify bashing Sakura.
    • Whenever Kushina and Minato survive the sealing of the Kyuubi, they tend to also have a daughter who is beloved by all while Naruto is STILL scorned and/or ignored, even by his own parents in favor of her.
      • Or when they are dead, she tends to be shipped off to the next of kin and full knowledge of their parents, while Naruto gets the shaft.
    • Neji in Naruhina fics and unlike in Rock Lee Springtime Of Youth, where he is jealous and trying to stop Hinata from being heartbroken. He becomes the living embodiment of Die for Our Ship. Always interfering in Naruto and Hinata's relationship, resisting the urge to beat Naruto to a pulp because the latter was simply being affectionate to the girl. It doesn't help that everybody usually knows about Hinata's crush.
    • Itachi being portrayed as a good guy, while bashing Sasuke in the same breath.
      • Itachi caring more about Naruto than Sasuke. Case in point: he'll train Naruto and ignore Sasuke.
    • Naruto calls Tsunade Baa-chan. Violence ensues, ignoring the fact that she clearly has had no problem with the nickname.
    • Mizuki being Obviously Evil to the extent that Naruto realizes he's a jerk. This is a man who was portrayed as being both very friendly and a Reasonable Authority Figure in canon on top of fooling everyone (possibly for years) but in fanon he'll be as obvious as setting all of Naruto's supplies on fire right in front of him.
    • Naruto's trademark orange jumpsuit being traded in for "proper" ninja clothing and people telling him he makes himself a walking target in his trademark orange. Nevermind that most other ninjas wear greens, purples, reds, and the like without one word being said about them.
      • Even worse because it's usually stated that they're "shinobi" clothes and "civilian" clothes.
    • The label Strong and Smart Naruto in some descriptions. Not stronger/smarter Naruto, just strong/smart, because Canon! Naruto is still weak and can't hurt a fly and is dumber than a sack of shit.
  • In the Harry Potter fanfic Dumbledore's Army and the Year of Darkness the speed at which the Hogwarts students involved in Dumbledore's Army mature and suddenly become total adults makes no sense. First off they manage to develop solid, professional military discipline and how to run a military-style training program with no help from outsiders or a society with anything vaguely resembling a military force. While you would have Muggle-borns in Hogwarts none of them would have anything remotely resembling the experience necessary to train the DA into being prepared soldiers as quickly as they did especially since the bulk of military training revolves around breaking down the moral objections to killing and building up the necessary suppressed yet controlled rage to kill people. Also the speech out of one student's mouth for joining the DA to fight Voldemort sounds like they swallowed a polysci textbook and puked it back up, certainly not something most teenagers would come up with especially in a school that doesn't even teach political science and the history class is explicitly stated to be really boring.
    • Also, this is the fic series where on TWO OCCASIONS rape victims were comforted by sexualised acts initiated by men. It's a throwaway line in DAYD itself, where, just after her rape is avenged - without consulting her, and ignoring her fears about her family - by the men, Lavender is found having sex with her boyfriend. The one shot More Realer is worse: In DAYD's sequel, Sluagh, Hermione spends about 5 chapters being tortured and raped, described in graphic detail, finally setting herself on fire to escape (she got better). In the one-shot, Ron basically forces himself on her, and she accepts this, because up to that point, he'd been patient about her request not to have sex. She's flinching away, but he just keeps massaging her shoulders, applying sensual kisses, and all sorts of things, all without her consent. Ugh!
      • Let's take another look at that "vengeance". Neville calls in Ernie, Sean, Terry, and Michael. Notice who's absent: any women at all. Not even Ginny, his own lieutenant (or, if you're going by canon, the one actually in charge). When they actually barge in on Crabbe and Goyle (because of course only ugly people are rapists), Lavender is hardly mentioned by name. The boys simply take turns showing off their muscles (literally!) and taunting the duo being punished. The rape seems less an avenged act and more a justification. How much more trivializing can you get?
    • Oh, and let's not forget Hannah. Not only does Thanfiction claim she only looked a bit plump in the books because of the school robes, and she's actually supermodel thin; but he makes her psychotically crazy, attempting to kill Neville because she thinks he's dating Ginny. This is before her first date with Neville.
    • AND ANOTHER THING: Snape. Having agreed to kill Dumbledore because someone would need to keep the students safe when Voldemort took over in Half-Blood Prince, in DAYD, he attempts to murder multiple students, and tortures them and others to the extent that someone tries to mercy kill one of his victims. Completely Missing the Point, and derailing his entire character arc.
    • Chapter 10 is especially bad. Colin Creevey was splinched after he apparated with his brother. In canon, Ron passed out seconds after losing some of his skin. Colin loses a hand and not only does he cover the wound with duct tape, he is able to contact the Army and hide the wound from everyone. And instead of getting help, they decide to do a blood transfusion. Death Eaters come to the place that they are hiding in, at the house of a Muggle friend of the Creeveys, who they leave to die instead of a Sidealong Apparition. And then Neville berates him right after he recovers.
      • Hell, even Thanfiction seems to have realized the beratement went too far - when Neville leaves the room afterwards, Arthur Weasley slams him against a wall and tries to unmask him as a Death Eater.
    • One side-shot ramps up Neville's Black Hole Sue status to the zenith. How? Ginny confesses her love for him, makes out with him, and declares that the only reasons she's marrying Harry are because she knows he loves Hannah and she doesn't want to look bad in the papers.
    • The DAYD-verse is just full of Wallbangers.
  • In response to Pluto's "demotion" many fanfics featuring Sailor Pluto were made. Among other oddities, they often featured Sailor Moon firing Sailor Pluto because she wasn't a planet. A moon... firing a dwarf planet... for not being a planet. Yeah... Besides this, many, many Senshi didn't represent planets at all. Pallas, Juno and Vesta didn't even represent dwarf planets; the Starlights are implied to represent moons; Galaxia and Cosmos represent far larger structures than planets; and, well, Chibi Moon. It's implied every astral body can have a Senshi, so why would its label matter?
  • The infamous Zelda Self-Insert Fic My Inner Life has a scene where Jenna and Link sit down in a tavern after a long journey through a desert. Fine, right? It is, until you realize that Jen is about 6 or 7 months pregnant with her second child, and shouldn't be going through a desert full of dragons anyway. The worst part is that she gets completely drunk off of Griffin Spice Ale while pregnant and doesn't give an Octorok's fart. And neither does Link. Or anyone else in the tavern.note 
  • While the main story of the late Trek Wars: The Furry Conflict was very good, the Captain's Log at the end of Episode One has to qualify for this: "Peace between the Federation and Empire has been established. For today. But the furry conflict is only beginning." WHAM!
  • The series Hogwarts Exposed has Wallbangers that are not only contrived and stupid, but also extremely disgusting and disturbing. One nasty example is in the third chapter of Hogwarts Underexposed, when Jamie has been rescued from an extremely horrific abduction and torture session (the results of which are described in almost loving detail by the author). Given all of that, it's quite understandable that Jamie feels uncomfortable being physically affectionate with her steady boyfriend and holding to her nudist lifestyle. And then she's visited by her friend Amanda, who instantly begins to lecture Jamie about how wrong it is that she doesn't want to run around naked and have sex after having been tortured and (implied) raped. She also guilts Jamie by going on about how it's unfair to the boyfriend that she isn't putting out. Oh, and even worse? Amanda herself had been knocked out and nearly raped and had clearly been terrified by the event! And yet she doesn't understand that Jamie needs more than a few days to recover from what happened to her? What? Of course, that's about par for the author's understanding of the mind of a rape victim. An earlier story had a shy eleven year old girl nearly be raped by her father and immediately respond by taking up nudism, losing all previous insecurities she had with being naked in front of others.
    • The sequel (yes, it exists) takes it to the next level with a new first-year at Hogwarts who's Jamie's sister or something like that. On the train ride to Hogwarts, she and Jamie are sharing the cabin with a new first-year and then, for some reason, they wind up stripping themselves while on the ride. This makes the girl uncomfortable. Jamie and her first-year sister then proceed to essentially bully the girl, lecturing her about how society shoves the "wear clothes" practice down your throat and how it bullies everyone into adhering to it. During said lecture, whenever the girl tries to speak up Jamie and her sister proceed to talk her down into silence while continuing their drivel-laden lecture. But there's good news to all this: After reading that shite, this troper was able to watch On Deadly Ground with a new appreciation for just how bad Author Tracts can go...
      • The sister, Emily, and the first year, Kim, wind up as Slytherins together. Because of one incident (Kim having to run to the bathroom naked, first thing in the morning, to take a leak), Emily convinces her that she'll have to pretend to be a nudist while in the dorm, which means that the shy Kim is essentially bullied into marching around naked in front of her dorm mates, several of whom are rude and spiteful towards her. Oh, and the entire reason for this charade? Because Kim is trying to hide the fact that she wears Powerpuff Girl underpants. Because clearly there isn't an easier solution than that!
    • And that's to say nothing of the author's depravity, clearly not seeing how disgusting it is that he's putting underage girls through this sort of lifestyle, whether it be their Nymphomaniac lifestyle or whatever. Anyone who pointed this out he insulted and derided as "intolerant."
    • Neville indecently assaulting Hermione in Chapter 12.
  • Undocumented Features sidestory "Justice and Mercy" could qualify for inclusion from the get-go, with a scene shoving Kei and Eiko through the Chickification wringer. But what truly kills it comes later. One of the main characters sees a group of orphans beating up another orphan. His response? Go into giant-robot mode and kill their ringleader. This isn't hyperbole - he explicitly thinks to himself that the kid will not survive impact after being kicked into the sky! Sure, the kid was a bastard, but does that justify murder? Our hero, ladies and gentlemen. Doubling the damage: the orphans being abused are Yakko, Wakko and Dot under slightly different names. This is played dead straight.
  • All He Ever Wanted: For some readers, the point where they gave up on the fic was when Prussia raped Austria in front of a chickified Hungary. For others, it was when Hungary taught Liechtenstein how to be a better sex slave to Prussia.
  • Harry Potter And The Invincible Technomage:
    • Early in the fic, Harry says the term "Muggle" is condescending. Keep in mind he's been in the Wizarding world a matter of hours. He suggests using something more egalitarian, like "Normal" or "Mundane", after pointing out that Wizards are abnormal.
    • Throughout the fic, Harry and Marvel characters seem to have carte blanche to be jerks to Harry Potter ones, even when they're wrong. (The fic goes out of its way to make HP characters "wrong", outright ignoring its own canon in some circumstances.) Apparently it's only "bad business" to needlessly antagonize people part of the time.
  • Forward Momentum was doing so well right up until The Two Ivans, when Unfortunate Implications came into play. To wit, Ivan specifically does not want to marry two women who have both proposed to him and are perfectly okay with polygamy. He does, however, want to secretly marry another woman and run away before the first two find out. He is forced to marry all three. And not in the P. G. Wodehouse hilarious misunderstanding fashion either; the first two find out, show up, and negotiate their positions in the marriage with the third, without any input from Ivan, backed by Imperial pressure, right in front of him. Pressure from both Emperors. While Ivan was in the wrong on a lot of points, that doesn't make it okay to force him into what's basically a Shotgun Wedding. If it seems like some sort of just punishment to you, try reversing the genders and imagine two men adding themselves to a marriage with the consent of only the man involved. Basically, you might want to skip that story, since it seems more about torturing Ivan than anything else.
  • Fallout: Equestria: After Littlepip starts dating Homage, there comes a point where Homage starts making reference to their sex lives while in character as DJ Pon3, embarrassing her terribly. And then Calamity, Velvet, and Xenith join in the fun. Littlepip does not even consider asking any of them to stop, only doing the same in revenge, which she never gets around to. This is especially egregious if you recall that she had no problems calling out Velvet for hitting on her to make Calamity jealous when she had to have known of Littlepip's crush. Operation Jealousy? Bad enough for an immediate call-out. Her partner and friends and the occasional random person knowingly trampling all over Littlepip's boundaries with regards to her sex life? Embarrassment, but no real protest. Just a harmless joke, the fic seems to be saying. Now if Littlepip was dating a stallion who did the same thing, the fic probably wouldn't get away with it in the readers' eyes.
  • JusSonic's LeChuck:Dead and Loving It. Gives us Two Words. Toon. England.
  • The circumstances that lead to and follow Thaurruin's death in the Beyond the War of the Ring trilogy, by Sonic Sculpture.

    First, she is ordered by Ungoliant to capture the High King Telperion alive. But the first problem comes when Ungoliant doesn't even attempt to make sure that Thaurruin, a freaking dragon, doesn't kill him prematurely apart from telling her not to take unnecessary risks. She also sends Thaurruin alone, without any backup at all, to capture Telperion, who is a very skilled warrior and has a reforged Narsil in his possession.

    Later, when Telperion is trapped in a stray cloud of Ungoliant's Unlight, Thaurruin enters to capture him, and after delivering some very badass dialogue to intimidate Telperion, she succumbs to an Ungoliant-sized Idiot Ball in a blatant Out of Character moment, and lets slip that although she came to take him alive, she just wanted an excuse to kill him. Telperion then says that he would fight if he could see the battlefield.

    So what does Thaurruin do? Take advantage of his inability to see and capture him? NO! She deliberately burns away the Unlight so that they could fight, even when she was supposed to take him alive. And not only do they fight, but Thaurruin breathes fire several times at Telperion, which would doubtlessly kill the Man she was supposed to capture alive!... What?

    And then she gets killed in the cruelest way possible: She gets temporarily blinded by sunlight reflected from Telperion's shield, permanently blinded by Telperion shooting crossbow bolts at her eyes, and then tricked into thinking that Telperion was running away (Telperion actually threw his shield to make it sound like he was running), and then is killed when she accidentally runs into Telperion's blade.

    And then what happens? Ungoliant shows up, grabs Telperion, yells at him for killing Thaurruin, but doesn't capture him, since she had already captured Telperion's sister and nephew beforehand, rendering Thaurruin's death not only stupid and cruel, but pointless. In short, They Wasted a Perfectly Good Character due to said character, despite having been established as an intelligent, competent, and insightful villain, suddenly becoming an idiot right before her death.
  • RainbowDoubleDash's Lunaverse. After a very good first set of stories (called a 'season' by the writers), everything went off a cliff in the 'season finale.' A recurring plot arc in the first season was the corruption of Equestria's governing body, the Night Court. Originally, it was portrayed as more or less an even mix of corrupt and honorable ponies, and while more attention was given to one of the corrupt ones (Duke Greengrass, who became something of a favorite on the boards for a time), focus was also given to some of the good ones (like Fancy Pants) who could oppose them. Another arc featured the main character, Trixie, maturing and becoming a better pony; she starts the series as a wannabe corrupt Courtier who manipulates, lies, and uses magic tricks to get what she wants, but she matures and learns the value of friendship over the series. The two arcs were slated to collide in the final story of the season, where Trixie would use the new virtues she had obtained and the power of her friendship to help the good Courtiers, rebuff the corrupt Court, defeat Greengrass and overcome his machinations with the power of friendship, and start a slate of investigations that would take the bad ponies out of play and perhaps into a prison cell. But then things went all wrong:
    • The corruption of the Court was revealed to be much worse than stated before, with the whole system being essentially unsalvageable and needing to be rebuilt from scratch. This showed a much darker Equestria than ever before in the series, where governmental corruption and misrule was the norm rather than the exception. It also showed Luna as a frankly terrible ruler who allowed things to get so bad.
    • The corruption then extended to the very top, in which a pony in charge of sending relief money to Ponyville decided not to do so because he hates Trixie Lulamoon and wants her to suffer. This preceded a five chapter Humiliation Conga for Trixie as she continually debased and humiliated herself trying to change his mind, all while the other corrupt Courtiers tried to impede her progress.
    • Once Trixie finally saved Ponyville, rather than use anything she'd learn over the course of the season, she reverted to who she'd been at the beginning and decided to use lies, manipulation, and (highly illegal) magic tricks to expose the Courtiers rather than any legal method. In doing so, she adopts not only their methods, but also their motivations (arguing, weakly, that her actions are necessary to fight Corona) and became indistinguishable from the ponies she's fighting. At no point does she even try a method such as helping the investigations that were already stated to exist.
    • And, finally, the story is entirely pointless in the meta sense. RainbowDoubleDash said that he doesn't want any more Court stories, so he's having the Court more or less destroyed here to prevent that. Setting aside the other ways that could be used to take the Court out of play, people could just choose not to write about the Court in season 2. Or, if that won't work, since RainbowDoubleDash controls what is canon and what isn't, he can just make any Court stories non-canon. Thereby solving the problem without ruining all the characters and worldbuilding already done.
  • The other Wall Banger moment in the Lunaverse comes from Carrot Top Season, in which Applejack is a crazy, paranoid moron who winds up hated by virtually the entire town; Flim and Flam regress into a couple of generic thugs who eventually abduct Apple Bloom, and Carrot Top is more or less confirmed to be genuinely incompetent at farming, having been forced to use up all the bonus money she got for saving the world just to keep her farm afloat.
    • The Character Derailment of Twilight Sparkle, Rarity, and Applejack in the Lunaverse. Twilight Sparkle is a maniac who willfully leads an Ursa Minor to Ponyville to 'test' Trixie, Applejack is a crazy, paranoid moron, and Rarity lacks any of her selfless generosity. Really, only Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash get off easily.
  • Chapter 23: Stareway to Derpen, of Lyra's Human 2: Derpy's Human, Fluttershy gets derailed into a total xenophobe who uses The Stare on Karyn after she tosses Angel away, who had in fact, bitten her on the hand. This assault leaves Karyn catatonic and to further top off this mess, the next few lines establish the fact that Fluttershy sees Karyn as a "non-pony" (i.e. a pet).
  • Mein Schutzengel Il Mio Protettore is an otherwise-decent Axis Powers Hetalia fanfic, but there's one plot point that is incredible irritating. Hungary/Elizaveta has an affair with Roderich/Austria while her husband, Gilbert/Prussia, is away, and discovers that she is pregnant shortly afterwards, meaning that the child could belong to either man. Now, that could have made for an interesting plot, but for three things: 1) Gilbert's reaction to this is completely unrealistic. Not only is he not at all angry that she had an affair with another man one week after he left, but he actually blames himself for it, since he "left her alone". He doesn't seem all that concerned, and immediately accepts the child as his own. 2) It completely derails Roderich, who coldly rejects Elizaveta after he finds out about the pregnancy, ignoring the fact that he is a gentleman in canon and would never do something like that. 3) It's completely pointless. It doesn't change Gilbert and Elizaveta's relationship any, and from that point on it's never even mentioned that the child might not be his — meaning that you could completely cut this part out of the story and not affect it at all. It seems that it only happened in the first place to demonstrate how much better Gilbert is than Roderich.
  • No Birds, No Bees, a Lucky Star fanfic in which all male humans are dead, and all remaining females are killing and torturing one another just to survive. The premise alone would come across to many as this trope, but if Y: The Last Man is anything to go by, there could be plenty of possible explanations as to why only the male half of humanity died in an instant. But, here we go: During the first chapter, the main characters are attacked by an unknown assailant from a rooftop. Yui shoots her down, and upon finding out she isn't dead, they also discover that their enemy just so happened to be Ayano Minegishi from back in high school. She gets exactly one line in, before her arm spasms, and Konata shoots her in the forehead. It would be understandable enough that they'd kill her right then and there if it was to euthanize her, seeing as no one in her group has any medical skills to speak of. No way they're gonna be able to catch up with each other when she's in such pain as she was in. But no, that wasn't the reason; as Konata narrates, it's because in that kind of world, if you don't trust anyone with your life, you kill them. Yeah, I'm pretty sure given their friendship in the past, she most likely wouldn't have posed anything of a threat to them after realizing who they were. To add to that, Kagami makes no attempt to stop Konata from killing her until after she does so, and then expresses disdain towards her. Konata narrates that she didn't because she knew how resolute she was in her decision, but that's exactly why she should have stepped in, even if she had no chance of stopping her either physically or verbally. With this whole scene alone, you're probably thinking, what's gonna become of Yutaka and Minami if they ever meet with the main characters again, if they're even still alive? Then again, one should wonder why the main characters didn't bother to meet up and enlist with Ayano or any of their other friends in the first place back when it all started. Especially Yutaka, who happens to be Yui's sister and the younger of Konata's cousins, both of whom she lived with and shared an intimate bond with. There is no excuse as to why she shouldn't have been included; it's clear enough that the four main characters were still seeing each other when the shit hit the fan, as well as their homeroom teacher and Konata's adult cousin, so there's no reason why they wouldn't have been able to look for her as well (same with their mothers and sisters, as well as Yutaka's own friends, especially Minami). One has reason to doubt that she was killed between then and when the fic starts either; if she was, then why didn't Konata say anything about that when she described how she and her five remaining friends managed to survive up until now?
  • The Superjail! fanfic Extended Stay has a few of its own. First off, in the tenth chapter, we find out that the reason Ultraprison can't just leave after they've refueled is because Mistress is pregnant by Warden. At no point during the fanfic up until that point did we see Mistress exhibit any pregnancy symptoms, leading to the conclusion that it was merely an Ass Pull just so Warden and Mistress would have a reason to stay together. Another thing to bring up is that Ultraprison is supposedly only stopping at Superjail (because it just so happened to be the nearest place to land) for a limited time just to refuel. With that said, Mistress being pregnant would mean that they were apparently staying for about several weeks, two or three months at the most, while they had to fuel up to get home.
    • Secondly, remember in Chapter 12 when Warden and Mistress were getting married? And remember at the end of that chapter when Mistress (who was eight months pregnant, mind you) suddenly went into labor and Warden had to send Jailbot and NOVA to fetch a doctor? Yeah, here's a good question: how the hell could they have not known that would happen?! How did they overlook the possibility that maybe, just maybe, they would need a doctor on standby in case anything went wrong? And why didn't Jared or Cherice warn their bosses about it? While one could make the argument that it would be okay for Warden and Mistress to overlook that tiny detail (as well as make some mistakes) because they are young lovers who are just about to become parents, it still baffles me.
  • Dash's New Mom stacks these like bricks.
    • The initial conflict of the story comes from Rainbow Dash being unable to accept the relationship between her widowed father Blue Streak and Twilight Sparkle (who for some reason is singled out as Dash's best friend). While this is an understandable reaction in itself, the sheer vitriol she directs at both parties, to the extent of impulsively stating out loud to a third party that they shouldn't be happy (this coming after Blue had experienced several years of depression following the death of Dash's mother), is repellent coming from the Element of Loyalty.
    • The first party to call her out for this behavior? Discord. Dash accuses him of somehow causing the situation despite supposedly having reformed, and after an extended false confession, he acts as though he is morally superior to her not just because of her accusation but because she was the only one of the Mane 6 not to have offered some friendly gesture after his Heel-Face Turn. Never mind the Mind Rape and Sadistic Choice he had put her through, in addition to the other suffering he caused in the eons before he got better.
    • After all this, it seems like Dash is ready to talk things over with Twilight- but no, Twilight's nowhere to be found and instead Dash ends up going through the same gripes to Pinkie, complete with sudden jarring Ship Tease which borders on a Big Lipped Alligator Moment.
    • Then, when it again seems like Dash, Blue and Twilight have all cooled down and might be able to come to some sort of understanding, Dash walks in on the other two about to make love on her mother's old bed (when her previous scene, the aforementioned Pinkie discussion, had ended with no indication she was going to go to her father's house), resulting in louder rehashing of all of the previous arguments, Twilight walking out for... some reason, and Blue throwing his daughter out and borderline disowning her. As comments indicated, while this might happen in real life, in a story it makes the buildup of prior chapters worthless, and multiple readers either expressed disgust with everypony involved or dropped the story altogether.
    • Additionally, while it's mentioned that Twilight was initially unaware of Blue and Dash's being related (and lampshaded how utterly stupid that was of her), it is shown that, prior to Blue telling Dash at the beginning of the story (when the relationship had been going on for at least a month and we later learn they had already made love once), Twilight had not let her friends know she was dating at all, let alone (once Blue had told Twilight) that it was with Dash's father.
  • Avatar the Last Airbender, Legend of Skye has a few moments that stand out:
    • Sozin's soldiers completely ignored two whole Air Temples when launching their attack.
    • For whatever reason, everyone in the original series is alive and well sixteen years after the war began.
    • Avatar Skye decides to take Katara and Sokka to the North Pole so Katara can have a Waterbending master, ignoring the fact that Skye already mastered Waterbending in the beginning of the story and could have easily taught Katara on her own while moving on to learn Earthbending.
    • When trying to infiltrate a Fire Nation colony, Skye dyes her hair blond. In a universe where all the nations are based primarily off of East Asian cultures.
    • Skye does the same thing Aang did in "Bato of the Water Tribe", despite the fact that the Air Nomads are still around and therefore she hasn't had the same pressures Aang did being the Last of His Kind.
    • One character is named Tyler.
  • Shattered, which deals with the aftermath of Rainbow Dash having experienced a rape by the Wonderbolt Soarin', is largely well written even if it treads the line between Trauma Conga Line and Deus Angst Machina. However, Chapter 20 shatters all suspension of disbelief when it is suddenly revealed Dash was impregnated, and had kept it hidden because she didn't want her friends to coddle her. While only about a month has passed in-story, theoretically a short enough time to allow for this oversight, dumping one more bombshell after the extended emotional trauma, Dash having to deal with both her estranged parents and her homosexuality becoming public knowledge, and months of readers (and characters) increasingly worrying that Soarin' will not face proper justice (or even that what happened wasn't truly what Dash and her friends believe), especially when Word of God states that it is 80% of the way through the story, resulted in utter Narm for multiple readers. This also necessitates the sudden introduction of an abortion debate, which both increases the Narm and inflames commenters (despite a token request not to debate the subject). The same Word of God states that this was part of the initial plan for the story, and the early stages ended up taking much longer to tell than planned, but locking oneself into an ending while one's setup balloons didn't gel for How I Met Your Mother, and it doesn't gel here.
  • Another Lucky Star fic, Cries Unheard, could be just as well-named Crap Unread, given how poorly-written it is in general. (WARNING: Not for anyone who can't tolerate rape, abuse, and blackmail.)
    • First of all, the fic (as well as in the author's previous works) assumes that the Japanese school year begins in September and ends in June, just like in America. That's right, author bloodscorpion4ever just up and ignored all evidence from the anime that blatantly contradicts that, from the girls' summer activities in episodes 5 and 6, to the break between years that was shown in 14 and 15. His habit of dropping references to the anime in all his works only makes it that much more insulting; he, and especially he, should know damn well that the Japanese school schedule does not match the American one, especially since the school year actually begins in April and ends in March. It's not even like he didn't do the research; it's more like the research was already done for him, and he just threw it all out the window.
      • Not to mention a picture he describes during his first LS fic, The Loss of Innocence, which depicts Tsukasa and Kagami standing in front of their school on their very first day there. Said day is described as a warm day with falling cherry blossoms, not a cool day with other trees' leaves having turned brown and fallen. He got it right the first time, why did he fuck it up afterwards?
    • Satoshi poisons Cherry with a tainted dog biscuit. When Tsukasa and Kagami come over to comfort Minami, she thinks that it died from illness that should have been evident from her burying her food. I'm pretty sure Minami would have noticed and taken action if her dog exhibited any real symptoms of illness. The fact that that thing was perfectly healthy just the previous day should have raised concerns among everyone, and the fact that Satoshi and his family only moved in right before the dog's death should have made everyone suspicious of them.
    • Kagami is blatantly Out of Character all fic long. Accepting an invitation by Satoshi, whom she barely even knows, into the city? Check. Falling head-over-heels for a friend of his that she barely knows either, and even letting him feel her hair? Check. Leaving Tsukasa to fend for herself while she and the boys watch a scary movie somewhere? Check. Abandoning Tsukasa during a shopping trip meant to cheer her up, in favor of that same boy once they come into contact again with him? And it doesn't even occur to her that she's being stalked? Check.
      • Oh! And she also tells Yui in one of the flash-forward chapters about having ignored her family about Tsukasa's failing emotional state, and Misao about the boys she's been hanging out with. Let's see: Misao has been raped and abused alongside Konata by both Riku and Kenji. Kagami stabs Kenji over a hundred times with a knife exactly for his horrific treatment of all her friends, but only after regrouping with Konata and Miyuki (after realizing what she really was to him and Riku) and learning from them how bad those boys really made things for everyone. While that clearly rules out a lack of concern for her friends' well-being, how exactly did she miss it the first time? If Misao withheld what happened to her from her, then why the hell would she have come to her in the first place following her initial ordeal? Kagami was being manipulated? Please. It's not even like the author added any other factors beyond mere infatuation into her relationships with them. Misao may be an airhead, but there is no way Kagami would trust the word of someone she only met the other day over someone she has been friends with for years on end if the latter were to complain about something horrible the former had done to her, and she would never let superficial love get in the way of holding any perpetrators accountable.
    • Tsukasa, on her part, becomes depressed just because Kagami has a new boyfriend, thinking that said boyfriend has replaced her in her heart, and for whatever reason, won't even accept consolation from her other family members. While it is narrated that Kagami did start ignoring her from the moment Satoshi caught up with her from Minami's house, it seems more like she didn't even try to be involved in their conversation, instead of just tagging along and feeling sorry for herself. Nevermind Kagami, this is out of character for Tsukasa, given how much more active she was in all group conversations she was in prior to this one.
      • And Kagami just lets her fall further and further into despair until she hangs herself? For the sake of a shallow love interest (who, as already mentioned, should not have even been enough to drive the two of them apart in the first place)? In character enough that she'd mourn the loss of her sister, but did she really think continuing to neglect her in favor of Riku, even above all her family's warnings, would end favorably?
    • And then there's those boys' plans to help Satoshi's father smuggle weapons to be shipped through the shipping company that Miyuki's father, Jiro, runs. This they could have kept as simple as taking Miyuki hostage somewhere in order to extort security information from him, and then releasing her and disappearing once things went through. Here's what they do instead:
      • For whatever reason, they assume that Miyuki has the information that they need. Lucky for them, she actually does, though only from stuff she overheard from her father. Question is, why did they assume that she would know, given how irrelevant it is to her.
      • And then, after meeting resistance by Miyuki for further information, the boys take to their own methods to hacking the company's security system. And then it's afterwards that Satoshi fills her in on some shower footage he secretly took of her earlier on, in order to blackmail her. Why didn't he do this in the first place? In fact, here's an even better idea: Threaten Jiro with the nude footage that Satoshi took of Miyuki, and leave Miyuki herself out of it.
      • Instead of keeping their victims to a minimum, they try to silence each of Miyuki's friends by driving Tsukasa and Konata (and later Misao) past the Despair Event Horizon, keeping Kagami in a blinded state with their affection to her to see how long it takes for her to offer them her body, and doing whatever they can think of to keep all their other friends at bay in different ways. The reasoning is that they all love their friends too much not to take action if one of them is in trouble, but as already stated, they could have simply seized Miyuki off somewhere to keep hostage (which they did exactly with Minoru, Yutaka, and Konata at different points). Why they don't just kill most of their victims outright is anyone's guess, considering what their real goal is, how much more work they're making for themselves, how much of a prison sentence they're already risking by doing what they do, and the fact that dead people can't contact authorities while anyone still alive can (especially if pushed so far that everything at stake ceases to matter).
      • And how much time did they spend getting to know Miyuki's friends? A few days. That's right, they didn't even bother to learn about anyone else they might have to deal with until meeting them by accident.
      • One of those happens to be Misao, whose family was out camping within Riku and Kenji's vicinity while they were abusing Konata during their own outing. Did it not occur to them to relocate in the first place before any of them noticed what was going on, which Misao did before being enslaved by them?
      • In fact, why don't they just wait until everyone (Miyuki included) goes off to different colleges, which they're all going to very soon? Not only would they barely know anyone at their new schools, but they themselves would all be divided and out of the way altogether by default. Miyuki would be a lot more vulnerable then, whether the boys would want to question her or take her hostage, and Satoshi even was due to go to the same school as her. Even assuming this takes place during summer vacation, would a few months really have been too long to hold off for (especially considering how long Satoshi's family waited in the first place to introduce him to Miyuki)?
      • Y'know what? Let's just summarize this with two words: Stupid Evil!
  • "I love you, Handy" From Kiss The Smurf (and Shini Smurf). This fic... (sigh) This fic. It has about a lot of things you do wrong in a slash fic. Bad story telling, people out of character. This is why some people look down on slash writers. Cause some of them care more about their hormones, than writing a proper story.
    • This fic has two prequels and they are nothing but very bad characterization, and shoe-horned smut. This fic starts with two Mary-Sue smurfettes, Ashli and Shini (never mind where the hell they even come from?) Kiss The Smurf "insists" that she likes Hefty/Smurfette. So what the hell was the point of making Ashli and pairing her up with Hefty, outside this fic? She also "insist" that she watched the 80s cartoon, but judging from her fics, it's hard to believe her. In this fic, nothing much happens except senseless shoe-horned smut, and Handy giggling/crying/being an ass. When Hefty and Handy's relationship was found out, Papa Smurf was made into a bastard father to them and half of the smurfs population were homophobic assholes. They'd be suprised, but even in the medieval times, kind-hearted Papa and the rest of the smurfs wouldn't react so hatefully over two smurfs in a gay relationship. They teach about love, kindness and getting along after all. When Smurfette and Ashli found out, it felt biased how they made Ashli so "sweet and innocent" and made poor Smurfette a cold-hearted bitch and slapped Hefty (though she had every right to be pissed with Hefty, on account that he slept with her and called her a whore when Kiss The Smurf said "Hefty's the type to sleep with lots of smurfs" making him look like a hypocritical bastard). When Papa Smurf ordered the chef smurfs (who were stronger then Hefty???) to "Take away" Hefty (but not Handy, he's useless anyway), Hefty... was too weak against them?? And Handy didn't even bother to do anything or at least say, "No! Stop!" Coward. Then Gutsy came to defend them and beat up the chef Smurfs giving Hefty and Handy enough time to take one of the storks and fly away out of town.
    • Later, they find a house which was conveniently Ashli's old home and there was mainly more stupid shoe-horned smut. When the smurfette sues, Grouchy and Gutsy found them (and had nothing against them being sick perverts), the smurfette sues taught Handy how to cook. Now, note that Handy was never very good at cooking but Ashli and Shini being sues they manage to teach him to be a great cook in less than a day. Meanwhile Gutsy and Grouchy were busy listening to Hefty. Hefty saids "It's not just abut sex." (sure thing, liar) and... the squicky parts are covered, he explains to them in details how he heartbrokenly jacked off and how far they went. Grouchy would've said "Whoa, whoa! I'm fine with you and Handy being a couple, but I hate too much infomation!" And since Gutsy is Shini's boyfriend, he doesn't just tolerate the couple, but you might as well say he's as horny about Hefty/Handy as Shini is. After they left, there was more stupid smut. Back at the smurf village, the village has been in shambles for months. The two writers failed to research that without Handy around, the village is a disaster. If they watched the episode "It's a Smurfy Life", they know that without Handy at all, it would be to a point, that they would have to move out of the village and try to find somewhere to go. The smurfs could've been dead by now, so subtracting Handy from the village for months in your fic is never a good idea. At least not without consequences.
    • Generally speaking, when you have anal sex, you're supposed to use a form of lube. Lube!! If the smurfs didn't need that, then what were Papa smurfs and the other smurfs freaking out about earlier?!
    • The writers treated Handy and Smurfette's relationship terribly. Had they watched the 80s show, they'd know that Hefty isn't Handy's only close friend but several others as well, even Smurfette. You could say "but it's the 3D movie's version", which is bullshit, because material from the 80s cartoon is being used. We don't know if Hefty and Handy were good friends in the 3D version, so if you're gonna make them close friends, you can't just dismiss that Handy's other close friendships were powerful as well. In a flashback scene in the fic, Handy and Smurfette were dating, Handy made her a wrapped up gift and tried to give it to her but she turned it down (because all the other smurfs are always chasing/dating her and she just loved Hefty, but she didn't bother to explained that to Handy) and coldly rejected him, leaving him bawling all night. They were both out of character. Handy (who's supposed to be smart, but isn't in this fic, would already know that Smurfette has a lot of other smurfs to decide who she wants to be with and he would understand (though not fully give up). And in the first place, Handy is one of Smurfette's top choices she wants to be with. It had just been waned, because Handy was with Marina the Mermaid. And even if Smurfette didn't want Handy, she would've explained to him why she would feel bad taking the gift and gently turned him down but not the way the writers did it! Plus she would be smart enough to know that leaving Hefty's best friend to cry all night would put a strain on both her and Hefty's relationship!
    • Back with Hefty and Handy, more smut, then Handy found out Hefty slept with Smurfette and broke up with him (too bad that doesn't last). During the Wangst, Handy was in his room, having a flashback, then at the end of the flashback there was shoe-horned sex up a tree and then he jacked off about it. This just ruins the mood of the scene and makes it feel more like Handy's just a sex-starved pervert rather than someone who wasn't really over someone. "I never really stopped loving you", more like "I never really stopped lusting over you" which was good enough for Hefty. And then there was smut.
    • And what's a wallbanging fic without pointless blood-sucking sex?
    • When they were back at the village, Hefty had to help with Papa at the forest and told Handy to stay put. Handy didn't listen and got lost in the forest. Just how hard is for the other smurfs to restrain one weak smurf, especially one who always giggles/cries and can't take care of himself??! They must've got sick of his constant screaming and crying! That must be it!
    • That fact that Handy didn't think through his dream prophecy and just went into the woods alone without a weapon to bring along and... what does he make again??... Oh, yeah. Inventions!! That was really out of character for him!
    • The part where Gargarmel kidnaps Handy. You know, when you're cheering for the bad guy to kill the supposed good character, that's how bad the writing is.
    • Gargamel is one of the few characters mostly portrayed correctly, though he may not care, if two smurfs were in a gay relationship, medieval times or not. He just cares about eating them/turning them into gold.
    • Near the end of the story, everyone treated Handy like a chick with a dick and in the last chapter; when Hefty proposed to him, he cried and cried and cried.
    • Remember folks! If you do nothing but cry and cry and cry and be a whiny ass to everyone, things will go your way in the end! As Spongebob said, crying does solve your problems after all! Isn't that a wonderful, beautiful lesson?!
  • "Challenge of Fatherhood", a Digimon Adventure 02 fanfic, has several of these. In (relative) chronological order:
    • One of the villains, a Diaboromon, turned out to have Myotismon's data inside of him... except that wouldn't be possible, since in the final episode of 02, the Digidestined destroyed Myotismon's soul, so there'd be no way for him to return, even inside of another digimon.
    • The end of "Patty the Nurse" features Patamon hitting Neko (a hospitalized child, mind you) just because he and Patty were kissing, and he grounds Patty for the same reason. Um, when did Patamon suddenly become so extreme? He spends the next few chapters feeling guilty about what he did... and yet, the next time he's alone with Patty and Neko, the first thing he does is pull a Chew Out Fake Out instead of actually apologizing. Uh, Patamon? What happened to feeling like a bad father?
    • In the chapter "The F Word", Patty has been having an extremely bad day, and when she accidentally rips some paper she was planning to draw on, she blurts out an F-bomb. Patamon's immediate reaction is to yell at her for saying that word "under the same roof as [him]", send her to her room, and ban her from TV for a week. At no point did he ask her where she learned that word, or even tried to gently explain why that word isn't polite to say. According to him, she learned it from TV (we have to take his word for it, as the chapter never offers an alternative explanation). If that's the case, why was he letting her watch those shows in the first place? Gatomon didn't think the punishment was too extreme at all; her only reactions amounted to "I can't believe she said that...", "Where did she learn that word?", and (since she was pregnant at the time) telling her unborn child "I hope you didn't hear what she said." When Patty goes to visit her friends later in the chapter, it's established that she had no idea what she had said, as her friends had to explain it to her. And Patty herself never even asked her parents about it; all she did was apologize for her attitude. It'd be understandable if she was swearing at her parents, but she just yelled the word out at no one in particular without knowing what it meant, so this chapter felt really unfair to her.
    • There is, at one point, a story arc where it seems like Neko is destined to die to help save the world. The characters angst about this for quite a while, and then, during a fight with the arc's villain, it finally happens. After the fight is over, Patty (in her Mega form, Cherubimon) uses her powers to bring Neko back to life, and they continue on as if he never died. Um... if she could do that all along, why were they all angsting about it? The whole thing feels really anticlimactic.
    • In one arc, Arukenimon and Mummymon return to serve as the villains. This is a bit problematic because, in canon, they were evil mainly because they were following their master's orders. Since the aforementioned master redeemed himself (albeit at the cost of his life), it feels like the two don't have much rationale for their misdeeds in this fic, other than because they can.
    • The chapter "Lost Colors" has Patty becoming colorblind when she accidentally rams into a tree. While colorblindness is usually a genetic condition, it can be occasionally caused by damage to the optic nerve (the reasoning used in the fic). However, what makes it a wallbanger is what cures it: Patty ramming into a tree again. Shouldn't that have worsened the damage instead of fixing it?
    • In "The End of a Rainbow", the kids go to find out if there really is a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. They eventually do find one, but it's being guarded by a leprechaun digimon who attacks the kids. Fortunately for the kids, Patamon (as Angemon) comes to save them. But does he fly them out, away from the leprechaun? Nope! He instead deletes the leprechaun and lets the kids take his treasure. So if someone trespasses on someone's territory, and the owner of the territory retaliates, then it's perfectly okay to kill the owner and take their property?
  • The Dusk Guard Saga: Steel Song doesn't reciprocate his friend Cappy's clear interest in him because she's a much younger mare. He gets heat from this from several of the mares in his life, culminating his sister assaulting him over it when he breaks Cappy's heart. Then they actually talk about it two weeks later, and it turns out that he met the mare in question before moving to the town where they met, and she's older than she looks and closer to his age, and she's had a crush on him since. The logical thing to do would be for the sister to apologize, then for Song to see the mare the next time he has a break from running the titular Guard. What actually happens is that the sister apologizes for being wrong, but not for hitting him, and he proceeds to gallop himself to exhaustion to get back to his old town so he can apologize for his perfectly reasonable mistake. He could've explained why he didn't want a relationship, but the mares in question were acting like Cappy was entitled to Song, and never actually talked to him about the matter. He didn't communicate out of ignorance, they were just passive-aggressive. When Cappy apologizes for not telling him and everyone just move on, it seems kind of weak, considering that he was physically hurt over it.


  • In the 1940s, there was a radio sitcom titled "Life With Luigi". This fellow Luigi was a recent immigrant to the US from Italy. Every single time this Luigi character encountered a Latin motto of any sort, he accepted without question the translation given by his local uneducated lout. Not once did it occur to him to ponder, "Gee, those Latin words are suspiciously similar to Italian words with which I am familiar, and they do not mean what he claims." As an Italian, he's probably a Catholic (and a Pre-Vatican II Catholic at that), which should make him more familiar with Latin itself than the average American.
  • Adventures in Odyssey: The entire sports competition in the episode "Connie Goes To Camp"; first was the archery tournament, the boys win, but it was because Jimmy Barcley distracted Robyn Jacobs ("Hey, Robyn! You've got mud on your new t-shirt!") causing her to flub her shot. Instead of having her try again, or disqualifying Jimmy, everyone just goes through with it; the only thing anyone says, from the boys' coach, is that it was unsportsmanlike. Then there was the canoe competition, where the boys forget to tie their canoe from the dock, while the girls row to the finish. Do they demand a retry? Nope! They just go on to the last activity, an "Egg-In-The-Hat" relay race. (Which makes no sense, how does that even work? The hats are worn upside down? What hat can you wear upside down without it falling off??) The boys and the girls' eggs all break, and what happens? "Nobody wins the competition between the boys and the girls!" Ok, you have got to be freaking kidding me, what person would end a game with a tie without a tiebreaker? That just blows my mind.
  • An earlier episode which introduced "KYDS Radio" had one that wasn't obvious unless you thought about it. So the episode involves a kid who is very interested in radios so he starts the station. During a montage of getting the station started, we hear a kid audition for a disk jockey. The kid has a strangely nasily voice.note  A little while later when everything is going wrong, the radio kid is saying he left a kid named Benjamin in charge. "I thought Benjamin didn't want to be a disk jockey," Whit says. "He doesn't," Barry, the radio kid, replies. A moment later, we hear Benjamin... and it's the nasily voiced kid from earlier! The very one who wanted to be a disk jockey! It's an obvious continuity error, but it's a little jarring. For shame!
  • The early episode "The Tangled Web" would have been a good lesson about lying -- if it weren't so clumsily written. The story is about Jeremy Forsythe, who is tasked by his mother to buy some flour on the way home from school when he normally goes to Whit's End after school. The story makes it sound like he can't both go to Whit's End and buy the flour that day. Kind of unrealistic, but that's not the wallbanger. After school one of his friends tells him Whit is giving away free ice cream and has a movie projector exhibit set up. Jeremy debates the issue and decides to visit Whit's End. That doesn't sound too bad, does it? He could spend some time at Whit's End and buy the flour with the money his mother gave him. Well, here's where the wallbanger kicks in. On his way to the store, Jeremy discovers the money he was given to buy the flour is missing. Here's a question: what the flying fuzz happened to that money? He obviously didn't spend it on ice cream: it was free; and he wouldn't have spent it on the exhibit as a non-profit organization wouldn't charge him for it. And there are no other clues regarding what could have happened to the money. That's right: the story made poor Jeremy lose the money without explanation just to force him into a moral dilemma. Again, this story could have worked, but that Plot Hole is just inexcusable, and it ruins the whole thing. Also, Jeremy's voice is just grating.

    Tabletop Games 
  • Magic: The Gathering has some fun ones. First, we have that artifacts originally were turned "off" when tapped (turned 90 degrees). Fine. Except that they changed it, and now they specifically rewrote Winter Orb to include the broken "turned off when tapped" factor. Then there's the Humility (all creatures are vanilla 0/1s)/Opalescence (all enchantments are creatures) rules clusterfuck, and both were Standard-legal at the same time. There used to be a card type called Interrupt, associated with damage prevention (Reverse Damage), counterspells (the eponymous card), and mana generation (Dark Ritual). Interrupts were an exception to the FIFO rule. In Fifth Edition, they changed the rule to LIFO, but kept the Interrupt type, until Sixth Edition. By the way, Sixth Edition experimented with the idea of damage on "the stack". This meant that my Shock Troops could do damage, then I could sacrifice them for more damage. And that's to say nothing of the arbitrary times they put reminder text on a card, usually defeating the purpose of giving an ability a name.
  • Mitos Y Leyendas, a Chilean card game that used to be fairly popular, pitted, as its name says, creatures and heroes from different mythologies against each other, and, of course, the gods occupied the top tiers among each deck. Until the "Heroes" set, made to celebrate the country's bicentennial. Since it was based on the War of the Pacific, there wasn't too much to draw inspiration from, which lead to the wallbanger in question: They used the important historical figures as top tier cards. This, in other games, wouldn't be too bad, but here it brought Badass Normal to idiotic levels. Arturo Prat, a ship captain who performed a (pretty impressive, but still) Last Stand, could stand toe-to-toe against Zeus and Thor, and people who were otherwise colonels and lieutenants could curbstomp manticores and giants. I know it's not exactly bad to be proud of your heritage, but this is Author Appeal in a very bad sense. The company that made the cards folded shortly after, but not without producing the "Trincheras" set, based on World War One, which had even bigger problems.
  • While there are many points of dissension among the Exalted fanbase, it is universally agreed that the crunchy bits of Scroll of Heroes, Scroll of the Monk, and most of the Charms in Dreams of the First Age were abysmally written. For stuff that was actively hated rather than just really bad, however, there was the Locust War chapter in first edition Autochthonians, which was an adventure module written without considering the involvement of player characters (which is dumb enough in a generic game, but this is Exalted - player characters can reshape the world if they try hard enough), relied mainly on the device of "NPC's do things, the players... um... bear witness to their badassery, I guess", and had nonsense like a culture that has never seen an ocean being able to throw down in naval combat with the premiere oceanic power in the world and win.
  • A good number of changes to the codices for Warhammer 40,000 as written by Matt Ward. Basically, he destroyed 4 editions worth of fluff to make what amounts to propaganda (if you're feeling forgiving) or fan fiction (if you're not) into the official canon of the series. Besides him is C. S. Goto, an author who writes a fair number of the official novels. Mainly, Goto is hated for his unhealthy fascination with Eldar and use of Artistic License Physics, while Ward is hated for making his own Ultramarine army the pinnacle of what a Space Marine should strive for. Ward's one saving grace is that he helped re-balance the game mechanics some, but destroyed the storyline in a single massive Fan Wank. Whether it's actually all that bad is highly subjective, but generally falls in the "don't care for it" to "HERESY! *BANG*" range for fan attitudes.
    • While Ward's list of crimes against sanity are long and numerous, his most recent act of Canon Defilement came in the form of the Iyanden codex. Some of the less wallbanger worthy moments consisted of Iyanden believing the Tyranids are an easily defeated threat, even when warned repeatedly by Eldrad Ulthran that they can easily crush Iyanden overnight. Mass Character Derailment of Iyanden as a whole, with Ward turning it into a clone of Biel-Tan. Ynnead, one of the most consistently maintained ideas behind the Eldar, being effectively retconned into an urban myth rather than a millenia old gambit by the entire Eldar race. And finally Iyanden being successfully hit by an exterminatus attack (you know, that thing used to blow up planets) which does only minimal damage. Things get dumber from there.
      • On a minor note, one of the Iyanden characters killed a Space Marine with a single stab to the chest. Matt Ward should know Space Marines are sturdier than that, possessing an extra heart and lung apiece specifically for this very reason. And no, the sword wasn't poisoned, nor boosted with Force Weapon magic.
    • Let's not forget the story named "The Bloodtide Returns", where another pet of Ward, The Grey Knights, are featured. Long story short: a Bloodthirster appears on a planet and begins to corrupt the population with an ancient weapon, including a few Sisters of Battle who were fighting bravely despite being on the losing side. Then comes the Grey Knights and instead of aiding them in the fight, butcher the Sisters of Battle in order to make wards out of their blood to become immune from the corruption. They then banish the bloodthirster and they day is saved. What is the main problem outside of the anti-climactic and completely moronic fates that the Sisters had to suffer? Simple: The Grey Knights are already immune from any corruption, making the wards completely unnecessary. It was hammered home in every page of the very same book. Basically, the Sisters were killed for absolutely no reason.
    • In-universe, about half the Eldar's plans cause anyone with a lick of common sense to seek a brick wall to slam into. Even granted their belief that any other race is impossibly beneath them, their impossibly convoluted schemes are more shocking when they DO work out than when they fail spectacularly. For instance, we have the hook "Our Farseer has fortold that an expedition from this human world will end up waking a dormant Necron tomb world in the outer edge of their system." Common sense plan: "Drop subtle hints and/or blatantly tell the humans that there's something of unimaginable horror on that world, the type of thing that if even LOOKED AT would have the entire Inquisition burning the subsector to the ground and then burning the ground." Typical Eldar plan: "Use psychic powers to invoke mass riots amongst the populace to grind production to a halt. This eventually makes them an easy target for a passing Ork Waaagh, and if the Orks attack they can't be defeated so the humans fall back and dig in to the only world in the system they have left, which is the Necron tomb world... Oops."
    • Ladies and gentlemen, the Pyrovore. Widely considered to be the worst unit in the history of the game, the Pyrovore sports a downright bizarre set of stats and abilities that leave it suitable for no combat roles whatsoever, leaving many to wonder what the writers were smoking when they made it. It also debatable breaks the basic motivations of the Tyranids - to eat everything - by burning enemies instead of the more typical dissolving acid spray. At least the model looks cool...
    • Codex: Clan Raukaan is effectively a marathon of these moments, where you can barely go a page without running into something astoundingly stupid. Along with full blown Canon Defilement by erasing anything which made the Iron Hands unique short of their bionics, the book went to astounding lengths to turn them into a chapter of Straw Hypocites to shoehorn in a horribly nonsensical Redemption Quest. What went wrong? The book retcons Ferrus Manus' long suspected ghost into being a daemon prince and makes puts down all of the Iron Hands' traditions as its efforts to turn them to Chaos. This would be bad enough, but then the authors go and state that emotional control and restraint fuels Chaos, while venting rage somehow weakens it. Just to remind readers: Chaos is BUILT upon emotion. Some Iron Hands ans took this so badly they jumped ship to the Horus Heresy era purely so they wouldn't be associated with this lore. One review described the book thusly:
    "This book is the tabletop gaming version of a hate crime."
  • The New World of Darkness has the book Second Sight, which is pretty good as a whole (particularly its Thaumaturgy chapter). Sadly, its presentation of Psychic Powers is terrible. The premise is that psychics are real, but Science Is Wrong and scientific scrutiny makes them harder to use. Not only does this go harshly against the pro-science stance of the rest of the NWOD, but the book sinks so low as to present Uri Geller - a Phony Psychic maligned by the rest of the self-claimed psychics - as a real psychic whose powers were dampened when they exposed him!

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