Nickelodeon has always had hits in running, in the 90's and today. However, [[DarthWiki/WallBanger these moments]] are examples of what make teens and adults want the classics back so badly.


* [[WallBangers/ICarly iCarly Wall Banger Page]]

[[folder: ''Drake and Josh'']]
* "Merry Christmas, Drake and Josh". First, the police arrested Josh when he was the one who called him. Sure, they thought he was one of the party crashers, and he was in the party area, but it still wasn't very nice of them.[[note]]That kind of thing happens in RealLife. It doesn't make it any better in fiction...[[/note]] [[FromBadToWorse It gets worse]]. When Drake and Josh take Mary Alice and her foster family to the parade, Officer Gilbert tricks Crazy Steve into blowing their cover (they can't tell her about the vote ahead of time because that could influence their decision). After that, Mary Alice and co. will not trust Drake and Josh no matter how hard they try. Some of it was PlayedForLaughs, but to ridiculous measures.
** Everyone insists on calling the chimpanzees monkeys. Why? Just have the characters call them chimpanzees; it's not hard at all.
*** Chimps on TV are pretty much always just called monkeys. They're one of the de facto animals used to get across the word "monkey." If it's not enough, they could have called them "chimps," but this happens far more often than just here.
** The film itself, while overall not a bad Christmas special, but the entire set up for it is just mind boggingly insulting to the intelligence of the audience. The above mentioned where the police arrest Josh despite him being the one who called them, as apparently they assumed they were called because of the party itself. Next, he's in jail. How? How the hell did they go from arresting him over a mistake on their part to him in jail? They wouldn't have gotten that far. They would have talked to Helen and found out the party was authorized, and the call was about the party crashers. They would have found out he worked there and was allowed on the roof. They would have found out he was the one who called them in the first place. Arresting him is possible, but charging him and keeping him overnight in a prison lockup? YouFailLawForever Dan.
*** ...and when Josh repeatedly tried to tell the officers that he did absolutely nothing wrong, they all ignored him, one of them even going so far as to tell him ''to shut up''. Even though Josh is the ButtMonkey of the show, this part of the movie was unacceptably cruel.
* "Theater Thug". Pretty much the entire second half of the episode is Josh getting beaten up and arrested despite the fact that [[InformedAttribute he barely even looks like the Theater Thug]] (and despite the fact that the Theater Thug was clearly warned to be violent). And let's not forget the end, where the real thug shows up, and Drake tries to take him down, but he escapes. Then when the cops arrive, Josh gets arrested ''again'', and the episode ends. This episode took his ButtMonkey status to ridiculous lengths. Not cool.
** Even if Josh did look like the Theater Thug, why didn't he at least quickly try to show his driver's license or school ID to anyone who accused him of being the criminal?
* In "The Affair", Drake and Josh find out that Walter is seeing another woman and start to believe that he's having an affair. When they finally catch him with her in a restaurant, they drive her away by dumping food on her and they feel they've accomplished something. However, their victory is cut short when Walter irritably points out that the woman is the head a news program called "Good Morning, Today" which, according to Walter, is dubbed the number one news program in America, and how she wants to elevate his position as weatherman to a higher status by making him become the weatherman on her show, which could have been the start of a better life for him and his family. Walter then punishes his sons for having this chance blown, by having pour food all over themselves. Now, okay, you can argue that they deserve to be punished for their actions, but the problem is, Walter caused the whole thing - he didn't tell them why he was out so late and why he was being so secretive. If he had told them the truth in the first place, odds are, none of this would have happened! To make matters worse, it's clear that he understands that they thought he was having an affair when he confronts them, and he doesn't even acknowledge that he's the cause of this!
* In ''The Battle of Panthatar'', Drake is kicked out of a spoiled rich jerk's birthday party because he was kissing the guys girlfriend. Okay, but when Josh, like an asshole, forced Drake to giving the rich guy his AUTOGRAPHED [[Music/AbbeyRoad ABBEY ROAD]] [[Music/TheBeatles BEATLES]] [[AbbeyRoad ALBUM]], the rich kid ''still'' doesn't invite them in. At least they got the album back.
** What pissed this troper off was the fact that when the rich kid catches Drake kissing his girlfriend, he un-invites ''Josh'' too! For no reason other than he's Drake's step-brother! WithFriendsLikeThese...
** [[KarmaHoudini Thorton didn't even punish Maria]] (other than breaking up with her) despite the fact that Drake didn't even know she had a boyfriend, and she never told him, so how was he supposed to know?
** Megan had the chance to invite them in and completely refused. Sometimes, I wish there was an episode where Megan gets thrown in a lake with cement shoes....
** It cannot be overstated that Josh, supposedly the nicer, better brother, of the two, ''forces'' Drake to give up a treasured possession in order to get into a party. First off, it wasn't really Drake's fault they were uninvited - he had no idea the girl had a boyfriend. Second, Josh only got the invite in the first place because Drake did, yet he felt perfectly justified in making Drake give an incredibly valuable thing to the kid, when Drake is clutching the album tightly, saying that he loves it more than himself, and when it comes to giving it over, he is physically incapable of letting go, and Josh has to make him. Yes, Josh did sneak into the party and help him get it back, but he never faces any real repercussions for doing this to Drake, who seems remarkably forgiving. [[{{Jerkass}} At least Megan and the rich kid are supposed to be jerks.]]
* "Eric Punches Drake" had a wall banger in the ending. Drake forced Eric to admit to everyone that he punched Drake by accident. While Eric was trying to explain what happened, he accidentally punched a girl...and everyone got mad at him for it, treating Eric with scorn. [[DoubleStandardAbuseFemaleOnMale Let me get this straight: punching a guy is fine, but punching a girl is not?]] [[TruthInTelevision As realistic as this scenario is]], I didn't feel that the trope was used well. Why couldn't Eric be treated with scorn simply because he put on an act? In my opinion, that would have worked better. I just feel that the ending ruined an otherwise decent episode as the students turned on Eric at the end simply because he hit a girl, not because he lied to everyone or ruined Drake's life just to be popular, and their behavior comes off as shallow, fickle, and unfair. ''Maybe'' the students really were angry with everything that Eric did, but it's never made entirely clear since they were too busy focusing on the girl who got hit, and even if it were clear, [[JerkAss the fact remains that they don't have a problem with people getting punched for completely trivial reasons like making fun of other people's family members, as long as the asshole victims aren't girls.]]

[[folder: ''Zoey 101'']]
* In "Wrestling", the {{Jerkass}} Coach Keller pressures Zoey into joining the wrestling team against her will, and has her go through two weeks of training and no wrestling at all, up to the time of the big wrestling tournament. In that tournament, boys keep forfeiting against her, not wanting to wrestle a girl. In the final round of the tournament, when Zoey is about to battle a very tough guy named Chuck Javers, the coach subs her out for another guy named Scott Richmond, claiming Zoey is injured when she's perfectly fine. When Zoey demands an explanation, Keller tells her that this was the whole reason he put her on the team-because he knew the guys would forfeit and not want to wrestle a girl, and he could get Scott into the final round without tiring him out. Even then, Zoey protests against this, and ends up wrestling against Chuck (who knocks her flat in four seconds). So in short, [[MoralEventHorizon he forced Zoey onto the team solely so he could use her to cheat in the tournament]], which is pretty low. Doesn't help that the coach is super obnoxious to her and snaps even over very little things she says (like correcting his talking). Zoey facing Chuck anyway was the coach's karma for thinking he could do such a thing.
* The episode "Anger Management". At first it's not so bad, with the gang getting back at Logan for some JerkAss behavior, but then it goes viral and everyone in the world hates him. As if that wasn't bad enough, when he justifiably gets mad at them, he is forced to go to some anger management class. Then he is told he will be able to leave the class if he completes the difficult task of not getting mad for a week. When the gang hears this, they feel that his Dad "bailed him out"(nevermind how difficult that would be), so they sabotage him so he will have to go back to the class. That alone is a wall banger, but the pranks they use would anger a normal person (honey on his bike, a paint bomb in his room...etc) So lemme get this straight...we're expected to believe that only a person with a short temper would be mad at these things and that they're exposing his anger problems?! Who wouldn't react like he did at having your whole room covered in paint? Are we supposed to believe that anyone who reacted like that has anger problems? The worst part? They succeed, and he has to go back to class - and to top it all off, at ''no point'' do they apologize for their earlier actions!
* In the episode "People Auction," a fire burns down Sushi Rox, and Zoey and Chase are blamed for it, which does not make any sense. While Zoey was the ''direct cause'' of the fire (for ordering more sushi after closing time), and Chase was the ''indirect cause'' of the fire (for accidentally diverting attention away from the grill while it was still in use), the blame is entirely on Kazu. He didn't have to serve Zoey more food. I know that it takes a while for grills to cool down, so Kazu couldn't have simply turned the grill off, but he was still the one operating it. That's not the biggest problem with this episode, though. The [[JerkAss Jerkass]] gym coach gets angry at Chase (but not Zoey, for some reason) and declares that he will get revenge on Chase. When Michael tries to defend Chase, the coach gets mad at him and declares revenge on him, too. Then, the gang decides to have a people auction to raise money to rebuild Sushi Rox. The coach makes a bid on Michael and Chase and tortures them for the rest of the episode [[KarmaHoudini without getting any comeuppance for it]]. Why Michael and Chase didn't report his irrational behavior to Dean Rivers is questionable.
* Similar to "People Auction," "Webcam" had a huge wall banger somewhere in the middle of the episode that involved placing blame on the wrong character. When Zoey, Nicole, and Quinn discovered that someone put a webcam in a teddy bear in the girls' lounge, guess who Zoey decided to confront first. ''Chase.'' Okay, there are four things wrong with this:
** 1. Chase was too busy with sushi deliveries to be spying on anyone. He even told Zoey and Nicole that he had to do Logan's work because Logan called in sick.
** 2. Chase never even hinted that he knew about any of the girls' secrets.
** 3. Chase is one of Zoey's ''best friends.'' He would never even ''dream'' of doing such an awful thing to Zoey. No, Zoey's being outraged is no excuse for her irrational behavior.
** 4. Upon realizing that Chase didn't spy on the girls, the very next person she decides to accuse is ''Logan.'' *facepalm* [[IdiotBall You couldn't have done that earlier, especially since he was a more viable suspect from the beginning?]] Did the writers remove Zoey's intelligence just to make this entire scene work?
* I'm adding "The Election" to the list of "a character getting blamed for another's actions."
** Basically Zoey and Chase get nominated to run for Class President, and they both agree that no matter what they won't lt the election affect their friendship. Then Logan, being Logan, decided to give away free stuff and bribe everyone into voting for Chase. So who does Zoey get mad at and act all bitchy towards for no reason? Chase. Hell, Zoey KNEW that it was Logan doing all of this and yet she still blamed Chase for everything. Even if she did apologize towards the end of the episode, we still have to spend most of the episode watching Zoey being a bitch towards Chase for no reason.
* "Girls Will Be Boys" had so many of these that my head was literally bleeding all over:
** When Logan made the argument that guys act differently around girls because of biology (and Chase agreed to it), the girls overreacted by denying their argument and saying that guys instead are simply being stupid. Sorry, ladies, but guys ''do'' act differently around girls because of biology. They didn't even try to see things from Chase's and Logan's (yes, he's a JerkAss, but still) point of view and immediately dismissed their argument.
** ...and when Logan asked the girls to leave the guys' roof (admittedly in a nasty way), Zoey rudely refused, thinking that she had every right to be there when she didn't.
** To prove to the boys that guys can act normally around girls, they have Lola dress and act like a boy...''which completely defeated the entire purpose of the plan.'' Lola had to ''change'' her behavior just to spend time with two ''boys'', inadvertently proving Logan's point. No one even realized this in the end when the girls were forced to reveal their plan to the guys!
** After making Lola look like a boy, the girls ask her to prove that she can act like one. In response to their challenge, Lola spits her gum into a nearby trash can and burps loudly, which earns her a surprised reaction from the others. Assuming that guys generally act like this (they don't, but let's pretend they do), do the girls ''still'' think that guys and girls can act the same around each other without anything weird happening?
** Did Zoey and her friends seriously lack the foresight to check and see if Michael was protected against the chicken pox before sending him to the infirmary where Dustin, who had the chicken pox, was staying? To make matters worse, Zoey and Nicole both knew that Dustin had chicken pox, and Zoey herself knew that being around people who have the chicken pox is safe as long as one has already had the disease because the disease can only be contracted once. Earlier in the episode, in order to determine whether or not Dustin could go back to his room, she contacted Dustin's roommate's mother to see if he already had the chicken pox, so why on earth did she not do the same thing with Michael? This writing flaw isn't even lampshaded.

[[folder: ''Victorious'']]
* "The Birthweek song" starts with Tori trying to find a birthday present for Trina. Andre suggests she sing a song to her. Tori does, but Trina still wants a real present. Not flattering for Trian, but okay. But then Trina sells the song to a recording company, saying she sang it. She can't sing, so she calls in Tori to sing. It looked like Trina and Tori would make up, but then ''Music/{{Beyonce}}'' calls and says she likes the song. The producers run out of the room all excited, leaving Tori, Trina and Andre literally in the dark. The ending was so random that it felt like it was written at the last minute.
* The clips of her phone with her posting a blog of her day. It shouts, [[WereStillRelevantDammIt "hey teens, we're hip,"]] but is useless to the story because it [[ViewersAreGoldfish basically summarizes the scene that just took place]]. And [[ArsonMurderAndJaywalking it's on the screen for too long]]; [[ViewersAreMorons anyone with basic reading skills can read the sentence in three seconds, but it shows for a full fifteen]].
* André and Robbie in "The Bird Scene". Basically, André has signed up for ballet and Beck [[OutOfCharacterMoment teases him about it]]. You'd think that this would be a good time for André to say: "Screw you, I like ballet", but no. Instead, he signed up purely for the sake of meeting girls. Robbie joins him. As it turns out, all the other people in ballet class had that exact same idea, making it a sausage fest. Then a girl comes in, and they pretty much smother her with their bodies. Later, Robbie and André dance to impress the girl, which ends with them accidentally getting kicked in the groin by one another. The rest of the gags are just them walking in pain. The whole thing is not funny, it's just stupid... For the record, though, I've loved every single episode since that one.
** Actually, that whole episode is a walking DarthWiki/WallBanger, seeing as Tori is brought to near-mental breakpoint by being unable to do the Bird Scene, even paying out for old-timey clothes and a real bird for the scene, thinking that is what she got wrong, only for it to turn out that it wasn't about the scene but about believing in oneself. That's right, the one thing she did wrong was say 'So, how'd I do?' That's not how drama works. Oh, and as well as that, all of her friends were banned from telling her what she did wrong. This episode is just a resounding, echoing 'NO' in the dark for eternity.
* "A Film by Dale Squires" was a pretty decent episode, up until the last scene. Tori, Jade, Cat and Andre have all paid Andre's cousin to attack Dale Squires ''on national television''. She has a cue, and is ready to go up, until Dale admits that he feels guilty about what he has done, and gives Tori and co the credit they deserved. The four try to stop Andre's cousin from getting at Dale, asking her to abort, but she goes on anyway. As she pounds at Dale, Tori tries to suggest them save him...but instead, they decide to go out for waffles, and the episode ends as Andre's cousin continues to lash out and fends off the security guards. That scene was pretty abrupt.
* "Beck's Big Break". Tori gets Beck fired from his part in a movie. That's one thing, but why is what puts it here. The lead star removes Beck after Tori attempted to correct his line that he was told was incorrect [[DisproportionateRetribution simply because she is his friend]]. The actress was flat-out obnoxious, but karma pays up when she gets removed from the film after getting shot in the hand after Tori tries to get Beck his part back.
** Did we really need an episode where Tori is blamed for something beyond her control and is forced to apologize to Melinda for something that wasn't even a valid issue in the first place? Why didn't anyone call Melinda out on her bad behavior?
** Even ignoring the hypocritical Melinda Murray, another wall banger is the moment where Robbie first discusses his nightmares. When Cat asks him about them, he immediately blurts out, "None of your business!", to which Cat says, "What's that supposed to mean?" While Robbie probably didn't intend to start a discussion on his nightmares, he blew up at a person who asked a completely innocent question and didn't even apologize for it.
* As awesome as ''Freak the Freak Out'' was, there was one bothersome part at the very end. While Trina (who just had her wisdom teeth taken out, need I mention) is in a tussle with Hayley and Tara (which is unsafe on its own, never mind in those situations), Mr. Vega comes in after having returned from Santa Barbara. He watches them for a few seconds, and what does he do? He calls out to his wife, tells her to get back in the car, takes his suitcase and leaves. Poor Trina...for the most part, that was so weird and out of nowhere that it just wasn't necessary.
** Don't forget the reason why they went to Santa Barbara in the first place: They wanted to get out of having to take care of Trina in the first place, leaving the task to Tori. Add to the fact that they outright stated that they wouldn't care if Tori came back from a foreign country without Trina, it's a mystery that they're not seen as AbusiveParents.
* The "Breakfast Bunch" episode. Yes, it was a homage to TheBreakfastClub and had a few funny moments, but otherwise, it was just a poorly written episode that had characters say random lines from the movie out of context, had a whole scene of the gang eating tacos and acting like it was their first time having sex and/or doing drugs, and had the {{Jerkass}} Vice Principal Dickers. Plus, [[BigLippedAlligatorMoment the ending with the panda bear and the balloon]]... Yes, you read that right. C'mon, [[DanSchneider Dan]], you can write better than this.
* The subplot of "How Trina Got In" (also known as "The Squid and the Coconut") falls into this. After Tori and Robbie have finished chopping up squid to WorkOffTheDebt that they owe Mrs. Li after being unable to pay, Robbie accidentally knocks a bunch of plates over, causing them to break. You'd think Tori would help him, but instead she runs off and leaves Robbie to face Kwakoo. At the end, he's alone massaging his feet. Normally I can put up with Tori's attitude problems (and i'm used to expecting this stuff from Dan at this point), but this time it was rather selfish.
* This one really goes without saying, but many people think "April Fools Blank" is one, because it's basically 23 and a half minutes of nonsensical weirdness that seems to have no point at all.
** Agreed. This episode was just one giant BigLippedAlligatorMoment with tons of pop-culture references that kids won't even get. [[TheyJustDidntCare This had "Lazy Writing" splattered all over it.]] Not to mention that in the end, they treated this episode like a sketch show. [[FlatWhat What.]]
* "Blonde Squad": The usual ButtMonkey treatment of Robbie made slightly worse, Tori the supposedly nice character belittling him something that's no more quirky then what every other character says on the show and hitting him for helping Cat(he was misguided but no other character in the show would be hit for that) then right at the end of the episode where it looks like him and Cat will get together they yank that away from him. The treatment of the character is ridiculous and not funny anymore. This wouldn't be so bad if not for karma Houdini's in other Dan Shneider shows like Sam. I heard one person on IMDB suggest the actions of actions of Rex as a justification for Robbie's butt monkey treatment in the show but Rex hasn't done anything that Sam and Jade haven't done and do every episode (the latter's actions I actually find funny, but theres still a double standard) This is getting ridiculous. The worst part part is people defend his mean spirited treatment because of stuff Rex says(never mind that its equal to the stuff Sam says to Freddie at worst) When Sam acts like a jerk, its funny and anyone wanting her to receive comeuppance is taking the show too seriously and needs to realize its not real, but the stuff Rex says is worthy of mean-spirited treatment by almost every character.
* ''Tori Fixes Beck and Jade'' could have been handled so much better. Beck and Jade, two characters who seriously needed to develop outside of their relationship, get back together for ''the exact same reason they broke up.'' That isn't an obnoxious overstatement, Beck's reasoning for wanting Jade back is almost word-for-word why he wanted to break up with her. Not to mention the fact that he says nothing specific that he likes about Jade, and on that note, says nothing positive about Jade-- in essence, it was "Jade is difficult and I like a challenge." Meredith's agreeable behavior is highly exaggerated, and the show plays this off as if these two extremes are the ''only'' options a person has, there is no middle ground, and you'll have to be fulfilled with one unhealthy relationship or the other. He speaks as though fighting constantly is a rush for him, even though Beck was clearly no happier with Jade in ''The Worst Couple'' than he was with Meredith here. And that's not even scratching the surface of the insult to Jade's character it is to sweep the events of ''Tori Goes Platinum'' under the rug, to have the couple reunited without a single confrontation or even just conversation about what she saw through the webcam, or the way her "enemy" showed more compassion to Jade than Beck did. His delivery of the line "I've missed you" is so devoid of emotion and her subsequent clinging seems so desperate that for this viewer it felt less heartwarming and more like two people resigned to the belief they'll never do better. [[ArsonMurderAndJaywalking Oh, and the title isn't really that accurate.]]
** Perhaps Beck just realized after so long why he liked Jade in the first place. That doesn't make this unhealthy relationship any less of a wall banger. Also, Jade is an outright '''monster''' in this episode. She was never ''this'' awful, even in the earlier seasons, where she was just a regular JerkAss with a few good moments. [[CharacterDerailment Now, she just bites the heads off people who get within a 10-foot-radius of her.]]

[[folder: ''Big Time Rush'']]
* The season 2 opener, "Welcome Back, Big Time". For the most part, what I hated about it was how Jo almost dumped Kendall. For one, Jo said she didn't even like Jett, and likes Kendall instead. But then, she tells Jett that he's really gifted, says to Kendall that she and Jett aren't a thing, and is about to make up with Kendall, but then tells him to forget about her after Jett says she's really gifted. And then she doesn't come back to Rocktoberfest until Kendall decides to sing "Till I Forget About You" (which Jo's absence made him want to do). I hated the episode because it just didn't feel right like that. Yeah yeah, Kendall was being mean too by interrupting her kiss scenes (especially after he said he'd take it cool), but still.
* At the beginning of ''Big Time Guru'', Gustavo [[spoiler: tries to KILL the boys after Kendall says that he should take a chill pill.]] And when James tells him to "chillax", Gustavo screams, "I AM chillaxed!" And when he finds their knives, Buddha Bob has to relax him with the pinch. And then later in, he becomes furious at the fake producers Kendall hired who criticize his mellow song. So yeah.
* Big Time Prom Kings casts all four guys as [[UnsympatheticComedyProtagonist Unsympathetic Comedy Protagonists]] regardless of how certain actions contradicted previous plotlines (Carlos' disgust at Jennifer, despite accepting and even enjoying similar "unladylike" behavior from Sasha) and pushes pretty illogical contrivances to presumably make them getting their comeuppance satisfying. Much of the plot feels written around the "hilariously awkward" ending, which crossed the line from tongue-in-cheek HoYay to gay-baiting and even [[QueerPeopleAreFunny mockery.]] Showing that the guys can behave poorly and are not always the heroes is appreciated and could have been a big step for characterization, but the discomfort is played up so much that the ending is downright unpleasant to watch.
* The premise of Lucy Stone’s song, “You Dumped Me for Her” in "Big Time Scandal". If Lucy likes the boys, then why would she want to ruin Kendall’s life (and get rid of their fans) by telling the world that he’s a jerkface? The song itself can be deemed DisproportionateRetribution, unless the song really was about other guys that she had dated and not Kendall himself like she says at the press conference at the very end of the episode.

[[folder: ''Sam & Cat'']]
* The basic premise of ''#Blue Dog Soda'' was that a guy [[DisproportionateRetribution banned blue dog soda just because it had too much sugar in it.]] Then at the end Sam, Cat, Dice and Goomer all stand up to him and tell him that he shouldn't ban blue dog soda just because ''some people'' can't control themselves and that would mean having to ban other things too. At the end he realizes that they were right and he was stupid to ban blue dog soda. In that case, how did blue dog soda even get banned for that reason in the first place? [[IdiotPlot That's just stupid.]]
* In the episode ''#First Class Problems'', Sam and Cat are going on a trip to the Bahamas with two annoying, spoiled-rich kids named Phillip and Kelly Baum who are always picky about everything like what kinds of TV to watch shows on and where their drinking water comes from. Dice and Goomer get arrested for bringing timers for the baums (the airport security took it out of context). When they are brought to explain what happened, Dice is about to tell them what that really meant, but they don't let him talk because it's Goomer's turn. However, Goomer only talks about why they brought the timers and other irrelevant stuff like how he wanted to go to the petting zoo. Just when Dice gets a turn to talk, Goomer only interrupts him and makes it worse by mimicking him, so he didn't let Dice explain why they had timers for the bombs or why Sam and Cat were even bringing them onto an airplane. Then when Goomer asks for chocolate milk, he spits it in the airport security guards' faces and Goomer and Dice run away with the timers. The airport goes on lockdown and Sam and Cat don't get to board the plane with the Baums. finally get the timers to Phillip and Kelly, and not a moment too soon because it's time for their vitamins. The only good thing about this ending is that now that the Baums (Phillip and Kelly) have their timers, the guards will probably eventually find out that that's what Goomer meant when he said "We got the timers for the Baums!" if Dice ever told them that. I just hope that the plane leaving wasn't the last flight, or else Sam, Cat, Patrick and Kelly would never make it to the Bahamas. All this just for a misunderstanding that's PlayedForLaughs when Sam, Cat, Dice and Goomer are mistaken for terrorists.
** There's also a big problem with what happened during the pre-boarding. It's unfair for the people with pets to go on before first class when they don't even need to have their pet with them, and even if Sam and Cat did go on that flight with the Baums, they still wouldn't have their timers with them.
** Really, that entire episode was stupid, especially for taking Goomer's stupidity UpToEleven. It's the writers had no idea what to do, so they just decided an episode of exaggeration would be funny and good enough.
* The ending to the final episode, ''Gettin' Wiggy'', when the series got cancelled after one season. [[spoiler: Cat gets arrested for two weeks for pulling out Jett Zander's hair when she thought it was a wig, and Dice calls Sam to tell her to bring Nona over to Phoenix so she can pay bail money. However, Nona turns out to be a better roommate to Sam that Cat ever was, offering to watch the Franklin Twins for Sam so she can sleep in, doing the laundry ahead of time, being a good cook to make delicious meals, and even helping Sam hide from the landlord when the monthly rent is due, and she seemed pretty happy to do these things for Sam. And because Nona was that good of a roommate, Sam selfishly lets Cat go to jail for two weeks so Dice to stay with her in Phoenix for two more weeks. Now that was bad enough, but did Sam really have to lie to Dice and Nona? That will just make them and Cat more mad at Sam for lying in two weeks when they come back. The worst part? Sam actually let Cat go to jail when she previously tried to defend her in ''#Magic ATM'' and now she's not doing anything because now she's got a better roommate than Cat for two more weeks? I believe that some people wouldn't pass up this opportunity and some people would do that in this situation, but that was just outright mean of Sam to betray Cat like that. At worst, it's being selfish. At best, it's making the best of a bad situation. Dice got on the cover of the teen boy hair magazine, Sam got a new roommate, Nona got to be Sam's new roommate and was proud of it, but Cat is the only one of the four focal characters in this episode who did not get a happy ending, because she got arrested for tearing out Jett Zander's hair and making him go to a scalp hospital and Sam decided not to bring Nona over to bail her out So, basically, the series ended with Sam revealing that she thought of Nona as a roommate who was an even better one than Cat.]] Seriously? This is how they end ''Sam & Cat'' after all Sam and Cat have been through together with Dice? I know it's certainly not the best way to end a series, but that's one way to do it.
--> '''Sam''': Okay, you are the best roommate ever!
--> '''Nona''': Aw.
--> '''Sam''': But don't tell Cat that. Don't go ahead and tell Cat that I LOVE YOU!
--> '''Nona''': Ho-ho-ho-ho!

[[folder: ''Other'']]
* On Nickelodeon's show ''KenanAndKel'', there was an episode where Kenan discovers that Kel has a genuine talent for painting when seeing his work at the local Rec Center - so much that an elderly man requests that Kel take part in an Art Auction at his manor. Kenan, smelling an opportunity to make money, makes Kel paint until the day of the auction. While at the auction, the elderly man comes up to Kel and says that "(he's) always been his favorite artist since he was a child." It's then that Kenan realizes that the old guy is talking about the artist Carl Krimble (Kel's name is Kel Kimble); he then tells that old man that he's made a mistake. Instead of apologizing, the elderly man goes into a fit and '''accuses Kenan and Kel''' of scamming him. Everyone then acts like Kenan and Kel were trying to scam the old man - ''NOT ONE PERSON'' says "Wait a minute, why would they say he's made a mistake if they were trying to scam him?" The worst part? ''It's PlayedForLaughs''.