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Johnny Test
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     The Show & Characters In General 
  • The only character that seems remotely likable at this point is Dukey (the dog), everyone else, esp. Johnny Test, are mostly Jerkasses, they seemed to have had some form of kindness in Season 1 and bits in Season 2 (aka the season when it made the full transition to Flash), but with every passing season, they seem to take new levels in Jerkassitude.
  • The amount of Asspulls this show can pull in one episode is mind boggling.
  • The sound designers seem to not know any sound effects beside a whip-crack.
    • Or any other transition music besides guitar riffs.

     Specific Episodes 
  • In the episode about the monster truck being an actual monster, the Test girls had hamsters that always beat each other up. The girls didn't have any idea on what to do with the two, Johnny comes up with the solution to put a female hamster into their box. This was because the two males were trying to show dominance, and a female hamster ended it. The wall banger here is that the girls honestly didn't know about the female hamster, and that the male hamsters would fight with each other. I mean, aren't they geniuses?
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