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Happy Tree Friends
Important Note: It's not just a wall banger just because your favorite character was temporarily killed off in an episode. Please only put up if it was in an illogical way.

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    In General 

  • There is often a lack of logic of death in the show; it becomes nearly completely unpredictable sometimes. Characters are often Made of Plasticine, such as in ''Swelter Skelter where Nutty gets tripped over and his head cracks open like an egg.
  • While characters can often regenerate lost limbs by the next episode, it seems that Handy can never grow his arms back and Russell can never grow his legs back.
  • A similar thing happens with Cro-Marmot. He has been able to move offscreen sometimes, such as when he goes from the door of his snowglobe-shaped house to his ice cream truck in Wipe Out! He has also thrown snowballs offscreen in Snow What? That's What! and thrown a baseball really far offscreen in Can't Stop Coffin, despite being trapped in a block of ice.
    • The Mole, despite always having his mouth covered (or possibly having No Mouth) has also been able to eat Cuddles's eye offscreen in Can't Stop Coffin when he mistook it for an apple and the coffin for a refrigerator.
  • Lumpy and The Mole often get the most jobs in the series, often which lead to the deaths of others (and even themselves occasionally). For example, in The Chokes On You, Lumpy had to take donuts out of where they were simmering and The Mole had to flatten the center of the donut. Being the blind idiot that he is, The Mole doesn't notice when he's crushing Lumpy's hand.
  • Whenever Sniffles tries to eat the ants, it is often just one-sided so that the Ants just kill Sniffles at the end. Thank God those ants haven't been in Internet Season 3.

    Internet Season 1 

  • In House Warming, Petunia's house catches in fire for just seemingly no reason at all.
  • In Helping Helps, how did Giggles's mom not notice that Giggles's severed head was replaced by an acorn?
  • In Having A Ball, when Pop crosses the street to get Cub's ball, he is nowhere near the edge of a cliff, but then he just takes one step and starts falling.

    Internet Season 2 

  • When Flippy, Handy and Sniffles were trying to get off the island in a rocket and it ended up going towards the sun, shouldn't they have had some way to steer it away from the sun?
  • What were explosives (the best reason that we can assume caused the explosion) doing inside the school theater in Class Act?
    • Also, is that where the explosions from Flippin' Burgers and See You Later, Elevator came from?
  • How could The Mole not feel that his thumb was on fire in Stealing the Spotlight? Does he have no nervous system at all?

    TV Season 1 

  • Lumpy's stupidity gets taken Up to Eleven in Don't Yank My Chain. Long story short: Lifty and Shifty impersonate Handy and The Mole and steal their car. Then when Lumpy arrives at the scene of the crime, he looks at the I Ds of Handy and The Mole to find out who is the real owner of the car. It should be obvious who the real owner is, but the Lumpy falls for Lifty and Shifty's Paper Thin Disguises anyway and Handy and The Mole get thrown in jail.
  • In Concrete Solution, Nutty and Lumpy make the stupid mistake of not paying attention to the pictures on the labels of the bags. That's exactly what caused this episode's problems in the first place. Nutty ate the concrete and had to go to the hospital. Sniffles had to get Nutty to the hospital by crossing the bridge on the way, and it was made of sugar, not concrete. Then it started raining and the bridge fell apart. That's just what they needed. Nutty starts eating the bridge, and the next thing you know, everyone dies. Man, lots of things sure went wrong in this episode.
    • Also, at the end, Nutty's concrete-filled stomach falls on Cub afterward while Pop is driving Cub to the grocery store to get some sugar. However, Pop doesn't notice this.
  • In Easy For You To Sleigh, a crumb from a Christmas tree-shaped cookie falls and crumbles as Lifty and Shifty try to pick one up off of the plate in Flippy's lap, waking him up, but then seconds later Christmas tree-shaped cookies are hard enough for Flippy to carve open Shifty's ribcage with.
  • Lots of stuff happening in Who's to Flame? All of it. For example, Petunia catches on fire just from leaning against the stove. Then, when Giggles tries to smother the fire, she catches on fire as well. In some other episodes, such as Happy Trails, Part 1, it has been implied that Mime can talk like most of the other happy tree friends and chooses not to out of showmanship, but he chooses not to talk on the phone when he calls Lumpy. Then he goes to another fire brigade (which consists of Cuddles, Toothy, Sniffles, The Mole, and Disco Bear) for help. After Cuddles has just saved a cat from a tree, Mime comes over and explains what's going on without talking. As the rest of the fire brigade goes on to put out the fire, Cuddles and the cat are still on the ladder while it is moving, and the rest of the brigade forget to retract the ladder on the truck while they are driving it. Cuddles falls and gets impaled on the fence, but the cat manages to avoid this fate. Whoop-de-friggin-do. Then, as they finally get to the house, Toothy tries to break down the door, but Petunia was just on her way out and got killed. Then, as Sniffles goes up to a window to rescue Giggles, the window suddenly explodes for no reason. The ladder falls, and Pop tries to get Cub out of the way, but then the ladder falls right where Cub is. Then, as they need to attatch the hose to a fire hydrant to put out the fire, The Mole mistakes the part of the truck that gasoline is put into for a fire hydrant. However, Disco Bear doesn't notice this, and chaos ensues. The truck explodes, killing Pop. Eventually, Disco Bear can't control the hose anymore, and the fire spreads to more houses. Handy comes to the rescue in a helicopter to dump water on one of those houses, but now there's more houses that need to have water dumped on them. Handy goes to the lake to get some more water, but due to his lack of hands, he can't reach the lever. Then the helicopter accidentally picks up garbage from a garbage truck driven by Russell. Even though he is nowhere near where the garbage is, he still ends up getting picked up as well. Meanwhile, Lifty and Shifty steal the dead Pop's wallet, when suddenly, all of the debris get dumped on them. Russell also dies as well. Then The Mole falls into an open manhole. He doesn't know what's going on because he's blind, and then he lights a match to see despite him being blind. This causes the whole town to explode. Mime, who apparently escaped the town with the cat because he was afraid this might happen, is guilty of all the damage he caused just by choosing not to talk to Lumpy on the phone and having to find a fire brigade that included a blind person who just screwed things up even worse. Mime realizes that he's just better off pretending that this didn't happen, and he tries to leave the scene by pretending to walk downstairs behind a piece of the destruction.
  • In Every Litter Bit Hurts, The Mole somehow manages to get far away from a flood and survive (but Lumpy, Pop and Cub don't) and comes back to unknowingly impale Giggles and mistake her heart for a piece of litter.
  • In Take A Hike, a bear comes and mauls Lumpy. Apparently whoever who wrote this episode forgot about the four anthropomorphic bears in the main cast (Pop, Cub, Disco Bear and Flippy) at the time. None of them appeared in this episode, but that's no excuse! Note to the writers: Ken Navarro, Warren Graff, Ken Pontac, David Winn, and Jeff Biancalana: You need to do a better job of avoiding Furry Confusion.
  • Home Is Where The Hurt Is has Lumpy getting the blueprints mixed up when he folds them into an origami crane because he accidentally broke his other one. Everyone takes the blueprints too literally and the house actually gets shaped like a crane. It also causes different doors, windows, and other features of the house to get all mixed up. Giggles found a door that just had a bunch of bricks behind it. Petunia found a window that let to another room. Lumpy found a regular door that was the refrigerator door. Later, he finds another door split into two parts next to a folding bed that then crushed him. That was probably for the refrigerator. Giggles found another door that led to her falling down the staircase bannister. The Mole found the only safe door that would have led them out to freedom, away from this dangerous screwed-up house, but he didn't know that because he's blind.
    • The Mole and Cuddles also got the job of throwing wood in the woodchipper. Because The Mole can't see, he accidentally pushed Cuddles into the woodchipper. Lumpy also stupidly got the water pipes and the electrical pipes mixed up, resulting in Petunia getting electrocuted while trying to take a shower.
      • When Handy tried to get out, he avoided a loose nail. However, another board with a loose nail (and with Cuddles's remains in it from earlier) suddenly appears out of nowhere in front of him.
  • In Chew Said A Mouthful, Nutty keeps biting on a jawbreaker and breaks his teeth repeatedly. Does he even know why they're even called jawbreakers in the first place?
  • In Wingin It, there is a safety sheet that shows what would happen if the plane crashed. Most of the characters in this episode are on there, yet they weren't even dead yet at the time. It would have made more sense if they had used Generic Tree Friends on there, but I guess this show must have lazy artists. I guess this must have happened to them offscreen before this episode, and they were all alive by the beginning.
  • In See What Develops, while Splendid is trying to catch The Mole, he zaps a car open, and Petunia (the driver) is the only one in there. Later, when the car crashes into a lamppost, The Mole is seen coming out of the car. Splendid would have just been able to get The Mole right then and there if it wasn't for this Wall Banger!
  • In Wipe Out! The Mole's music headphones are not covering his ears, but he still can't hear Lumpy's screams of pain. Is The Mole deaf too?
  • In Letter Late Than Never, the killer turtle that was chasing Lumpy was at the bottom of the mountain that Lumpy had to go up to to deliver a letter to the house up top, but then the turtle suddenly appeared up there. Then Lumpy went down the hill and the turtle was suddenly back down there. Was there two of those turtles there or what?
  • In Easy Comb, Easy Go The Mole, now a barber this time, had the scissors in the right spot where Disco Bear wanted it to be in. It was positioned where it would only cut off the burnt spot like Disco Bear wanted, but somehow, all the rest of the hair got cut off. Then the burnt spot got cut off, leaving Disco Bear completely bald. If this Wall Banger had been avoided, then all of the problems that followed would have never happened! Disco Bear would have never stolen those hair growth formulas that Lifty and Shifty had with them. I know it's probably Laser-Guided Karma, but did they already steal it from somebody else? I guess we'll probably never know.
    • Also, when hair grew on Cub after he got hit with a hair growth formula, Pop cut off some of his hair with hedge trimmers, but accidentally cut off part of Cub's head as well, even though it was nowhere near the top of the hedge that Pop was trimming.

     Internet Season 3 

  • How could Pop not notice that Cub was no longer possessed in Read 'Em and Weep and just kept hitting Cub with the shovel?
  • One of the Pod-Lumpys cleans off Sniffles's glasses for him, and somehow wipes off everything to his skull in a matter of seconds.
  • At the end of Wrath Of Con, when Sniffles asks Splendid to sign his book, he's about to...when the piece of building he just stopped holding up crushes them. He lifts it back up, and somehow he survived while Sniffles is dead.
    • A minor one at the beginning, but why did it take Sniffles so long to find his pass to the convention?
  • In All Flocked Up, when Lumpy is trying to get a bird back into its nest, it just keeps falling out every time. Shouldn't that little bird know not to leave its nest before it can fly?
  • In Swelter Skelter, Cro-Marmot is cold enough to freeze fire. But fire is simply energy, and can not be frozen. What the heck were the writers thinking?
  • In Something Fishy, how did Giggles not notice that Russell's piranha was in her cup of water?
  • In See You Later, Elevator, Pop throws a lighted match out the window. Shouldn't he have just blown it out instead of throwing it out the window while it was still lit?
  • In Random Acts Of Silence, why didn't Nutty and Sniffles realize that opening the emergency exit door would just sound the fire alarm while they were trying to escape Flippy?
  • In Breaking Wind, how come Petunia lit a match in all the gas, not knowing that it would just burn every living thing on Earth with Splendid's huge fart from the tornado?

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