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  • Most of the original Mobile Suit Gundam series is fascinating; it's a demonstration of why good people would follow bad orders, that the bad guys are seldom devils and the good guys never angels, and of the costs of war. But the pacifist Author Tract starts too strong. The early Zeon leader eagerly killed and corrupted a peaceful social movement, and then blew away half the planet's population to establish a fascist all-controlling government on Earth. The Big Bad, during the Battle of Solomon and A Boa Qu, takes being compared to Hitler as a compliment. Having a character seriously complain about the good-guy military in this sort of situation isn't just odd, it's hard to stomach. War is not the worst case scenario in this setting. Despite that, characters like Amuro's mother are played entirely straight - and considered right.
  • Most of the Gundam shows by Tomino include wallbanger moments. Especially Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam, which features the character Reccoa Londe. Now, she's not bad initially, but then she defects from the AEUG and joins the Titans for no clear reason. Then she gives a reason: Men only take advantage of her. But the reason she left the AEUG is that Quattro didn't give her any, and she ran right to another man who used her: Paptimus Scirocco. Yeah. Tomino has at least one character a series like that. Sometimes, fans are unlucky enough to find more.
    • This also leads to some major changes in her leading her to gas an entire colony after she joins the Titans. Admittedly she was against the operation and tried to delay it but she never tries to stop it herself and after it's accomplished she seems to only feel angry that the AEUG didn't arrive in time.
    • Misogynistic gender roles were a major theme in Zeta, so Reccoa's reasoning isn't that far out of left field. But her being completely immature and telling Kamille off for not understanding her nonsensical reasoning because he's a child — that is maddening.
      • Reccoa was a well respected officer and competent pilot who was entrusted with multiple vital missions. If anything the AEUG expected her to be just as good as the male pilots.
  • Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny introduces the Phantom Pain unit. It includes three people who, in the first two episodes, are ruthless and talented killers. After that? They border on uselessness, being worse pilots than the Coordinators and some of the other Naturals; they even lose a Gundam to Elite Mooks in a series where Gundam aces are typically almost invulnerable to everything else on the battlefield. They are either insane or are literally retarded. The biggest Wall Banger involving them is one of their own, Stellar, remaining an Ace Pilot despite her mental instability once leading her to dance off a cliff. And then there's Kira and Lacus... Character Derailment to the max.
    • Phantom Pain has an excuse. It's stated more than once that the Psycho Serum that gives them their powers will eventually destroy their minds & kill them. The problem is that the Alliance kept using them when it was painfully obvious that they were falling to bits much sooner than expected.
    • Alas, the members of Phantom Pain weren't the only Destiny characters who suffered a sudden decrease in competence. The real main characters just won a world war practically on their own, but were owned without scratching their enemy once! The designated main character, initially portrayed as overtly aggressive, suddenly became a whiny bitch. None of them have an excuse.
    • Kira coming out unscratched from the destruction of the Freedom Gundam with the handwave that Kira had shut down the nuclear reactor before it blew up. At least when Athrun nearly got killed by Shinn (in the same way Kira nearly did), he was half-dead for a few episodes. Kira was fine and dandy at his next appearance.
      • Even better, that handwave? The one where Kira shut down the reactor? FISSION REACTORS DON'T EXPLODE! This is a Voodoo Shark by way of Artistic License – Nuclear Physics.
      • Never mind that Freedom Gundam actually did explode - so hard, that adjacent Impulse was heavily damaged. Never mind that it got a huge-ass sword rammed right through the cockpit area. It is as if they seriously wanted to kill off Kira, but chickened out at the last possible moment, after animation already was done.
      • And when talking with Athrun on his first duel with Shinn, Kira tried to justify his loss by saying that he hesitated:
    "I was confused about whether I fighting against ZAFT, so I hesitated." — Kira
    • Mwu coming back from the dead. Destiny can't even use "magical pixie dust" to explain this one away.
    • Shinn and Lunamaria hooking up right after Shinn has shot down the MS carrying Athrun and Luna's sister. It would have been understandable if Luna simply didn't hate Shinn for doing what he thought was the right thing to do, since Meyrin had been framed as a traitor. Although her blindly believing the accusation when she had reason to suspect that Durandal was not a nice guy is a Wallbanger itself. But to hug and kiss the guy who killed her little sister? Fukuda, that's neither heartwarming nor romantic. It's screwed up.
    • Uh, Talia? YOU HAVE A YOUNG SON WAITING BACK HOME FOR YOU. But you choose to commit suicide with the guy you left years ago so you could have children, thereby leaving your son an orphan. That's real cute, Talia. Way to be mother of the year.
  • From Mobile Suit Gundam SEED, Fllay's spiteful, needless, cruel death which basically turned her whole life into a Shoot the Shaggy Dog story. This tropette has never been angrier at a character death before that. It was quite obvious, to this tropette at least, this it was done only to satisfy her haters and deny Fllay the redemption she richly deserved. Then again, Fukuda is known to let fan opinions and model sales dictate the course of the series, as Waltfeld's and Mwu La Flaga's resurrections and Dearka's Heel-Face Turn because the sellings of the Buster Gundam were doing poorly prove...
    • Kira's survival of Strike's destruction. Strike was powered down, and Aegis self-destructed attached to its chest. The cockpit was scorched and burned out. The attempt to Hand Wave it in "Astray" by saying he was found by the Junk Guild does NOTHING to alleviate the problem because it fails to explain how Kira survived.
    • Kira's behavior when Sai finds out that Kira's been boinking his girlfriend Flay. Kira, you may be emotionally traumatized, but telling your friend whose trust you have betrayed in one of the worst ways possible to "forget it" is still dickish.
  • Evidently some people consider the Trans-Am system from Mobile Suit Gundam 00, or perhaps its Asspull/Deus ex Machina nature, to be one of these.
    • The Trans-Am kamikaze Gaga takes what was a realistic series and shatters all suspension of disbelief. Ribbons wastes tons of resources (Trans-Am technology, hundreds of mechas, hundreds of clones), and all he could do was possibly kill Patrick (it is Patrick) and a supply ship. The mechas would have had better use as regular mechas, which makes the whole scene silly. His using clones makes no sense; basic AI would have done just as well for a kamikaze attack. Also, once again, it's called the Gaga.
      • In the next episode, it is shown that the Gagas have guns and that they will use them. Why weren't they using them from the start!?
    • This idea was a nadir of Diminishing Villain Threat for surviving 00 antagonists. And their change was WallBanger-ish before; by episode 24 of the second season, the only human character still on Ribbons' side who is not mind-screwed nor delusional nor carrying an Idiot Ball the size of a moon is Ali Al-Saachez.
    • Hong Long, Wang Liu Mei, and Nena Trinity. They spend most of the second season doing nothing of importance, and then literally die in succession, one after another, in the same episode! Geez, what a waste of characters.
    • One would think that mobile suits with Trans-Am that are piloted by Innovators would be able to master the advanced combat maneuver known as moving in anything other than a straight line to the target so you don't get shot down on the way.
    • The Deus ex Machina scene where two characters instantly do a Heel-Face Turn because of "magical pixie dust"; and a character who was nearly dead is magically healed and perfectly fine, and all of her mental problems and physical problems that plagued her for the entire second season are magically gone. Mu La Flaga has nothing on magical healing pixie dust. It removes all suspense and all tragedy. It's made worse because the writer is trying to prove a point using magic.
      • To explain, "magical pixie dust" was supposed to create a micro-Instrumentality telepathic connection between characters. But Poor Communication Kills was in effect only between one pair, the one where the "evil" character was both brainwashed (a lesser Wall Banger, since it denied her Character Development) and barely alive; in fact, she was pretty much dead until the magic dust hit. Of the two others, one should have only found more reasons to ventilate his "good" counterpart by looking at her mind — she did manipulate him, and there's not one hint that she has any genuine feelings towards him; another had no reason to believe that the thoughts he "heard" reflect truth.
    • Celestial Being still being around at the end shows that GN magic pixie dust doesn't work. This also shows how incompetent the Earth Federation is. Even after worldwide peace is made, they still can't — or won't — protect themselves and have to rely on an organization loyal to no one. They have no one to restrain Celestial Being.
    • How Ali died - was it spontaneously decided that one of the oldest and most battle-hardened human characters in the series would forget one of the most simple tactics in the book and not lay suppressing fire down that corridor so he could get to the other side without being shot?
    • The treatment of female mecha pilots in 00. If you're a female pilot, then you will be either brainwashed (as with Soma and Louise) or an evil psycho bitch (as with Nena and, to an extent, Louise). The only ways out are Redemption Equals Death or discarding everything that made you interesting in the first place to become a living appendage of your boyfriend. (Soma became one by turning into Marie; Louise also ended up doing that).
    • The fact that Gundam 00 was meant to be presented as "mature and realistic" but by season 2 and the movie it shatters those themes by resolving them in unrealistic and preachy manners is a wall banger in of itself.
  • Mobile Suit Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory. Nina betraying Kou for Gato, which comes out of nowhere and kneecaps the entire plot for the sake of a Love Triangle. The love triangle could have worked beautifully within the plot, but it was executed so suddenly and haphazardly that it threw the whole plot off its axis.
    • For some sanity defying reason, the creators of 0083 decided to make everyone hate the crew of the having them join the TITANS!!!!! Not only is this going against previous canon (they were a rogue element as far as the proto-Titans [Jamitov/Basque/Jamicain]) were concerned), but it also took everyone who seemed to be genuine good guys and derailed them in a half-assed attempt to wrap up the ending, which itself is a minor wallbanger. Aside from Basque announcing the formation of the Titans and Kou and Nina reconciling, it didn't explain much.
    • On that note: Eiphar Synapse supposedly capped himself to exonerate Kou for the theft of the GP-03, but they never show the body; we never see it.
    • Even worse, after all this, the Titans hush up the details of Operation Stardust, which negated Kou's sentence. Synapse killed himself for nothing.
    • The premise of the series is a Wall Banger. The Gundam GP 02 had no reason to exist. Its only combat role is to deliver a nuke, and delivering nukes is explicitly banned by the Antarctic Treaty. When it was created, there were no major enemies and thus no reason to use nukes or build expensive nuke-delivery systems. Then, before the field testing, the Feds loaded it with a fully-functional nuclear warhead rather than a standard bazooka shell or a dummy shell, which is asking for all kinds of trouble. The only thing they didn't do was install a flashing neon sign that said "STEAL ME!"
      • Here's the thing about the Antarctic Treaty: It went kaput the second the One Year War came to an end. The Granada Accords replaced it. The Antarctic Treaty was only recognized by Zeon Renegades because they never saw fit to say "War's over". To them, the OYW was still going and, thus, they were brandishing the GP-02 as hypocrisy.
      • When you think about it, there isn't any reason to arm a Gundam with nuclear warheads strategically or tactically. Unlike bombers, UC Gundams usually don't seem to be able to go far from their base or ship. Gundams are far easier to target than submarines or missile silos. And a Gundam using those nukes would be just as dangerous to friendly units as to enemies. There is no reason for any of this to happen except for the series' 'nukes are bad' message.
      • Not being able to go far from a mothership isn't a problem. Nukes being terribly ineffective in space is. Realistically Gato's warheard shouldn't have been able to take out more than a handful of ships at best. Compare to Char's Counterattack and Victory Gundam, where nukes are (sometimes casually) used in fleet battles to some effect, but basically are of secondary importance as a battle-deciding factor.
  • Mobile Suit Gundam Wing Endless Waltz, Double Wall Banger. First: Launching the Gundams into the sun. Second: self-detonating them in the end. The desire for peace is one thing; this display of commitment to pacifism could double as suicidal stupidity.
    • It gets better. The rebellion (which almost dropped a colony on Earth) was possible because all of Earth's armies were gone. One might think that this little fiasco would suggest that, hey, maybe we should keep the Gundams around, just in case this shit happens again. Instead, it's "Glad that's over! Well, better get rid of the Gundams!"
    • Gundam pilots tended to range from private one-man armies to outright terrorists. It makes sense to disarm them as a prerequisite for lasting peace; the government still had a few other heavy weapons. But they still should have given the surviving Gundams to the Preventers, who were clearly shown to lack the firepower to deal with possible threats, instead of simply scrapping them.
      • We can take this logic a step farther: Wufei could've just kept his when he BECAME A PREVENTER.
  • Everything about Yurin in Mobile Suit Gundam AGE. She's introduced as a mysterious girl with precognition; standard fare for Gundam and a clue that things are not going to end well for her. But everything else afterwards is idiotic and frankly insulting. She is very predictably forced to join the Veigans, who want her X-Rounder abilities because they're dead useful in battle, although she isn't much of a fighter. So what do they do to force her hand? Tell her that she'll never see Flit again if she doesn't. Even though she knows perfectly well 1. the Veigans are Flit's enemy and 2. seriously, that's a stupid reason for them to pick; couldn't they have just threatened to blow up her adopted dad or some other innocent bystanders? But no, her only possible motivation has to be Flit. Although the sum total of Flit and Yurin's interaction onscreen is maybe 20 minutes, we're meant to think they're totally star-crossed and deep. The Veigans make no effort to convert her to their cause, either, which is idiotic because she'd be hugely valuable as a pilot. No, they just shove her into a "mobile suit" that doesn't even have independent movement and looks like a goddamn Barbie doll, which has the contrived purpose of somehow using her X-Rounder brainwaves. She literally can't do anything except sit there while it zooms around trying to kill Flit, being tragic, pretty, and helpless. Then she gets killed and we get a Really Dead Montage with her and Flit, just in case we forgot that they were supposed to be romantic and tragic. It's a ridiculously ham-handed attempt to make the audience feel sad, and a really blatant illustration of the fact that the writers only saw her as a cheap sacrifice to make Flit hate the Veigans forever, because I guess killing his parents and specifically targeting civilians isn't enough. And there certainly wasn't any other character he'd be mad about dying; they have to kill a girl he knew for twenty minutes. Her entire reason for being is to get Stuffed into the Fridge. Gundam doesn't have the most sterling record when it comes to writing female characters, but 'Christ.
    • This- stupidity revolving around bonding characters- seems to return later on in the show, and it somehow manages to be worse. During the third generation, Kio is captured by the Vagans and placed under surveillance while he is shown around their home colony. At one point, he is left to go on his own, and eventually comes across a Vagan girl named Lu. After being made aware of her illness and her own desire to live a normal life for however long she can, he asks Ezelcant, the Vagan leader, for something to relieve her suffering if only for a short while. He agrees, on one condition: that Kio gives them the password for the AGE Device in order to complete the Vagans' own Gundam model, reverse-engineered from the AGE-3 Orbital. And Kio accepts. He willingly reveals secrets about one of his side's most invaluable pieces of technology, one that has created war-winning machines in exchange for a handful of pills that do nothing to cure Lu's disease except hide the symptoms. The blood from every life that Ezelcant takes with the Gundam Legilis is now on Kio's hands because of his idiocy, and, in general, his actions are among the stupidest any Gundam protagonist has ever done in the history of the franchise.
      • Granted, Kio wasn't told the reason why Ezelcant wanted him to unlock the AGE-3, but he still should have been able to guess why and know the potential consequences of giving your enemies the codes to your Gundam.
    • Lord Ezelcant's true plan was worse. Seriously, Lord Ezelcant? You command Vagan to attack a colony because you want wipe the weak in order to pick the stronger ones to live in EDEN, all so there won't be wars. First off, such an idea came out of nowhere. Secondly, it makes no sense at all! So, Blood Knights like Desil and Ali are allowed in EDEN but innocent civilians like Yurin and Lu aren't? What a brilliant plan you have, Ezelcant!
  • The Reveal of the Vagan's true identity. After years of Gundam villains being nothing but carbon copies of Zeon, we seemed to have finally been given an interesting, unique group of villains...Nope! They're just yet another Zeon clone!
  • In 8th MS Team there's a moment which requires a lot of head banging against a wall. Shiro and the others encounter a village which has a La Résistance set up to oppose Zeon and they ask if they can help. They decide to do so and there's three enemy Mobile Suits nearby who approach. Thankfully they are non threatening and just want food and the one in charge keeps control of them and prevents the wild one of the group from doing anything. Then things get bad, during which The Commander and her fellow soldier tries to keep the Jerkass teammate from threatening people and appears to have things under control the villagers open fire on them and so they are forced to fire back in self defense. Needless to say, things go to hell in a hand basket real quick with many dead despite Shiro's and thems attempts and at the end the La Résistance blames Shiro and them for what happened.
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