Wall Bangers: Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends

  • Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends has "Everyone Knows It's Bendy," in which an imaginary friend is dropped off at the home because the child is ill-behaved. Turns out that this given friend is, for lack of a better phrase, a total git, who likes to pin the blame for his misdeeds on others. After all the main imaginary friends cast get it in the back-end, Bloo hatches up a rather elaborate scheme to get Bendy into trouble, the upshot being that he's causing one hell of a mess to do so. By the end of the episode, Bloo gets into more trouble because he loudly announced that he just framed Bendy, Bendy apparently gets off scot-free, and remotes are flung in the general direction of the TV.
    • The real complaint about this? Wilt's honesty (and longer time of residence) doesn't give him any immunity against Bendy's frame-job.
      • This only proves that Frankie and Mr. Herriman acted like oblivious morons. Not only did they completely disregard Wilt's testimony, but they also never realized that Bloo couldn't have made an extremely accurate description of Bendy like that on the spot after Bendy broke a vase. Maybe Mr. Herriman and Frankie thought that Wilt was just being protective of Bloo, and sure, they could have still been understandably skeptical of Bloo's testimony (even if he didn't seem to be lying), but why didn't the writers just limit Bendy's scapegoat to Bloo? If they had, I doubt that anyone would have complained, but no, the writers just had to screw everyone over and make Bloo, Mr. Herriman, and Frankie act uncharacteristically dumb. Even if this episode was supposed to be cringe-worthy, I didn't find it very entertaining. Lauren Faust, you really did write a dud, and I hope that you didn't say that just to get everyone off your back. You can write better than this.
    • The episode never elaborated on what happened to Bendy afterwards. His absence in later episodes may hint that he got kicked out at some point. Bloo DID word his justification badly:
      "Bloo! You flooded the house!"
      "Yeah, but Bendy took a cookie!"
    • The episode was so widely hated that the writers of the show themselves apologized for it.
      • Well, that actually is some consolation for it.
  • Speaking of Idiot Houdini, who could forget Goofball, who got away with messing up things for Frankie the whole episode just because he wasn't lying about being an imaginary friend?
    • There's also the fact that if he just took off that fake nose and showed his real nose Frankie wouldn't have tried to expose him as a fraud which eventually got her punished and made her miss the concert she wanted to go to.
  • The entire plot of "I Only Have Surprise For You" requires Bloo to be a jerkass to a level even greater than usual, and to have always been so much of one that it becomes impossible to imagine why Mac would care about him at all. And, in the end, it turns out that everyone was in on the scheme to humiliate Mac with an elaborate and embarrassing surprise party — even characters like Wilt, Mr. Herriman, and Frankie who would normally never ever go along with something like this.
    • Even all of Mac's friends were in on it! It makes it seem like they were never friends at all! Well, everyone except Eduardo. He just does what the invitations tell him.
      • This reminds me of Pranks For Nothing, where Coco, Wilt and Eduardo prank Bloo for annoying them so much, and they get into a prank war. Again, it still seems like they were never friends at all!
      • In the flashbacks of past surprise parties, you can actually see Mac's MOM in the crowd. Why on earth would she let Bloo humiliate her own son?! Besides, she's supposed to think that Bloo was given up!
  • It was nominated for an Emmy, but - so much pain, so much anger, and so much stupidity could have been avoided in "Go Goo Go" if Frankie and Mr. Herriman just gave Mac a proper chance to explain things instead of spewing the "THROW YOUR GIRLFRIEND OUT AND FLURK YOU!!" bile at him over and over.
  • "Foster's Goes to Europe", not only for never making it to Europe, but also for Madame Foster taking Mac's tickets and getting away with it. Literally.
    • Just as bad, if not worse, is that the entire episode is spent with everyone goofing around, wasting time, revealing they haven't even packed yet, despite Mac saying as soon as he shows up that they have to go now, right this minute if they want to catch their plane. Even Frankie and Mr. Herriman, who should know better are doing this! And then they not only act shocked when Mac tries to call his mother, rightfully thinking they've missed the flight anyway, but when the tickets turn out to be stolen and they can't go, everyone gets mad at him! Well, gee, guys, maybe this wouldn't have ever happened if you'd all gotten your asses in gear, had prepared ahead of time, and not fooled-a-freaking-round!
  • In "The Buck Swaps Here," Wilt gets heat stroke while helping Madame Foster carry stuff off the bus for a swap meet and nearly dies. He is ignored for the rest of the episode because everyone else is too busy with more important things, like trying to get Eduardo to buy them stupid crap with a $100 bill he found. Some caretakers these people are. Frankie even calls him out for being "selfish" for asking Eduardo to buy him a drink! (Okay, it was directed toward everyone who was badgering Eduardo, but still.)
    • "That's right, little kiddies, the cute cartoon animal is gonna DEHYDRATE and DIE! Isn't that nice?"
  • The ending of "Nightmare on Wilson Way" really bugged me the first time I saw it. It's the Halloween special, and the plot is that Bloo is hoping to pull another of his famous Halloween pranks. However, this is brought to a halt when all the other Foster's residents suddenly become zombies and begin chasing Mac and Bloo around the house. Cornered and having no other choice, Mac ingests some sugar and gets and immediate buzz, rampaging through the zombies and defeating them. It's then revealed that the zombie invasion was all just a prank by the other residents to get back at Bloo for his pranks. Frankie then tells Bloo that he's in trouble for letting a sugar-buzzed Mac outside to wreak havoc on all the other trick-or-treaters. Uh...newsflash guys, Bloo probably wouldn't have gotten Mac hopped up if you guys hadn't made him think that he was going to be eaten alive by zombies.